Ustad Ahmad Farooq – We should all become like a honeybee!

We should all become like a honeybee!
By: Ustad Ahmad Farooq (Rahimahullah)

Arabic original (PDF): فلنكن كالنحلة

-An advice from the heart to the Mujahideen brothers amid trials & tribulations in the battlefields of Jihad

All praise is for Allah & peace & blessings be upon the Prophet of Allah (ﷺ),

To proceed,

To my beloved brothers who are steadfast in the trenches of Jihad & front-lines, those who are patient at the times of hardships, harms & during fight, those who are sacrificing their souls in the path of Allah.

Assalamulalikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu,

It is narrated from our Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) in a Hassan Hadith, wherein he said:

[The similitude of a believer is like that of a honey-bee, if it eats something, it takes good food, if it digests, it brings forth good (honey), and if it reaches a broken wooden branch, it doesn’t break it as well.] [1]

May thousands peace & blessings be upon our beloved & dear Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)…In this short, but comprehensive Hadith, he described for us some important characteristics of a believer. One of the important characteristics of which this Hadith is warning us about a complete believer – who has perfected these great noble characteristics – is someone who is avid for good & uprightness, benefits a lot & his harm is little, nothing from him will come out whether it be hidden or apparent except good deeds & upright actions, his existence is a mercy for the world & is of benefit for the whole creation.

A believer resembles a honey-bee due to the following reasons:

A believer stays away from ill-mannered & lowly actions just like a honey-bee stays away from bad things.

A believer continuously makes an effort that nothing comes out of its surroundings expect which benefits the creation – just like a honey-bee from whose belly nothing comes out except beneficial beverage (honey) of different colors, which has cure for mankind – and that is only possible if a believer ponders that he is an individual of the best Ummah, which has been sent for mankind, meaning that he has a responsibility to guide them to the truth & to what is beneficial for them & to take them out from the darkness of ignorance to the light of the beneficent Sharia’h.

A believer is alike honey-bee in terms of humbleness & minutest harming. Just like a honey-bee [if it reaches a broken wooden branch, it doesn’t break it as well], similarly a believer is like that. He is for his brothers warm, welcoming, near-one & easy-going. He doesn’t harm them in any way, he is merciful to them & advises them in a way that doesn’t have any manipulation.

O beloved brothers, thus we should be like a honey-bee, and if we are unable to become close to it, then let us be like a palm tree, and the matter with palm tree is strange! Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) mentions characteristic of a believer in another example – whose example in sweetness is no different to the previous example mentioned – in an authentic Hadith from Abdullah bin Umar (ra), where he said: [The similitude of a believer is like a palm tree, as whatever is taken from it will benefit you] [2]

The palm tree is special as compared to other trees that its fruit is sweet & is of benefit in all its stages – from the emersion of their coverings to their drying stage – its wood, leaves, branches and kernel benefits in one way or another, then the beauty of their leaves & fruits & its comfortable shadow has more in terms of benefits… this is how every believer should be …a living example of its Prophet’s (ﷺ) saying:

[The most beloved of the people to Allah are the most beneficial for the people. The most beloved of actions to Allah –Azza wa Jal- are to cause happiness to reach a Muslim, to relieve him from a hardship, to settle a debt for a Muslim or to repel hunger from him. For me to walk with a brother in order to assist him is more beloved to me than to make ‘Itikaf in this Masjid (Masjid al-Madinah) for a month. Whoever holds back his anger then Allah hides his mistakes. Whoever suppresses his anger – even though he is not scared to show it, but with holds due to the truth – Allah fills his heart with hope on the day of Judgement. Whoever walks with his brother to assist him with a need until he has helped him completely, then Allah plants his feet firmly on the day people will not stand firmly. Indeed bad behaviour spoils good actions, just as vinegar spoils honey.] [3]

May Allah make us & you of those who adhere to these lofty characters & decent manners. Amin.

My dear brothers!

There is none above Mujahideen who should follow these lofty manners. These are the one who have stood up to raise of flag of Tawhed, as Allah created us with this purpose & send messengers & revelation came in books. These are the ones who are not only the protectors of this expensive treasure of Monotheistic religion (Islam), but also protectors of all revelations from heavens. And they are doing a worship about which the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: [It (Jihad) is the pinnacle of Islam]…Thus, it is important that the Mujahideen understand this heavy responsibility, dangers with regard to their status as well as the greatness of position they are in. And they should raise their status of manners with respect to the position of the lofty worship they are doing…thus they should stand on the great prophetic mission…mission of inviting the creation to thetruth…commanding the good & forbidding the evil…it is not possible to follow this mission except by following the character of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), who was praised by Allah with these noble words [And indeed, you are of a great moral character]…and defining the character of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) in these words as well [There has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. Grievous to him is what you suffer; [he is] concerned over you and to the believers is kind and merciful.] And described the condition of Prophet Muhammad (s) concern for the guidance of the creation [Ta, Seen, Meem. These are the verses of the clear Book. Perhaps, (O Muhammad), you would kill yourself with grief that they will not be believers.].

