Shaykh Abu Qatadah Al-Filistini – To those who sympathy with Al-Baghdadi’s group

To those who sympathy with Al-Baghdadi’s group – Advices for Mujahideen in Shaam in general and in Ghouta in particular

The original Arabic (PDF): التعاطف مع جماعة البغدادي و نصائح لمجاهدي الشام عامة والغوطة خاصة


Assalam Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh, may Allah greet you our Shaykh and beloved. We ask Allah to grant you goodness and blessing our Shaykh, may Allah save you and bless you and your knowledge. We are soldiers of Jabhat An-Nusra in Eastern Ghouta, we suffer from some brothers who show sympathy with the group of Baghdadi and we want a solution for this sympathy. May Allah bless you and bless your knowledge, it would be desired that you give your sons in Eastern Ghouta an advice to remind them of Allah with it and enhance their mettle, it is not hidden from you that the Mujahideen in Ghouta are there since more than year and a half. May Allah bless you and bless your knowledge and works.

Answer from Shaykh Omar Mahmud Abu Qatadah:

Wa Alaykum As-Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh,

Welcome beloved brothers and best people in this time; indeed the Mujahideen for the sake of Allah. How glad am I to see your words addressed to me; I swear by Allah that your Jihad march will not stop until your soldiers will enter Jerusalem with God’s will. Never let the Fitna prevent you from seeing the goodness you are upon; Fitna accompanies the good slave of Allah even in his prayer as you know. And Fitna is to classify people and know their levels and reveal what is in their hearts, and I have seen that markets of goodness always stand, as in Afghanistan and Chechnya and Yemen, but the only winners were those who involved themselves with worshiping and Jihad, those whom Allah written for them either Shahada or leadership, and remember that your jihad today in Ghouta is a stone’s throw far from Jerusalem; so what goodness are you upon! I swear by Allah every sensible man should be jealous of you and wish he is in your place. But I learned from this life that the one who is living the grace and swimming in it does not feel its majesty, just like the one who puts perfume but does not smell it while the others around him smell it! Thus do not involve yourselves in anything else than Jihad and Dhikr and Duaa for the Muslims.

This obligates you to be merciful with the Muslims, and deal with them gently because our Ummah suffered too much from the Tawagheet, and the ignorance and mistakes spread amongst them, so be patient with them so that they come back to their religion. And never treat them violently so that people don’t leave you, and you know this Jihad is the jihad of the whole Ummah not the jihad of a specific group and the goals of jihad will not be achieved in any other way; meaning, that the whole Ummah takes share in it. And you should treat each other with love and forbearance and do not follow Satan in his will to separate the brothers and lovers, but be patient and gentle and pray for each other in prayers and in secret. O beloved brothers you stood for the must of this time, and Allah enabled you for it while he prevented many others. And you became what others wished but couldn’t be! Do not fall down from the eyes of Allah, as he gave you goodness, so do not throw it. He put you in the situation of Shahada and the greatest worship, so do not run back. I swear by Allah, I have seen some who ran away from the battles in your place, and I only saw the humiliation in their faces and lowness and degradation as they left Jihad and the top of Islam and came back to the cadaver of this Dunya, and dirtiness of places, and lowness in their selves, and contempt they see from other people. And the wonder is that everyone who left Jihad and came back; people have seen their lies and hypocrisy and contradictions in their talk and all people said that these only came back, because they are cowards, and they are afraid from the consequences of Jihad for the sake of Allah

About the extremists, the followers of the aberrant Al-Baghdadi, I swear By Allah it is a Fitna which deceives no one but the ignorant and despicable. The brothers learned about the characteristics of those joined Al-Baghdadi, and have seen no one among them who is honorable in his religion or his manners or his knowledge, but only the aberrant, those known for bad manners, and extremism in speech, and arrogance on people and brothers. And you beloved brothers have seen that no praised student of knowledge tended to them, there is nothing but unawareness, and the evil and Fitna increased in their Takfir upon Muslims and other Mujahideen, and then fighting and killing them; so are these the manners of a Sunnah-follower? Or the attributes of a guided person? And I swear by Allah, and again swear by Allah, that I always ask Allah for guidance in their issue, but I only get more and more sure about them; that they are the dogs of the hellfire (meaning Khawarij). And Allah is enough for me to be honest if I said that they will vanish. And this is a Fitna to purify the side of jihad from them, because they are not from us and we are not from them. Although it might surely be that some simple-minded were deceived with them after they claimed Khilafah and they apply the Islamic penalties (Hudud), but this does not make the prudent forget the origin of their religion and their deeds. Now you see them fighting the Muslims and the Mujahideen, especially where the Mujahideen advance! Those aberrant ignorant do not like that the victory be for Muslims, and you heard the testimony of Salahuddin Al-Shishani and you know that they believe; you are apostates, and this means for them that your blood is allowed and that fighting you because of apostasy takes priority over any other fighting in this time. So what criminality is above this? And what dirtiness in human hearts is more than this dirtiness? Those, in a moment of inattention, would cause you harm more than what you ever would imagine of deeds. Thus, keep them away from you, and never ever let them know about your issues, it is even better if you would expel them.

And never ever fall for their cold treacherous devoutness, they have the rabies of wild dogs and you won’t know when this (illness) gets active in them! And at that time you will regret it, but it will not be benefit. First debate them with knowledge and advice them, but if they reject then keep them away from you, and fear of them as you fear of your enemies; and they are indeed enemies. because they killed people after Takfir and they allowed themselves to capture their possessions and shed their blood! However, some of those who show cold devoutness still repeat that they are our brothers. No! I swear by Allah they are not so and you will see from them more than what happened.

Wallah I wonder how could a devout man, who knows the sacredness of blood and know the danger of Takfir upon the Mujahideen, and allowing the capture of their women, how could he show sympathy with them! Wallah this is the everlasting wonder. I believe you are aware of the speeches of those aberrant. It was absolutely ensured that they allow your blood and possessions, and some among them even threatens he will capture your women. And I say it with no doubts. Even, a kid of them told his friend: “I swear by Allah, if I took the power over X (who is an old man) I would have slaughtered him with my hands for his apostasy”. So fear Allah in this Jihad, and do not waste it with negligence and do not leave it for the dirties and the aberrant. Know that if you did so, you will be their first victim, because Allah will not support you and your enemies will not leave you. So support the right and Allah will support you, and save this jihad from being stolen by dirties like the follower of the liar aberrant Al-Baghdadi. If you did then the victory will be yours, and Allah loved the announcement and proving it (with deeds), than you would be the holder of this right and its protectors.

I apologize because I don’t give you what you deserve, you are the ones who deserve the goodness and love and advice, and this is merely the effort of the weak.

Wa Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Baraktuh.
Date of writing: 14 Safar 1436/6 December 2014.

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