Jabhat An-Nusra: The Group of Dawlah and the Islamic Ruling Regarding it

Pamphlet Released in the Area of Dar’a by Jabhat al Nusrah Regarding Dawlah
The Group of Dawlah and the Islamic Ruling Regarding it

The original Arabic pamphlet: جماعة الدولة والحكم الشرعي فيها

Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds, and May Peace and Blessings be upon our Nabi Muhammed, and all his Family and Companions and those who follow them in righteousness to the Day of Resurrection, henceforth:

At the time when the People of Shaam are ridding themselves from the tyrannical oppressor of Shaam the Nusayris that have spread corruption within it for decades, and the hopes of the people have returned through the appearance of the Islamic fighting force in the Land of Shaam which is returning the honor and nobility of the Ummah…

And under the shadow of the continuous victories of the Mujahideen, a new group appeared in the fields, behold it is ‘The Group of Dawlah’. And from then the Muslims are deteriorating, and the Mujahideen are disunited – except those upon whom Allah has shown Mercy. On the other hand the Nusayri Regime are progressing and spreading. It has been made apparent to all the Muslims through the statements and actions of this group (Dawlah) such (matters) that have provoked the disapproval of the U’lama, the leaders and the general populace.

Many have asked regarding the Hukm (Ruling) of this group. We shall clarify this, seeking the assistance of Allah and relying upon our Scholars that are deeply rooted in knowledge, both old and new. It is necessary to be aware that rulings given regarding individuals and groups, have to be based upon clear evidence and proof, far from whims and A’sabiyyah (loyalty to a group), thus we say- and with Allah is the ability:

The principles of this group, and its characteristics, correlates completely with the principles of the extremist Khawaarij and their charactersistics. The Khawaarij are a group from among the first of the deviant groups that had appeared in Islam and was distinguished through their extremism and obstinacy. And their appearance did not cease, rather they will continue to appear until the time of Dajaal as stated in the Hadeeth. Numerous fields of Jihad both old and new, have been trialed through them. And it is known that the Khawaarij have principles and characteristics that have been clarified by the recognized People of Knowledge.

They have thusly been named, due to their deviation from the Sunnah to Bid’ah (innovation), their alienation from the group of the Muslims, and their straying from the Deen. Amongst the most notable of their characteristics

1. Their Ghuloo (extremism) with Regards to Imamah (leadership) and Bay’ah (pledge of allegiance):

The Khawaarij make Bay’ah to their leader Wajib (incumbent), and consider him the Grand Imam (Imam A’tham), and regard it permissible to take the blood of every person that does not give their Imam Bay’ah, through the argument of Kufr (disbelief) or Baaghy (transgression). Shahrastani says: ‘Whoever they appoint through their judgment, who deals with the people by that which they perceive to be as justice and abstains (from that which they perceive) as oppression, becomes the Imam (leader). And whoever rebels against them it becomes Wajib (incumbent) to fight him’. The Rawaafidh (Shi’a) resemble them in this quality, for they consider the Imamah (leadership) as a principle from the principles of Religion, for this reason they consider the Imamah as an incumbent matter even if (it is established) without the ability or consultation of the Muslims.

And this is true of the group of Dawlah, from their name, extremisim regarding Imamah becomes apparent as well as their focus on merely joining their group. They announced (their state) while it was an imaginary, electronic state and their leader was in hiding, unseen and weak, and they considered the giving of Bay’ah to him as an incumbent matter of the time, and they considered it permissible to take the blood of any person that does not give them Bay’ah and called for their heads to be split open with bullets, as their spokesperson has mentioned. They have described their State as Baqiyah (ever-lasting) – whereas the (quality of) ever-lasting belongs solely to Allah – they have made this their signature call. And by the mere Bay’ah of a person to them, his Bay’ah then expiates all that (occurred) prior to it, whether he was a Shabihah, criminal or drug addict. For this reason many of their leaders are Baathists, thieves, criminals or agents that have found refuge and shelter in their group. Then the matter evolved into them announcing the Khilafah over every Muslim, making void the Jihad of every group in the world.

2. Speaking Evil of the U’lama (scholars) of the Ummah and its Leaders:

Their leader in this is Thul Khuwaysirah the man that spoke evil of Rasoolullah (S.A.W) and described him with oppression and tyranny. This is their habit in both old and recent times. They had called Ali (R.A.) and the rest of the Sahabah Kufaar (disbelievers).

And here they are today, speaking evil of the U’lama of the Ummah and its leaders from amongst the leaders of Jihad and their position regarding Sheikh Zawahiri and the words of their foolish -the Zawabari (1) (Leader of the GIA) of Shaam, is clear. As they have spoken evil of many of the Shuyookh like Maqdisi, Abu Qatadah, Hani Siba’i and many others, until there remains no leader for the people except their ignorant and foolish.

And it is not hidden from anyone, that the methodology of speaking evil of the U’lama and the people of virtue is the methodology of the Raafidah (Shi’a) to bring down the Ummah, what is left for the Ummah after the destruction of its U’lama? How will we understand our Religion without clarification by the carriers of Knowledge, those who eliminate from it the distortion of the misguided, the religious view points of the Mubtileen (those who reject regulations of the Shari’ah) , and the interpretation of the ignorant.