Thus, it is compulsory for Mujahideen to carry these lofty characters…like a honey-bee or a palm-tree…eager for the affairs of the creation & bringing benefits…Nothing should come out from them except that is beneficial…And while fighting the disbelievers, this Prophetic narration be in front of him, of which the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) advised his Uncle’s son – the leader of the braves – Ali bin Abu Talib (ra) when he was tasked to fight the Jews of Khyber. [By Allah, If Allah guides one person through you, it is better for you than red-camels] [4]…Yes, It is a must that we should be like that…whose life is being spend in blood, body-parts, swords, strong mountains & caves but their hearts be of the softest, concerned over the condition of its Ummah & are affectionate over its condition…but are also concerned to bring benefit to them, even for the disbelievers to be guided towards the truth, concerned over bringing good to them through guidance & warning them to not follow the foot-steps of criminals.

My brothers for the sake of Allah!

This is our religion which we have learned from Quran & Sunnah, from the biographies of companions & pious predecessor’s books, and that is what we learned from contemporary scholars & leaders of Jihadi Movements as well as from people of knowledge, and here specifically these individuals are worth mentioning; Reviver of abandoned obligation (Jihad) Shaykh Abdullah Azzam (ra), the symbol of Ummah’s dignity & authority Amir ul Momineen Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid (May Allah give victory to him), Ummah’s Martyr & Subjugator of America Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin (ra), Wise of the Ummah Shaykh Aiman al-Zawahari (ha), Worshipper & Ascetic Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid (ra), Mujahid, Teacher & Preacher Shaykh Atiyyahtullah al-Libi (ra), Scholar & Unique leader Shaykh Abu Yahya al-Libi (ra), Scholar Mujahid Shaykh Abu Lais al-Qasmi, Shaykh of prisoners having courage greater than Mountains & steadfast Mujahid Shaykh Abu Qatadah al-Falastini (May Allah free him) [Translator’s Note: During the time of writing he was in prison], and implementer of Truth & steadfast like Mountain, Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi (May Allah free him) [Traslator’s Note: During the time of writing he was in prison], Mujahid & Great Prominent Orator Ustaz Muhammad Yasir al-Afghani (ra) and Knowledgeable critic & man of great abilities Shaykh Abu Musab al-Suri (May Allah free him) and Scholar & Jurisprudence expert Qazi Shaykh Abu al-Walid al-Falastini (ha) & Scholar & Ascetic Shaykh Mansoor al-Shami (ra) & Prominent Preacher Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki (ra)…and many more among the likes of these for whose presence for us is a sign of dignity & nobility & from among them we benefitted of their books as well as their lectures on current affairs. And among them are those who inclined others towards this Jihad. May Allah reward them on behalf of us & all Muslims, that they cleared the way for us, and provided us with a summary of their 40 years or more experience in Dawah & Jihadi works, on the basis of which different Jihadi movements stood up in different areas around the globe, and made us aware of those repeated mistakes, of whose grave results we have gone through, and guided us towards the means of victory & success & made us aware of failure & damage that might be caused…and their lives gives a greater lesson as compared to their golden words…and we found in their Dawah & Jihad work & their books & articles the correct comprehension of Islam…and a factual figure that is confined towards Islamic teachings…And we found in those books explanation of Islam with full authority & clarity in which the easiness of Islam & its moderation & beauty…what a great companionship to have those… May Allah accept them as well as other Muslim martyrs…and those who are alive, may Allah keep them steadfast…and make our & their ending on faith (Islam).

But my beloved brothers! We are living in an age of fraud, in which a person’s goodness is made to appear as faulty & a faulty person is praised …It is a very sorry state of affairs that in these collective stances, one nation sees in us, our leaders & our methodology only these faults that:

We love our Ummah who is severely wounded & expand our arms for them, and want to provide benefit & good to the Ummah, and want a return of complete religion of Allah, and we desire that in this fight of Jihad against disbelievers…after the help of Allah…this Ummah also becomes our supporter, and on this basis we utilize all those means on which Shariah guides us, but one objector(May Allah guide him) thinks that one of the objections on the methodology of Al-Qaeda Jihad is that people associated with Al-Qaeda Jihad wants the join with the Caravan of Ummah, who have raised up against their regimes in current times. Subhallah! Is it a virtue/morality or vice/evil?!

