Why are most extremist in the ranks of ISIS from Tunisia?

Why are most extremist in the ranks of ISIS from Tunisia? The extremism spread in the Jihadist movement after the revolutions in the Arab countries is not hidden for anyone, especially from Tunisia, which spread to Shaam, Iraq and Libya. Despite the fact that this ideology was not dominant and the fact that they did not have any major presence

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Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani – The Russian Intervention: The Last Arrow.

The Russian Intervention – The Last Arrow. Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. May peace and prayers be upon Muhammad, the best of Messengers, and upon his family and his pure and noble companions. To proceed: After the overwhelming victories accomplished at the hands of the Mujahidin throughout the Levant, that

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