3. Ghuloo (extremisim) in Takfeer (Passing the Ruling of Kufr):

Takfeer (passing the ruling of Kufr) is a dangerous Islamic Judgment of which the ultimate matter is attributed to Allah and His Messenger (S.A.W), it is not permissible to make specific Takfeer except after the conditions and preventatives are realized (to be true) by those qualified for this Judgment. The mistake made in leaving one thousand Kufaar (disbelievers) is less significant than the mistake of spilling the infallible blood of one Muslim. The Khawaarij were very extreme in their Takfeer until they became renowned for it, they made Takfeer of Ali (R.A) and the rest of the Sahabah, then after them, the Ummah followed , except those who joined their group. Infact their Ghuloo (extremism) was not confined to Takfeer on those that have committed Major Sins, rather this school of thought dwindled out, their Ghuloo existed in matters that they believed should be on a particular form, then they made (these matters) a principle of Imaan (Faith) and considered all those that opposed them in these beliefs, disbelievers and apostates. Ibn Taymiyyah said: ‘The Khawaarij are the first to make Takfeer on the Muslims for their sins, and they make Takfeer of all those that oppose them in their Bid’ah (innovation) and make Halaal (the taking of) their blood and wealth. This is the condition of the people of Bid’ah (innovation), they innovate a matter, then make Takfeer of those that oppose them in it.’ For this reason they make Takfeer based on assumptions, consequences of issues, and possibilities, in haste and boldness without verification and clarification, as they had done to Ali (R.A) because of him submitting to Tahkeem (mediation).

The Ghuloo (extremism) of Takfeer has spread in the group of Dawlah through their publications, they have made Takfeer of the entire group of Jabhat al Nusrah and have described them as Sahawaat, with an argument weaker than the house of a spider. And the matter with them reached to them making Takfeer of Sheikh Zawahiri with the argument that he has deviated from the Manhaj (methodology). They have given strange conditions for Imaan (faith), they have confused the matter of aiding the Mushrikeen (polytheists) and the matter of permissible dealings with them.

Until the Takfeer being made by them became easier than pouring water. In the eastern region of Syria they have made Takfeer of the Muslims entirely and considered that the principle regarding these people is Kufr (disbelief), and have distributed pamphlets with the title ‘A Call To Repentance’ that compels people to attest against themselves that they are disbelievers and apostates…. And with Allah is Assistance.

4. Rising against the Group of the Muslims and Regarding Permissible the (taking of) their Blood and Wealth

Ghuloo (extremism) in Takfeer (passing the ruling of Kufr) shall definitely lead to revolt against the group of the Muslims and regarding the taking of their blood permissible. There has never been a people that have innovated a matter except they have permitted the (raising of) the sword. And there has never been a sword that was unsheathed in history against the Ummah the likes of the sword of the Khawaarij. They had killed the two rightly guided Khalifs, Uthmaan and Ali (R.A) and many of the noble people of the Ummah, Ibn Taymiyyah said: ‘It is not known among the groups greater than the sword of the Khawaarij’.

Right here today is the group of Dawlah destroying the People of Shaam, infact the best of them from amongst the Mujahideen, seizing their wealth, weapons and bases and are destroying their houses. The Nusayri Regime has been incapable of killing the likes of what this group has killed, infact they began to boast the scenes of the corpses and the drinking of the blood, threatening all those that oppose them with slaughter through these ghastly means –And there is no Power or Might except with Allah.

5. Ignorance and a Lack of Knowledge and Understanding:

Rasoolullah (S.A.W) has described them as: ‘Young, foolish people, they will recite the Quran but it will not exceed their throats.’

The origin of their Bid’ah (innovation) stems from their ignorance of the Quran and Sunnah despite what is visible from them of worship, Wara’ (piety), and their glamorous, deceptive slogans (they shout). But they are gullible and ignorant with no understanding, knowledge nor U’lama (scholars) leading them, rather a group of foolish ignorants.

This is the condition of Dawlah today and the condition of their courts, Shar’iyeen (Islamic Legislators); absolute ignorance and foolishness and passing strange Fatawa (verdicts), – And with Allah we seek Assistance.

6. Betrayal, Treachery and Lies:

Allah says: ‘Who break the covenant of Allah after contracting it and sever that which Allah has ordered to be joined and cause corruption on earth. It is those who are the losers.’ [Baqarah, Verse 27]. It was reported from Mus’ab bin Sa’d bin Abi Waqaas: ‘I asked my father – regarding the meaning of this Verse- he said: ‘They are the Hurooriyah’ – meaning the Khawaarij.’

What has become renowned of the group of Dawlah is betrayal, treachery of the pledges and covenants and the violation of trusts while regarding it permissible to do so. And how many covenants had they concluded with the Mujahideen only to then violate it whether it be in Aleppo, Badiyah or Sharqiyah. And this is a quality that resembles the qualities of the Rawaafidh (Shi’a) that are known for their treachery and betrayal.