We believed that giving a verdict(fatwa) of kufr is a very significant Sharia judgment because through it Islam & insignia of Islam is protected, and through it Kufr(disbelief) & Islam(belief) is separated, and it prevents even the minutest mixing of disbelief with Islam, but now to do exaggeration on the issue of Takfir (excommunication) is a very dangerous matter, and we stress to follow the path of safety, which has reached to us from pious predecessors, and it is impossible that we commit to this issue based on some ordinary math principles that every person even if he not aware of the knowledge of Shariah start pondering over it or someone who is Student of Knowledge (Shari) in initial levels start to talk over it, and that he commits the application of these ruling on anyone he wishes & how he wishes, and what Shariah procedures have been put forth by the people of knowledge regarding it are not utilized by him…Thus because of this reason we (on the issue of Takfir) confined towards safety & followed sound procedures, then some extremists accused us of being Murjiah (negligence), whereas the Murjiah accused us of exaggeration & extremism…We put forth our complaints to Allah over these accusations!

We were fully aware of the value & status of scholars of the Ummah and we respected & loved them, and we believe that they are the actual leaders of the Ummah, & we call upon Ummah towards them, and gather around them, & we also believe that Ummah’s integrity & guidance will only be achieved by the conformity of the people of knowledge (scholars) & people of Jihad(leaders & scholars). Moreover, the righteousness of the Ummah is based upon filling the gaps between the two groups, that is the reason we generally don’t associate wickedness to the Jama’t (group) of Scholars, and if we feel somewhere that some evil Scholar exposition is a Sharia’h obligation now, then we dedicate our talk explicitly towards him only, and we expose his deviancy to the people & ask & struggle to make Ummah not follow him. And guide the mankind towards the truthful scholars, but alas, that some people associated with Jihad are such that by their words & actions, they are creating differences between the two groups, and they consider their view only a final verdict over contemporary important issues, minutest knowledgeable details and dangerous issues, and despite their lack of knowledge, they give their opinion in the field of knowledge. Such type of people don’t care even to abuse and slander the truthful scholars, if it goes against their will based upon their whims & desires, while, these are the truthful scholars whose truthfulness & steadfastness & standing by the truth & getting beaten because of [There is no deity worthy of worship but Allah] is known, and they talk about these truthful scholars in an undignified way – without manners, which only explains/shows the corruption of their own hearts, and from their sharp sledged-tongues even the two great prisoners Shaykh Abu Qatadah al-Falistini & Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi (May Allah free them) are not safe, and nor is the Wise of the Ummah Shaykh Aiman az-Zawahari (May Allah protect him) is protected along with other renowned scholars as well.

We are very compassionate & emotional over single drop of Muslim blood, whichever of their blood is shed with oppression, we are grieved over every single drop, and we came out of the homes after seeing the situation of the Muslims, and for the protection of their religion, honor & wealth! And this is our steadfast belief that the sanctity of Muslim blood is decisive, and that definite sanctity will only get void after decisive evidence as clear as a dustless sun. We severely warn people to considering the blood of the Muslims permissible through pointless/futile evidences or to put behind back or to expand the issue of [Tatras] without any proof or evidence by accusing other blood permissible, as mentioned by renowned, reliable people of knowledge [Among these books is a valuable booklet by my loved teacher – Shaykh Abu Yahya al-Libi (ra) – named (The issue of Tartras in contemporary Jihad)][5] in these books on the basis of Islamic principles, and we don’t consider the Muslims deserving to be fought if it has separated itself from one Jihadi group, and don’t consider it a rebellious action against Ummah & that rebellious group deserving to be fought.

