Shaykh Abu Qatadah Al-Filistini – Caliphate for rent .. Evil is their choice

Majmu’at Nuchbatul-Fikr (@nukhba_alfeker) Presents:
Caliphate for Rent .. Evil is Their Choice
Arabic original (PDF): خلافة للإيجار .. الشرُّ خيارهم
Shaykh Umar Mahmud Abu Qatadah

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

All Praise is to Allah the Rabb of the worlds and may peace and blessings be upon the trustworthy Prophet and upon his relatives and all the Sahaba.

What follows,

In the Usul it is wrong to base rules on delusions, and among the delusions from which it is not good to draw rules, is what is called political analysis . It is a confusion that has spread these days, due to its easiness, filling of the air and its personal self-assumption. While in the Fiqh, rulings need to be drawn from apparent and obvious matters that are so firm and high that people can see them as they can see mountains and cannot differ about. However, this analysis is only speculation without realistic and affirmed standards. Most of them are based on what people wish, not on what is really present. But when a specific phenomenon repeats itself a person has the right to turn to it, not in order to comment on it as a ruling regarding a nation or group, but to warn his brothers not to be taken from this door, so that this characteristic of Iman is not stolen. He – may peace and blessings be upon him – said: “A believer is not stung twice out of one and the same hole”. So when a specific phenomenon repeats itself, it has to be observed, people need to be made aware regarding it, it has to be dealt with according to the ways Allah Ta’ala ordered His servants to do and efforts need to be made to prevent its causes and its repetition if it had a negative aspect.

The Ghulaat (extremist) have started with planting their likes and have severe attempts to get to the South of Syria and Sham. This Bid’i organization has a wide care for propaganda, and propaganda is the cause for most of its behaviors, because spreading and making propaganda is the anesthetizing smoke by which they are able to attract small people, and people with absent minds; and most people in this time are like this. They do not even see an importance in their followers because they are merely pins in their shoes for them to carry out their agenda. So the suicide operations without important goal or target that you see indicates two things; the first is that the followers became more like drug users on the concepts of the old hashish smokers; no brains, no awareness and no understanding; except for obeying the leader. The second one is that this wicked leader hidden behind the covers doesn’t care about souls; neither those of the followers nor of the opponents. When we say “their opponents”, we mean that according them an opponent has only one meaning, disbelief , and this was the way of the Ghulaat throughout the Islamic history.

Why then this interest in the South?

The answer : Because the South gives it more legitimacy, it will open for them propaganda opportunities through propagandist operations against Israel, the same as the Lebanese Hisbu-Rafidis (Hizbullah) did, it will play its role in attracting foolish supporters like Hisbu-Rafidis did. The people are the same people and the Baathi spirit in recruiting is exactly the one that leads this conduct inside the bid’i organization, as is clear for everyone who observed its behaviorism with this matter. The South also will open other confrontations with other systems which achieves propagandist goals and propaganda is only done to get more legitimacy and recruitment.

This organization according to what I saw with my eyes does not care about the religion of those who enters it. They even recruit and buy loyalty and pledges of allegiance from people who don’t pray. That is why they are able to attract all kinds of small organizations and with wealth and seduction they buy and trade. The people are like flocks of birds that follow one another with regard to demanding wealth and fortune and this is the case with many organizations in Syria and Sham. Some of them were not taking any more out of necessity, then they continued until they became careless with regard to selling the Jihad and trading with it. The Ghulaat organization’s advance towards the Mujahidin in my view was (surprisingly) late, after they hustled others. And the enemies of jihad have eyes that observe and monitor so the enemies of Jihad among regimes and governments had a common interest of entering Ghulaat into these organizations to achieve their own interests.

The Ghulaat State is evil and evil does not come into agreement except with evil and in our history there is not one experiment in which the enemies achieved their goals in our Ummah except through our inside. The Ghulaat are their best riding animal at this moment after the efforts of the mutamayi’in were exhausted, because the option of liquefaction does not work with Jihad. This option of liquefaction works with those who are discouraged or those who search to discourage people from Shari’a, but with the enthusiast youth, the option of extremism is the way of using them for their own goals. Therefore, Dawlah was the best mean for them to achieve their goals of dividing Jihad, corrupting its picture, killing its men and leaders and blacking its media pages and scholars. If the external disbelief and the apostate regimes spent millions, filled thousands of pages and operated all its media staffs they would not have been able to do what the Ghulaat did with regard to this issue, that’s why they are the choice of evil and those who are the choice of the evil are also evil, because the believer knows that there is no goodness in evil, likewise he knows that goodness comes not except with goodness.

This counts for the Ghulaat groups in the South: The Ghulaat and whatever their goals may be and the criminals and whatever their goals may be, and among these organizations are those who are unaware and ignorant, maybe some of them came for the religion and out of devoutness but followed the ignorant who fight the religion itself, and among them are the wicked ones whose status is like that of the double agent who sacrifices his capacities and efforts for those who pay him, and this is the status of those who go to Dawlah; among them are those who are shoe-pins of external Taghoot regimes that plot against the Mujahidin, and among them are those who are extreme because they were attracted to extremism due to lack of knowledge.

But why does Dawlah in the South achieve the goals of the wicked outside?

The answer : Because the propaganda acts on which the work of the Ghulaat is based is the way of deviating the mujahidin, kill their leaders and cause the spears to be directed to inside the Jihadi ranks and not outside it, and behind this are evil agendas that are prepared against this Jihad, its land and people. They are those who prepare the ground for all these agendas, small people know this before big people.

Those people have their secrets behind their diligent acts of pushing their agents to go to Dawlah and pledging it allegiance. Therefore, they are with the corrupt State and they are also with the game of the enemies of jihad from among the apostates and Crusaders. Due to their apparent figure of being Ghulaat and the refraining of some people from fighting them they will spread and become firm, and this would not happen if they would come with another face than this. The one who observed the work of the criminals especially the Crusaders knows that they don’t leave their weak choices to be erased or be taken away, because even if it is weak today they would be in need of it tomorrow, and the presence of the Ghulaat is an excuse for them to plot against the Jihad – that before the existence of the Ghulaat got the consensus of the Muslims on its legitimacy and needfulness – openly without lying and cheating.

The Mujahidin in the South will go through a lot of tiredness because their strategy towards everyone is turning their lands into lands of conspiracies that don’t become fatigued, tired or end. The presence of the filth of some people who try to fill their pockets for the black days will always exhaust them; we will find them once dressed as Ghulaat, once as reputable nationalists and once with the name of moderate people who fight those they call “extremists” who are the Mujahidin groups. All these things and others will turn fighting the regime in a decisive battle something difficult to achieve for today and maybe also for the visible tomorrow.

It is a trust for us to say – and it is not a kind of exposing a secret – that the Jihadi situation in the South needs more than what it has, i.e. between the Mujahidin, because piety and wisdom is weak among all the sides, while whims and pride of one’s own view are strong. Everyone claims that he has the magic wand that brings victory and triumph but according to me everyone is wrong because, I see with weak eyes but it is enough to see that, whims and pride of one’s own view is the slogan of the stage. I do not expose a secret but the matters can no longer hold, because it is either piety, Shura, oneness and loving one another for what is good, or replacement. And Allah is too Merciful to give over the Ummah to the Ghulaat and the conspirators even in the absence of the best people among them.

And Allah is the Supporter.

I excuse myself for not continuing the talk regarding The Rope of Allah .. and How we Should understand it and writing regarding this issue is necessary and Allah knows best and if Allah Wills we shall have a meeting regarding The Rope of Allah.

Translation By: Palm Network News @GIIMedia

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