Abu Muhammad Ad-Dagastani – A message to the Muslims

A Message to the Muslims
Shaykh Ali Abu Muhammad Ad-Dagestani
-Former Emir of the Caucasus (may Allah have mercy on him)

In the name of Allah the most merciful and compassionate. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and all of his family and companions, thereafter:

This is a message from Abi Muhammad (may Allah have mercy on him), (former) Emir of the Caucasus Emirate, to all Muslims. Allah’s peace and mercy and blessings be upon you.

In the beginning, I would like to announce our ideology, our ideology with which we worship Allah. It is the same ideology of the forefathers of the Islamic Ummah and its imams from the Sahaba (companions) and those who followed them compassionately. It is the following what was indicated in the Book of Allah (Quran al Karim), and the tradition of Allah’s Messenger, Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, and the actions and sayings of the scholars in that regard. So whoever agrees with the Book of Allah and the (Sunnah) tradition of Allah’s Messenger, we will accept him and rule in his favor, and whoever disagrees, his disagreement will be referred to him.

This is the source, which Allah advised us in His Book when he said “Oh you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, refer to Allah and the Messenger, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day.” Interpreters agreed that to refer to Allah is to refer to His Book and the tradition, but this is not the place to explain it. Jannah and hell were created and they exist, they are present and they do not perish.

The believers will behold Allah with their eyes on Judgment Day the same way they behold the moon on a full night clearly and without any difficulty in seeing it. And we believe that our Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, is the seal of the prophets and messengers. The faith of a worshiper can’t be held true until he believes in the message of Muhammad, and bears witness to his prophethood. The best of Muhammad’s nation is Abu Bakr al Siddiq, Umar al Faruq, Uthman Dhu Nurayin, Ali al Murtada, the rest of the ten, the people of Badr, the people of al Shajarah, the people of Ridan’s pledge of allegiance, and the rest of the companions, may Allah be pleased with them.

In addition, we mention the merits of the companions of the Messenger, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, we approve of them, we ask for Allah’s pardon for them, we abstain from their evil deeds and we reduce to silence about the quarrels that took place among them. In addition, we believe that their kind act is an application of Allah’s words: “And those who came after them saying forgive us and our brethren who were before us in faith and place not in our hearts any rancor towards those who believe. Our Lord thou art indeed full of kindness, most merciful.”

And we ask Allah to be pleased with the mothers of the faithful, those who are cleansed from every evil. And we acknowledge the miracles of the pious men and what they witness from visions. However, they do not deserve what Allah deserves, and they are not asked to perform what Allah only can perform. And we do not vouch that a Muslim will go to Jannah or hell, except those whom the Messenger of Allah, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, vouched for. We have hope in the benevolent and we are apprehensive for the bad.

We do not accuse any of the Muslims with infidelity because of a sin and we do not exclude him from the circle of Islam, except those whom Allah and His Messenger deemed as infidel. We see that jihad is proceeding with each Imam whether pious or immoral. Congregational prayers led by Imams are permissible, and jihad has been going since Allah sent Muhammad, Allah’s peace and prayers be upon him, until the last day of those who are in this nation fight the Dajjal. Jihad will not be annulled either by the injustice of the oppressive or the justice of the just.

We believe in the necessity of obeying and listening to the Imams of the Muslims whether they are pious or miscreant, as long as they do not give orders to disobey Allah. And whoever assumed the responsibilities of the Caliphate, people agreed on him and he claimed victory his sword until he became Caliph, he has to be obeyed, and it is prohibited to revolt against him. We opine that heretics should be abandoned and opposed until they repent, we should judge them by what is apparent and entrust Allah with their secrets. We should consider any bida’ (innovation) in religion a heresy.

We consider faith to be words of the mouth, application of the pillars of Islam and a belief in paradise. Faith is augmented by obedience and dwindled by sin. It is about seventy something branch, the highest branch is the testimonial that there is no God but Allah and the lowest branch is preventing from harm. We consider that there is a necessity in preventing vice and promoting virtue, according to the righteous Islamic law of Muhammad. We do not believe in democracy, and we consider it as an act of infidelity. And we do not accept anything except Allah’s law, and we declare that governorship should be attributed to Allah only. We make every efforts to enforce the law of Allah and establish the Rashidun Caliphate that follows the ideology of the prophethood as mentioned in the prophetic tradition of the Prophet, Allah’s peace and prayers be upon him.

The Messenger of Allah, Allah’s peace and prayers be upon him, said “Prophethood will remain among you as long as Allah wants them and he will end it. Then Caliphate on the lives of the Prophethood shall commence and remain as long as Allah wills then corrupt monarchy would take place and it will remain as long as Allah wills. After that despotic kingship would emerge, and it will remain as long as Allah wills. Then, the Caliphate shall come once again based on the precept of prophethood. And then he became silent.”

The establishment of this Caliphate should be based on people’s consultation and complacency. We are followers, and we are not inventors. We follow our scholars, we mean those who follow the approach of the deceased and living people of “As Sunnah wa al Jama’a,” especially the scholars of jihad, like Ayman al Zawahiri, Abi Muhammad al Maqdisi, Hani as Siba’I, Abi Qatadah al Filistini, Abdulaziz al Tarifi, Tariq Abdulhalim, Sulayman Ulwan, and others. We do not claim impeccability of anyone, except for the prophets. This is a summarized ideology that we issued so that people can see what we have, and Allah is our witness. We fight the strongest country in the world that bewildered America and the world, it is the country of the cunning and the coward Shiites. This country has rockets that are more than the machine guns that the mujahidin have.