We see it is our duty to consider the situation of the Ummah and give it concessions as well based upon previous oppressions longing over decades, which this Ummah is facing after the fall of Sultanate of Islam & apostate regimes oppressions & is facing these for the past decades because of its farness from religion. Such curriculum in schools & collages were put into place that the training of the future Muslim’ generation be based on wrong beliefs and their thinking be against the bright Sharia’h teachings, and this Ummah is being forced to submit itself towards the laws on gun-point that are made by humans & is not from Allah, and to keep away people from the steadfastness on word of truth, and under the crime of explaining the correct Shari rulings in its pure form to the Muslim masses, Ummah’s preachers & people of knowledge are imposed with restrictions and they are cornered from different sides…Thus, as a result of these oppressive actions, the collective output is the propagation of ignorance among the society, and from the hearts & minds of the Muslims, many of the rulings of Sharia’h concepts is being lost..!! It becomes necessary because of this situation that we become more affectionate & soft towards them & while accepting their excuses with broadness & become concerned that somehow this Ummah returns to its religion and we become a part of the Ummah by calling towards Allah. But today we have such foolish people, who are narrowing the relationship of Islam and faith into a very narrow circle and takes a very proud attitude stance towards the Ummah & consider it minor/humiliated, but rather are in an ambush that from the Muslim Ummah some mistake is made & in one go they will destroy all of it. Similarly, every person is also abused & insulted who calls for being compassionate & merciful to the Ummah. We also see such people who in a very amazed humiliated way say, what Ummah is it that we should turn towards? Ummah of Saudi Islam? Or Ikwani? Or Sarwari? Or Hizb Ummah alKuwaiti?…Strange is the matter for such that a person calls them to connect to the Ummah, and you ask him which Ummah among Ikhwan, alSalafiyyah, alJamiyyah, alSoofiyyah, alQaeda should we turn towards? Allah is sufficient for us & he is our guardian over such twisted & crooked thinking.

Our effort is that today Ummah gathers on some basic points and among them is this important point: To smash the snake of America & its side child Israel & to wage Jihad for the liberation of Muslim countries & their sacred places. We see that with the permission of Allah Alone, after the demise of the American dominion & authority will result in the fall of west slaves & their apostates regimes, which oppose Sharia’h in our Muslim lands, and that American demise will result in the liberation of Muslims who are divided on nationalistic basis & from these artificial borders ending will result agreement and unity of one Islamic government and one caliphate, that is why we avoid any steps that will mislead Mujahideen to the battles of here & there & the effort of the Mujahideen be not wasted over unimportant / minor issues. In fact, it is our constant effort that we focus ourselves on these basic points, which has been specified to us by the caravan of Mujahideen, whose leader was Martyred Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin (ra). He reached this basic point after a long experience & considering the benefits of the religion with deep thinking, thus we should link closely through this point & organize ourselves…till with the will & help of Allah, we complete our journey & reach our desired goals.

We view Dawah (Calling to Allah) and Jihad in the path of Allah like two twin brothers, that can’t be separated from each other, these both are great forms of worship. For each of these have virtue & rulings & already decided fundamentals. Both of them don’t have any opposition or contradiction but in fact both of them are basis for each other completion. Both of them revolve around Tawhed. Thus, our call is an invitation towards [There is no deity worthy of worship but Allah] & our goal by fighting is the protection of [There is no deity worthy of worship but Allah], we believe that we at once are preacher/caller as well as Mujahid, & only in this we feel honored, and in our view no movement that is working towards removing the ignorant systems from the necks of the Muslim Ummah, will succeed/prosper unless by holding tight to both of these worships, rather it is incumbent to strongly follow all Sharia’h fundamentals & making each one of those fundamentals in its different levels a necessary position, whose details are mentioned in the books of jurisprudence, and we don’t endorse the belittling of Dawah which is based on Sharia’h fundamentals & don’t see opposition nor declining of both of these religious acts.

