Statement Regarding the Martyrdom of Shaykh Abu Basir Nasir Al-Wahishi

“Statement Regarding the Martyrdom of Sheikh Abu Basir Nasir al Wahishi – Rahimahullah”

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds and peace and blessings be upon the noblest of the prophets and the messengers. Thereafter:

We are al Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula and we mourn our leader Sheikh Emir Abu Basir Nasir ibn al Karim al Wahishi, rahimahullah. He was killed as a result of an American strike which targeted him and two of his mujahidin brothers, may a merciful Allah have mercy upon them and accept them among the ranks of the shuhada. As a result of this incident and despite being busy with fighting the Houthis and the supporters of the deposed on more than 11 fronts in different parts of Yemen, and despite the harsh security circumstances, Allah facilitated a meeting of the biggest number of Shura council members who agreed the successor is the righteous Sheikh Abu Huraira Qasim al Rimi, may Allah protect him. He was given our pledge of allegiance (baya’a) in that matter, thanks be to Allah.

Oh Islamic Ummah, this is a hero of heroes, and a leader of leaders. He pledged to Allah, and stayed true to his word and fulfilling his promises. He fought hardships to make hijrah, end his travels, and fulfill his obligation. Afghanistan knew him as one of its mountains, and praised him for the days of hardship he endured while in Tora Bora. Allah blessed him as he was a close friend and secretary for the mujahid Sheikh Umama bin Ladin, may Allah have mercy on his soul. He was a part of the first generation of fighters against American in different parts of the world since the 1990s. He continued on the path of jihad and was not affected by the fitna, uninterrupted by the current events, and undefeated by the trials. He was arrested but then he was arrested but persevered and remained steadfast until Allah granted him and a group of brothers an escape from the taghut’s prison. He worked hard with his brothers until Allah gave him a glorious conquest on them in the Arabian Peninsula and allowed them to establish strong leadership for jihad. He built buildings and handled matters wisely and kindly. A generation of mujahidin filled with the love of Islam and love of redemption were raised under his leadership. They drank from the source of his experiences and learned form his wisdom. They were and are currently at the front of the Ummah and the hope of Muslims. Sheikh Abu Basir has a great history, may Allah have mercy on his soul.

His biography is rich with things and it can’t be summarized in one statement. Regarding this point, if we were requested as witnesses, we would claim that he fulfilled his duties and was truthful. He extended his hand to Allah, raising the banner, and sticking to his religion and remaining steadfast in his principles. At no time was he failing in an issue relating to Allah. He never abandoned jihad or left his post. He came to understand jihad as a young man then he died after reaching his peak. During his life, he showed humility and noble character and was generous.

He held himself back for the sake of Islam and the Muslims and dedicated his life to jihad and the mujahidin. He took up concerns of the Ummah at the expense of his personal issues. He spent many days in jihad in the narrow mountain passes. To his brothers he was an example worth following. He provided a foundation and was a knowledgeable teacher and a guide, and a brother who you could seek advice from and a loving father.

Then he became a martyr, as we consider him, at the hands of the Crusaders of Rome. We congratulate him for having a superior end to his life as this is a great victory.

Oh Muslims, the Prophet, peace and prayers be upon him and his family and companions, passed away, but Islam neither ended or died. Regarding this matter, Allah the almighty said: “Muhammad is no more than a Prophet: there were many prophets that died before him. If he died or were killed, will you turn back on your heels? If any did this, not the least harm will he do to Allah, but Allah will quickly reward those who serve Him with gratitude.” (Quran al Imran 3:144) At no time did the death of a man take away from the strength of Islam, it did not stop the da’wah or hinder jihad. Oh how our current jihad has transformed, by the grace of Allah almighty, from being a jihad of the elite to a jihad of the Ummah. Oh how the Ummah has filled with good qualities of jihad, though its still in its first stages. It is no longer in a state of humiliation and affliction.

It is the victorious religion of Allah. Its rule is in force and its fate is already determined. Verily, it is the Ummah of Islam that resisted and faced dangers. Even while it was at its weakest point, it became victorious. The wars of apostasy, the series of Crusades and the destruction of the Tartars were the best examples of this. The Ummah of Islam faced these in the worst of circumstances. Islam and the Muslims will continue while the enemy infidels will be defeated. Allah almighty said “Allah has promised to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will grant them in the land an inheritance of power, as He granted it to those before them. He will establish in authority their deen, the once which He was chosen for them, and that He will change their state, after the fear in which they lived to one of security and peace. They will worship Me only and not associate anything with Me. If any do reject Imaan after this, they are rebellious and wicked.” (Quran An Nuh 24:55)

In our time, a period of bounties and assassination, the leader of jihad was killed. Has the jihad ended? Has its pulse stopped? Has support for resistance and fighting died between the Muslims? Wa Allah, no, because the blood of this wonderful group has increased its persistence in jihad and added a sense of urgency. Do the enemies of Allah not know their battle is not against a person or an individual, no matter his importance or status? The battle of today, led by the enemies of the nations of crusaders and the collaborators who help them, is the clash of the Ummah of billions from one ocean to the other ocean. A huge Ummah with Muslims and elite who are aware and brave. Do Allah’s enemies not watch this? The elongated war only increase our patience and the costs we pay only increase our resolve. So go ahead and extend the war if you want because we are the people of war, we were born in it and we will die in it. To the sponsor of disbelief America, Allah has saved the worst for you. He will ruin your lives and give you the bad taste of war and defeat until you stop supporting the occupying Jews in Palestine, leave the Muslims’s countries, and stop your support for the murtad rulers. This is a war you will not last in, as it will come for your economy and destroy it. It will come after your interests and destroy them with Allah’s support and strength.

Our final prayer is to praise Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Al Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula

Sunday 27 Sha’ban 1436 H

14 June 2015 M


Oh Aqsa, we are coming!

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