In addition to that, we are small in number, and we do not have scholars or experienced people. Most of us are young men who are new to Islam. Our weapons are very simple, we move with difficulty and we cannot meet in one place for a joint operation. We lost popularity because of the short sightedness of some of the mujahidin, and the severity of violence of the Russian and their agents. In general we are in the worst situation, but thank Allah for everything. We have hope in Allah’s mercy, and we believe the future will be for Islam and the Muslims. The only thing that we enjoyed was our unity and assembly under one leadership even if it was ceremonial, but that was torn apart by the State of al Baghdadi, may Allah pardon him. Suffice to us is Allah and to him we lodge a complaint. Is this the way you recompense and reciprocate us after what we offered you?

Despite that when jihad started in Syria we were the first ones to respond to that call, and we sent our young men to help our brothers in Syria. We asked them to join the group that follows the ideology of the people of the tradition of Muhammad and the companions. At that time Jabhat al Nusrah met the requirement, as we mentioned in the previous message. To this day there are those who go to the land of jihad in Syria and there are many of them in the State. It is clear to everyone that the land of al Sham and Iraq is filled with the blood of the mujahidin of the Caucasus.

Allah knows that we did not want any group there to be under the name of the Caucasus Emirate, due to our keenness to keep unity of the mujahidins’ rank. At that time I was not the Emir, in order to force them to do that. Abu Uthman, Allah’s mercy be upon him, was the one who ordered them to form Caucasus Emirate there without consulting with us.

We used to pray for the mujahidin in the world, we shared their happiness and grief. We sued to support the Islamic State at the beginning of the matter. We also used to defend the Islamic State and we loved them in Allah, and that’s why we advised them, and that’s why we gave them an honest advice when the sedition happened, but they did not accept our advice. When the sedition happened in Syria, we asked them to avoid that sedition by applying the hadith of the Messenger of Allah, Allah’s blessings and prayers be upon him, until the truth is clarified.

Subsequently, al Adnani revealed the stance of the Islamic State and its ideology, and accused its leaders with infidelity because they do not accuse tyrants with infidelity and they are after majority. More, he claimed that the infidelity is among the people of the tradition of Muhammad and the companions, even though the Islamic State did not announce it. When this happened, we warned our young men against the Islamic State.

When the Islamic State announced a Caliphate that did not follow Sunni Islam and without meeting the conditions that were mentioned by the Sunni Muslim scholars and the companions in the past and recently, we did not acknowledge it, not because we have a desire to establish the caliphate, but because we follow the right path. What is our material and moral loss if we agree with the Islamic State regarding that matter? We will not lose anything except the following of the right path, righteousness is very precious to us. Certainly, we would have gained and achieved many things and this is known.

Our approach is to bring the truth to light no matter where it is, and to say the trust without being scared of critics on the Day of Judgment. Allah willing, we are following that approach, and if I stand alone I will not change until Allah governs justly between us, and He is the best judge. Ibn Mas’ud, may Allah be pleased with him, said “The group is what is in accordance with trust even if you are alone.”

If the Islamic State corrects its mistakes I will be, Allah wiling, the first one to kiss the feet of the Caliph. The following are our most prominent disagreements with them: Making takfir on Muslims, their complacency in shedding innocent blood, announcing the establishment of the Caliphate without consulting with Muslims and their dissatisfaction with restoring to arbitration between them and the mujahidin. This is what we have and what we presented to you Emir of the Islamic State.

Can you send one Iraqi soldier, and I am not saying ten soldiers, just one to help us, while you claim that you are a Caliph for every Muslim. You ask all Muslims to pledge allegiance to you! However, you do not want to offer anything in return. Did you forget the hadith of the Messenger of Allah, Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him. “A commander is a shield for them; they fight behind him and they are protected by him.” I challenge you Baghdadi to send us one soldier to help us if you can’t do that, then how come you ask us to pledge allegiance to you! Oh you Mu’tasim! Oh you Baghdadi! “May Allah have mercy on a man who knows his own worth.”

The Islamic State sought with seriousness to divide our ranks, and it succeeded in some places and was able to numb the minds of some young simpletons, and we say to them “Enjoy yourselves, for you are going to know.” I say that it is unfair when some people claim that money and the love of leadership are the reasons behind the pledge of allegiance done by some of the Caucasian mujahidin of the Islamic State. No, I swear that this is not what we think, but they left their homes and set their minds on establishing Allah’s law and the return of the stolen Caliphate. The Islamic State announced that project and then they announced their pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State thinking that they are on the right path, and without consulting with any of the scholars. This indicates their ignorance and their lack of knowledge.

Oh, the leader of the Islamic State, what are you benefiting from those? Oh Allah! Oh Allah! We complain to You from this sedition. In the end, we ask Allah to grant you and us steadfastness in regards to our faith and to grant us insight regarding our faith. May Allah grant you and us a criterion by which we can differentiate between righteousness and falsehood, right and wrong, temptation and discretion, guidance and perversion. May he grant us light that guide us and protect us from confusing rightness with falsehood and misconception and confusion. “He to whom Allah has not granted light, for him there is not light.”

Allah’s peace and mercy and prayers and blessings be upon you. The Lord’s peace and blessings be upon Muhammad and all his family and companions.

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