We consider for the Mujahideen the chapter of Sharia’h Politics very important. We see that Jihadi movements constantly have to face situations where they have to deal with different nations, different countries and different tribal people & have to adapt themselves to the changing situations & events. That is why we see that for the Mujahideen & their elders, students of knowledge, it is important that they according to their ability, responsibility & department should gain knowledge & mastery of the rulings of Sharia’h Politics & learn all those rules & regulations that will set the priorities & benefit & harams specifications. Thus, Jurisprudence of Jihad major portion is the learning of benefits, which is encircled in push away the harm & considering the benefits. Any Jihadi Movement, if it doesn’t learn this important chapter in a beneficial way & will not aware itself with the rulings of this jurisprudence, then there is high possibility that it will get defeated in the war & will fail to accomplish the goals of Jihad…even if it succeeds in getting initial victories in some operations. Thus, Jihadi movement through all their successes moves from a specific emirate to a general emirate, thus, if they didn’t train their members, and fail to expand their vision, and will not teach them how to talk to people of different backgrounds & customs according to their level of understanding, fail to give them awareness of the political moves used by the world nations, and will not make them understand on how to make the enemy helpless, & how to increase friends who are of same thinking,and if they didn’t strongly made their minds understand, that in the political work, it is not necessary that they be correct only in their particular behavior but it is also necessary for them that they deeply think that which is the preferred benefit that will correspond to their actions, and which are the harms that can come over them as well, and if they also fail to put this skill on how to select one best way from two ways of good, and how to select from two harms, the lesser of the two harms…until & unless Mujahideen are not trained & prepared on these matters, they will be prone to committing grave political mistakes, that will destroy their long struggle gained results as well, in this way it will become easy for the enemy to demolish the movement easily along with their goals & objectives. But alas, some don’t understand the difference between the one who uses Sharia’h politics to protect the benefits of the religion & those who show negligence over the matter of religion, and there are others who because of heedlessness from this important tremendous chapter of religion, they think that it is a must for Mujahideen that they should say every such word & do every such action that unites the international nations of the world against them & jump over them simultaneously, and their enemies number are increased and their friends & think-alike friends are decreased. According to them, it is a must for Mujahideen to always talk to the people in a manner that is only understood by a limited people in a society, they consider that Mujahideen should adapt a style which would make people hate the Mujahideen & the Ummah is cut-off from the Mujahideen…Then, they consider that their attitude/behavior is an evidence over their strong belief and clear-clean methodology, though these people don’t comprehend that it is all an evidence over their lack of knowledge, narrowness of comprehension and farness from the monotheistic religion which was revealed to the seal of Prophets (ﷺ), rather their own actions are in fact a repetition of following the earlier nations, who brought difficulty over their own selves, and on by their own accounts put the burden of difficulties over their own necks, although Allah has not made this an obligation over them, then they didn’t care even for these principles, and they became worthy of destruction. May Allah protect us from the evils of this destructive path. Amin.

We stress the Mujahideen that learn the Manners of disagreeing is important, and Mujahideen are the most deserving of those who are in need of it as among people they are the ones who have to fact most of the disagreements, thus, it is important that they understand that not all opponents are equal, rather even the opponents are on different levels, thus while dealing with them it is important to notice this difference, and it is important for the Mujahideen to know that it is a believer’s characteristic that while differing, he shouldn’t forget to do justice. For the sake of Allah give a testimony based on justice, even if it is against his own self or parents or close relatives. And it is also important that he understand this reality that a believer is one who has a high moral, and not of the one who slander, curse, use foul language or talk needlessly, and he doesn’t abuse during the fight, even if its opponents are those of disbelievers & apostates, and it is necessary for the Mujahideen that they should believe that power is not in slandering or doing personal attacks, but in evidence.

We stressed over this matter that as compared to others, it is the group of Mujahideen who should adhere to the rulings of Islam. Mujahideen should become an example for others in equality between young & elderly, and become exemplary in submitting to the rulings of Sharia’h, so that others don’t think that those who carry the flag of Sharia’h themselves slack over implementation of Sharia’h, or when the Sharia’h judgment is against their whims & desires, they run from the ruling of Sharia’h, and find excuses over it…This is not at all the case of a Mujahid! But we observed this with great sorrow that in the battlefield, when some people were continuously called to judgment of Sharia’h for their fights with the Mujahideen in a front, they put forth evidences like the web of the spider, and persisted over their opinion. We ask Allah to return them to the truth – in the most beautiful manner. We believe that establishment of Shura (consultation) is an important pillar in the Islamic System which is based on the establishment of Sharia’h, and to select a leader who meets all the conditions, it is the right of the Ummah, and specifically it is the work of Ahlul Hal wa Aqad (People of Authority & Decision), and we’ll not allow this right to be taken from them, because in the texts, a lot of stress is made over the establishment of Shura, and in those texts that a person is condemned severely [Who gives a pledge of allegiance to anyone without the consultation of Muslims] [6], our Jihad is based upon removing the obstacles from the Muslims, whereby leaders are selected who guide them on path of Quran, we don’t fight to rule over the Ummah with the sword, rather we are fighting so that pious Sharia’h rules over us as well as Ummah. Thus, we ask the groups of Mujahideen to indulge in great consultations, and advise them also to do consultation with other Jihadi groups, especially the one that preceded them, who sacrificed their companions, truthful scholars, sincere preachers & pious people who have influence, and don’t proceed with declaration of any emirate or state without their consultations, similarly as we advise our Muslim brothers to show humbleness and in order to unify the ranks incline towards letting their positions/status go as well.

