Statement regarding the position of Harakat Fajr As-Sham towards the group IS

Statement regarding the position of Harakat Fajr As-Sham Movement towards the group IS

In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful.

Peace and salutations be upon the Prophet Muhammad and upon his family.

Allah (swt) says in the Quran:

“Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought because they were wronged. And indeed Allah is competent to give them victory” (Al Hajj 39)

“And whoever avenges himself after having been wronged – those have not ipon them any cause [to blame]. The cause is only against the ones who wrong the people and tyrannize upon the earth without right. Those will have a painful punishment.” (41-42 Ash Shura)

Sheikh al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said: “The enemy who attacks and brings harm to the religious affairs or the worldly affairs then there is nothing more necessary-after faith-then repelling that enemy. No conditions are placed and they should be fought to the best of one’s capability”

Therefore, Fajr al Sham Movement clarifies its position on the Dawla group (IS) in the following points:

1-IS group has been involved in holding a view of extremism and transgression which have led them to brand the Muslims and Mujahideen as “infidels”, make their blood permissible, refuse judging by the law of Allah, worked to shatter the Islamic project and split the ranks of the Mujahideen around the world by announcing their false Caliphate which is invalid according to Shariah as well as according to logic.

2-The IS group did not hesitate to make their beliefs clear which are against the beliefs of the Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaah in general and the beliefs of the Salafi Jihadi movement in particular. So they openly attacked its figureheads and they adopted beliefs of extremism and the beliefs of the people of deviation and transgression.

3- IS group combines Baathism in their leadership and management with Islamic slogans.

The outcome of which is an oppressive police-state which uses extremists and their Fatawa (Islamic rulings) and slogans to solidify their rule while at the same time using ‘Hollywood’ style media (to attract members).

4-IS group adopts a nunber of deviated beliefs:

-Exaggeration in branding opponents as ‘disbelievers’ and using takfeer for political motives such as “Whoever is not with us then he is an apostate”

They then adopt Irjaa’ (I.e they do not brand as disbeliever) their so-called ‘Caliph’. So they killed those who made takfeer on Baghdadi (they made takfeer on Baghdadi for the same reasons IS use to make takfir on other Mujahideen)

-Adopting the way of the Rafidah Shia and that becomes apparent by their use of Taqiyah (lies to benefit their group) and their claiming to be the oppressed ones and other corrupted beliefs.

5-The IS group declared all of the Mujahideen as infidels using false, baseless accusations which they themselves have been involved in and worse! Examples of this: (1) assisting the Apostates against the Mujahideen in Deir Ezzor, at Sulayman Shah shrine, Sheikh Najjar, north of Aleppo as well as other instances. (2) Contacting intelligence agencies of infidel countries and apostates. This came apparent when they dealt with foreign intelligence during the prisoner-exchange deal and receiving ransom money in addition to their collaboration with Turkish intelligence.

Based upon what we have said, the leadership of Fajr al Sham Islamic Movement have previously taken a neutral stance (in the fight between IS and the Mujahideen) which was the appropriate thing to do at the time according to the circumstances and we were able to save many lives, repelling the enemy and strengthening the defence-lines at a time when a number of projects sprung up to combat the Islamic system.

The time has now come for the Fajr al Sham movement to make clear its beliefs and stance towards these people, their corrupted beliefs and their deviated way by repelling their aggression and defending (the Muslims) from their enmity by which they spread corruption in the religion and the world. This comes especially in a time in which the they could not stand to witness the Mujahideen victories so they decided to stab the Mujahideen in the back.

They made innocent blood permissible and shattered the honour of the Muslims which made is necessary for the Fajr al Sham movement to change its position as mentioned earlier.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

Date: 14 Sha’baan 1436 A.H (1/6/2015)

Dr Abu Abdullah al Shami (Leader of Fajr al Sham Movement)

Original Arabic:CGcO0r0WwAAXpe9

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