7. Pride, Harshness And Evil Character:

The Khawaarij are known for their harshness towards the Muslims, because they consider them disbelieving apostates. And they leave the Kufaar with the argument that fighting the Murtadeen is given preference, as has been mentioned by The Chosen One (Muhammed) S.A.W: ‘They will kill the Muslims and leave the idol-worshippers alone.’

Here are the soldiers of the group of Dawlah causing corruption in the Land of Shaam and dealing with the people with pride and rude manners. The servants (of Allah) are seeking assistance in Allah because of the barriers they are creating and their crimes. And how quickly do they free themselves of those that oppose them, and how prevalent is their thinking evil (of others). At a time when the Nusayris and Rawaafidh are safe from them, except through the elaborate displays shown by their deceptive media.

The Hukm (Ruling) of the Khawaarij

The Ummah is unanimous regarding the incumbency of fighting the Khawaarij if: they make apparent their innovation, rise against the group of the Muslims and make permissible the taking of their blood and wealth. Sheikhul Islam said: ‘Verily the Muslims are unanimous regarding the incumbency of fighting the Khawaarij and Rawaafidh and their likes, if they break away from the group of the Muslims, just as Ali (R.A) fought them.’ And it was reported from Umar Abdul Aziz: ‘He ordained to abstain from the Khawaarij as long as they do not spill infallible blood or seize wealth, if they do that, then fight them even if it be my son’

There is no doubt regarding the incumbency of fighting the group of Dawlah because they have done this, aside from the fact that they are the assailants, attacking the Mujahideen in their bases and areas of Ribaat, it is therefore necessary to defend against their assault and repel their attacks. And added to that, is their refusal to comply with the Law of Allah whether it be through an independent or joint Islamic Court. Not to mention the great corruption that has befallen Shaam and its Jihad. On top of the oppression of the Nusayris and Rawaafidh to the Ahlu Sunnah, these people (Dawlah) have added oppression upon oppression – and with Allah we seek Assistance. Ibn Hajar reported from Ibn Hubayrah: ‘Surely the fighting of the Khawaarij is given preference over the fighting of the Mushrikeen (polytheists), and the wisdom therein is because fighting them safeguards the capital of Islam, while in fighting the Mushrikeen profit is sought, protecting the capital is given preference.’

‘So glad tidings to those that kill them, and are killed by them.’ As was mentioned by The Chosen One (Muhammed) S.A.W.

From the Statements of the Contemporary Scholars Regarding the Group of Dawlah:

Sheikh Dr. Ayman Al- Zawahiri: declared their dissociation from them (Dawlah) and their group and described them as the grandsons of Ibn Muljam. And considered the difference with them is one of Manhaj (methodology) and Aqeedah (belief), not just merely a passing political difference.

Sheikh Abu Qatada Al- Filistini: It has become clear to me with certainty in which I have no doubt that this group through its Military and Shar’ee leadership who legitimize their actions for them, that they are the Dogs of Hell, and they are the most worthy of inclusion in his words S.A.W: ‘They will kill the Muslims but leave the idol worshippers alone, but if I live up to their time, I shall certainly kill them as the people of Aad were killed.’

Sheikh Abu Muhammed Al- Maqdisi: The organization The Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam, is an organisation that has deviated from the path of truth, transgressed against the Mujahideen, have tendencies towards Ghuloo (extremisim), are involved in the shedding of the blood of the Ma’soomeen (those that are protected), are confiscating their wealth, booty and regions which were freed by them from the Regime, they have caused the distortion of the Jihad, and the fragmentation of the Mujahideen, they have turned their guns from the chests of the Murtadeen (apostates) and (enemy) combatants towards the Mujahideen and the Muslims. And he said regarding them as well: They are a group predominately exposed to extremist methodology, and a methodology of distancing others and exterminating all those that oppose them. They have no regard for the U’lama and distinguished people of the Ummah. They claim to desire the establishment of the Shari’ah over the Ummah while they themselves, until now, have refused to accept judgment (by the Shari’ah) regarding the disputes, (spilled) blood and wealth of others.

The two Sheikhs Hani Al- Siba’ee and Tariq Abdul- Haleem: Have described them as the Khawaarij, Mariqah (2), Hurooriyah (3), Qaraamata (4) (Kamarthians) and Batiniyah (sect with hidden unislaamic ideologies).

And in Conclusion:

We thus warn all the Muslims and the Mujahideen from being deceived by this group or from joining them, because of the consequences which includes assisting the oppressors, shedding of the Muslim blood and making Takfeer of them.

‘And Allah is predominant over His affairs, but most of the people do not know.’

(1) Zawabiri: A’ntar al Zawabiri was the leader of the GIA movement in Algeria – who was also likened to the Khawaarij for his extremism in Takfeer and killing of innocent Muslims.
(2) Mariqah: A refrence to the Khawaarij,those who have come out of the Religion, in reference to the Hadeeth regarding the Khawaarij: ‘They will go out of Islam as an arrow goes out of its game’
(3) Hurooriyah: A reference of the Khawaarij
(4) Qaraamata: Group of Khawaarij in the time of the Abbasid Khilafah

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