We see it to be not hasty in declaring emirates and states before the acquirement of authoritative power & resources to do so. Thus, Sharia’h doesn’t make judgment on the basis of only names and apparent things, but it shows its reliance on reality. Therefore, one should not be hasty in considering organizations / factions / groups that have not got complete authority and neither have power be called emirates or states. After repeated experience it is proven that with the existence of strong international ignorant system, even if some organization gets a partial power & authority over a specific piece of land, then it is not a real authority, (Because of International Ignorant System), such an organization is not able to protect its borders nor is able to defend its people. Also, such an organization is unable to provide millions of masses under its territory the basic necessities of life, and their strength & power is broken after the focus of disbelieving powers. Thus, to recognize these organizations as (State) is to put the goals of Muslims under stake, and spread among them despair and is a cause to make them feel abhorrent towards the concept of Islamic government. That is why, in this stage, generally it is better to continuously engage in guerilla warfare[7], and before time we shouldn’t get greedy to controlling the lands, and to focus the fight towards those factions of disbelievers, who are occupying the Muslim lands, and to focus the struggle upon the downfall of international system. In this aspect, the poisonous snake America’s head should be continuously struck & beaten until it falls…and with it, also falls this ignorant International System… and America is compelled to come out of the Muslim lands disgraced. In order to liberate the Ummah and bring back glory to Islam & people of Islam, this is the only way, and a powerful & authoritative Caliphate based upon methodology of Prophet-hood is only possible through this way.

If in Jihadi factions and organizations partisanship, extremism with respect to relationship with personalities & names and un-Islamic insignias to which Allah has not send down any evidence enters in, then it is an untreated disease, and if that disease makes it way into any organization, then its corruption becomes predominate over its reform, that is why we make Mujahideen brother fear this disease, and call upon them to keep the link among them and faithful relation among each other based upon [There is no deity worthy of worship but Allah], support the truth, no matter where it is, and don’t be of those who give victory to their groups, brothers and leaders without differentiating between the truth and falsehood, we are greatly saddened when we see that some people while repeating their slogans go to such an exaggeration that it leads their followers towards a destructible partisanship, but rather we fear that their slogan [Baqiyyah] (will remain) don’t become a fundamental part of their belief, while they don’t even realize it, though we know that ever-remaining entity is that of Allah Alone, full of Majesty, Bounty & Honour, while organizations & states will vanish nearly or lately. Similarly, we fear for these brothers that they will go to extreme exaggeration for their leader, and from them has come out statement which specifically conceptualize their leader, and which are strongly inside their hearts, and whose result doesn’t seem to be coming out good in any way. Allah is sufficient for us, Most Excellent is He in whom we trust.

It is our belief that Jihad is the only worship which can unite all Ummah’s group and factions towards basic objectives of Sharia’h, and unites the Ummah around the word of Tawhed, save it from sectarianism, subsection differences and from all types of ignorant partisanship, and diverts the arrows of the Ummah towards the real enemies, who are in every battleground and level – whether it be military,religious, intellectual, political or collective level – and are fighting the Ummah. That is why we warn the Mujahideen that they shouldn’t bring in the intellectual knowledge-based differences into the lands of Jihad, which have occurred between the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah, neither should call anyone towards them in a specific way or on its basis make a division, and not to limit Jihad with only a specific group of people, because all these things bring disunity to the ranks of Mujahideen, making them separate, hinder their focus from important matters and make them heedless of the front-lines, and the result of all these actions comes in whereby Mujahideen power & authority is lost, disbelievers & apostates overcome them, results in making lawful the lives, wealth & honour of Muslims, and even the outcome can come out whereby Muslims Seminaries & Mosques & their knowledge-based centers face destruction.

Certainly, in permissible matters listening & obeying the leaders is like the pillar of the Jihadi building & Jihad can’t be established without a Jama’t (group) & group is based on listening & obeying. Certainly, following the orders of the leader in good deeds is following Allah & His Messenger (ﷺ), and it is such a beautiful worship which for us becomes a source of nearness to Allah. Indeed, that army can’t succeed, if it is not like one body against the opponents, and it can’t overcome the enemy, until they have unity among themselves, this unity & oneness can only be achieved by uniting oneself under the leadership of their leader, in easiness & difficulty, encouraged and coerced/compelled and in every situation. Thus, we caution ourselves as well as Mujahideen brothers from the bad of disobeying their leaders & alert them that Satan makes the disobeying of the leader look beautiful, and makes him think that it has many benefits, thus we should understand this fully that there is no benefit & good on the actions committed by the Mujahid while disobeying his leader, because one can’t establish the religion while making it fall.

Respected Amir ul Mominen (Leader of Believers) Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid (May Allah keep him steadfast upon truth) is our leader, crown of our heads, and coolness of our eyes. Allah has made our opinion regarding him to come out true that he for the defense of [There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah] and for supporting the expelled emigrant Muhajiaren even sacrificed his country. He & his brothers in the Islamic Emirate strongly stood against the worst Crusade attack of this era, didn’t turn away & didn’t leave their way, but did Jihad in order to expel the disbelievers from their lands & for the establishment of Sharia’h, till they have reached to a point where they will soon be achieving victory. These are the best of the people who are steadfast on this path…May Allah give them victory, allow them conformity to return to Kabul with power & authority & for the sake of giving victory to the clearly apparent religion give success to them. (Amin). We believe that every Mujahid, in fact, every Muslim’s neck owes to the Islamic Emirate & in current times there are Sharia’h, collective & existential factors which befits them for the leadership & supervision of the Ummah. Thus, it is because of these reasons we call upon all Muslims to gather around them, give oath of allegiance to them, to desire good for them, to make them strong, and call upon others to help them through words & actions. And we free ourselves from the actions of any individual who commits to creating doubts or uncertainty with regard to the methodology of Islamic Emirate and breaks the unity of the Muslims or call upon new leaders as opposed to them. We don’t claim that these people are innocent but they are all human beings, who can commit to right or wrong, but during the commitment of any wrong act, advise should be given based upon manners of advising, keeping good assumptions regarding them, and their words and actions should be attributed to good & morality in a maximum capacity, because they have sacrificed greatly in the past for the sake of religion, and their biographies are full of great benefits. May Allah elevate them in this world and hereafter. That is why we felt great sorrow when in past days, we saw that from some people a lot of objections on the methodology of Islamic Emirate was made, and a call was made to break the oath of allegiance to leader of believers – Mullah Muhammad Umar – May Allah protect him, and were asked as opposed to him to give oath of allegiance to new leaders, some of them made this call through use of signs & hints, while others called for the breaking of oath of allegiance with Leader of Believers in apparent words and asking to give oath of allegiance to new leaders. To Allah we belong & to Him is our return.

Indeed, Jihadi work is very important but at the same time purification of soul, moral manners & reforming of heart is also important. Thus, Allah in his book have commanded us to remember Allah a lot when against the enemy, and one of the wisdom of the collective wisdom of this message is that engaging in fighting and living in between the skulls & body parts of human beings, hardens the heart and this is a very dangerous disease that leads towards other countless diseases, and pushes a person to destruction. Every Jihadi Organization that doesn’t train & work towards purification of their souls, then it lacks compulsory goods & fuel to complete its journey that requires the pleasure of hereafter and to bring worldly benefits. The treatment of the diseases of the heart is turning towards Allah, plenty of recitation of the Quran, doing obligatory & non-obligatory prayers, spending in the way of Allah, plenty of forgiveness & prayers, dealing with the poor/needy & supporting them, serving the neighbors & brothers, to please the hearts of the Muslims & to obey the parents & providing them comfort, reading books on topics of reformation/correction and events of hereafter, desire for paradise(may Allah make us among them), disliking of hellfire(May Allah separate between us & hellfire like a distance between East & West, Amin)

My beloved Mujahid brothers!

These are some of the salient features of our message, which we learned from the elders of Jihad, their leaders & their scholars …whose summary I’m putting forward now point by point:

To treat the Muslim Ummah with humbleness & kindness, to unite with the Muslims as one, and after the support of Allah, trying to get their support.

To be careful of extremism as well as slackness (negligence) in matters of Takfir.

To respect the scholars & work to remove the distance between People of Knowledge (Scholars) as a group & People of Jihad (Leaders & Scholars) as a group.

To extremely observe the sanctity of Muslim blood & be watchful in talking in these matters based on rotten evidences.

To give benefit to the current situation of the Ummah it is living in & being soft towards them & giving Dawah (invitation to truth of Islam) towards Allah in a gradual way.

To bring together Muslim Ummah on basic main points and amongst the top of that point list is to fight the Americans & Jews.

Considering the work of Dawah to be important & knowing its unbroken relation to the work of Jihad.

Importance of considering fiqh (jurisprudence) of Sharia’h politics with regard to Mujahideen.

To have knowledge about the manners of disagreeing.

To engage in implementation of Shariah in internal ranks and also then to engage its implementation on external environments.

To hold strongly to consultation (Shura) & not to take the right of the Ummah from them to select a leader, who has all the required conditions.

To not haste in declaring emirates & states before the completion of required components/elements/factors as well as getting to a stage of (real) power & authority.

To be watchful towards engaging in group or individual fanaticism/fogyism/partisanship/narrowminded-ness.

To be careful of not bringing the knowledge-based differences that exists between scholars of Alhus Sunnah into the battlefield of Jihad.

To adhere to the commands of leaders in matters of goodness.

To gather around Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan & give victory to it by words & actions.

To engage in purification of soul & correctness of hearts.

These are some of the salient features of our doctrine – and we didn’t aim to collect all of it as well – thus, it is important that none today comes out against us with a new deviant doctrine, so that we leave our solid clear doctrine based upon those talks, and none should consider our brains as lighter, and say to us, that the doctrine of our elders (Mashaykh) have changed & deviated… No, by Allah, This was our methodology (before as well) & it didn’t change… We ask Allah to keep us steadfast upon it… Yes, We accept our incapability & our faults and we know that there is a possibility of a mistake on the basis of our intellect on the ruling of Sharia’h & its implementation on reality from practical point of view, whereas Sharia’h in its totality is complete, free from any short-comings or defects, thus the door to advising us is open & whosoever will point out our mistakes based upon Islamic evidences, we will be thankful to him. There is no power, nor might except with Allah.

At the end, I call upon Mujahideen in all places, especially our brothers in Jamat al-Qaeda tul Jihad & Mujahideen brothers of Syria in the front-lines, that they ponder over this Hadith of Prophet (ﷺ), which is narrated by Abu Musa al-Ashari (ra), who said, the Prophet (ﷺ) said: [None has more patience on the harms except Allah. People ascribe son as partner to Him & call upon it, yet Allah provides them with good health and protects, provides & gives them.] [8]

My beloved brothers! Certainly, you’d have heard of latest harms, insults, abuse, false accusations, lies on the elders, which will make the heart feel pain and make them weep, but I ask you to consider it with Allah, & follow the attitude of Allah & bear it with patience & tolerance & respond the bad with good & face this oppression with uprightness & don’t consider any other thing to make you safe from trials, and be steadfast on the truth…As for the foam, it will go away like that!

And I call upon you & myself to become like a honey-bee or date-palm…our shadows are cold…our fruits are sweet…our view beautiful…our entity be of good & of benefit…May Allah give me and you generosity to become like these. Amin.

If Allah permits in life & allow us the generosity to do so, we’ll give detail on each point mentioned in coming articles. Insha’Allah.

May peace & blessings be upon our Prophet (ﷺ) and his companions.

Written by: Ahmad Farooq (May Allah forgive him)


[1] رواہ البیھقی و حسنه الشیخ الالبانی رحمه اللہ فی صحیح الجامع الصغیر، حدیث رقم ۱۰۷۸۵
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[4] رواہ البخاری فی صحیحہ
[5] و من ھذہ الکتب، رسالۃ قیمۃ لشیخی الحبیب و استاذی الکریم الشیخ ابی یحییٰ اللیبی رحمہ اللہ بعنوان: (مسألۃ التترس فی الجھاد المعاصر)
[6] وھو قول عمر بن خطاب رضی اللہ عنہ المنقول فی روایۃ لصحیح ابن حبان، المجلد الثانی، باب ذکر الزجر عن أن یرغب المرء عن آبایٔہ اذ استعمال ذلک ضرب من اکفر، و تمامہ: الا و انہ بلغنی ان فلانا، قال: لو قد مات عمر، بایعت فلانا، فمن بایع امرا من غیر مشورۃ من المسلمین، فانہ لا بیعۃ لہ، ولا للذی بایعہ۔۔۔)
[7] او ما سماہ الشیخ ایمن الظواھری حفظہ اللہ باسلوب (العصابات فی کل مکان) فی کتابہ القیم: (فرسان تحت رایۃ النبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)، و ھی تسمیۃ تشبہ التسمیۃ التی اختارھا بعض الدارسین الغربیین لاسلوب حربنا حیث سموہ ب: ای اسلوب الحرب غیر المتنسق
[8] سلسلۃ الاحادیث الصحیحۃ للشیخ الالبانی رحمہ اللہ، رقم الحدیث: ۲۲۴۹

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