Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani – Al-Qaedah and those who claim adherence to it.

Al-Qaedah and those who claim adherence to it.

By: Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani

I read an article by the anonymous Hussayn ibn Mahmoud and maybe there is a group of extremists who write with this name, and we say that the writer is anonymous so we do not accept the writing of anonymous people who are not known by the trustworthy (thiqaat). And this is a big problem; that the Jihadist media publishes unknown names just because they praised a leader or group and after that testimony he turns against the Mujahideen, and spreads his evil Dawah to an extremism gang of Khawarij. And this is what happened with the name of Hussayn ibn Mahmoud today. Like he is making Takfir on the Mujahideen and giving victory to the rogue Khawarij gang. And if he only judged over ISIS the day they killed Mujahideen in Shaam while the Shia alliance was fighting them, or judged over them guarding the Turkish shrine.

(Note translator: Husayn ibn Mahmoud, a theorist who wrote in favor of Al-Qaedah now leans towards ISIS, he wrote an article recently in which he accused Jabhat An-Nusra of cooperation with the US against ISIS in Aleppo, according to news he copied from the West and the Assad regime which said that the US aids the Mujahideen with airstrikes against ISIS in Aleppo, and according to this news info he implied Takfir on Jabhat An-Nusra and accused Al-Qaedah of deviation)

The problem is that people think that the unknown Hussayn ibn Mahmoud was from Al-Qaedah, and the strategists of Al-Qaedah are not infallible, but it carried sins of those who do not belong to it, intellectually nor organizationally. This is a fact I testify to in front of Allah and history, and I repeat that I am not saying that Al-Qaedah is infallible, but it is plagued by people who are not from them and they do not carry the ideology of Al-Qaedah and not the ideology of Shaykh Atiyatullah. As well as those who say that Al-Qaedah is only Salafi Jihadist, he has made a mistake, rather the organization is a complete group with multiple schools of thought (Madahib), with those who carry the Salafi thought, and in it there are also Matarudis and Soofis. But some want to present Al-Qaedah as being Salafi Jihadist. And I repeat that it is not infallible, it has mistakes, they are people not angels.

From the mistakes of the organization is that it did not distance itself from the thought of extremism, and from the mistakes of the organization is that it doesn’t clarify to the people that it disapproves of the view of A. in making Takfir over the group or movement B. And from the mistakes of the organization is that it did not accept operations in Muslims countries, but it didn’t publicly declare its innocence from giving orders (to a certain operation), and by these issues they lost many supporters and even its followers.

(Note translator: These mistakes are a result of strong loyalty towards the Mujahideen, especially its soldiers, and their policy of advising and correcting them in secret rather than in public)

Yes the organization made mistakes, they accepted Bayah from people who do not carry its ideology or policy or its methodology, but they did not find a messenger who could convey the reality of its message. I am not a fanatic of the organization and acknowledge the mistakes by the organization, and I declare my innocence towards Allah from these mistakes, like our Shaykh Atiyatullah mentioned in his message about the sanctity of blood, which showed the truth. Some speak on behalf of the organization who do not have anything to do with the organization, he authors as if he is Shaykh Az-Zawahiri and calls that so and so must be expelled from the organization as if the organization is his father’s company.

By Allah the organization has been afflicted with much injustice and oppressed itself by not publicly disowning itself (from the mistakes of others), and by Allah if they published the letters of Abotabbad years ago the extremism would have quickly fled from their ranks. Accept this from me my leaders in Khorasan, not from a disobedient son, your message and your methodology and the understanding of your Dawah is convoyed. I did not write the many letters to you with a deceiving hand, I wrote them as an advice to oh crowns above our heads. We conveyed your message how we learned them from you, I have learned a lot from you, but I do not want to flatter you.

Our elders the time has come to publicly advice and to publicly explain, delaying the statement at a time of need is not permitted, we are still copying the heritage of Shaykh Atiyatullah, we are explaining your message to the people of Shaam and the world, despite the fact that we are accused of deviation. Because we do not accept extremist in all it forms, we do not accept the policy of tyranny, we do not oppose the methodology of Shaykh Atiyatullah, nor the policy of Shaykh Azzam Al-Amreki, nor the guidelines of the leader; our Shaykh and leader Dr. Az-Zawahiri.

Why do we fight and convey the message of Al-Qaedah to the people of Shaam? Because you offered the policy of the Quran and Sunnah upon the guidance of the Messenger of Allah before you offered it on the policy of Shaykh Atiyatullah and the guidelines of the organization. But the extremists do not accept a policy other than their own policy, and the problem is that most of them are not from a specific organization. They are people who lived in safety and did not get imprisoned for one day because of a Jihad matter or Dawah matter, but still he says that there is a deviant movement in Al-Qaedah which must be expelled (meaning JN). I say Al-Qaedah is not the property of someone’s father.

The one who distorted its methodology and deformed its messaged should be expelled not the one who is defending it. And among them there are those who accuse me politically, claiming I am destroying its methodology, they are trying to disrupt our communications toward the youths of this Ummah.

To my Muslim brothers everywhere, my Mujahid brothers we are your brothers and convey to you what we have learned from our religion, we recognize our mistakes and acknowledge our ignorance, but we strive to convey our message. And the biography of the Messenger of Allah is the best methodology, we deal with the near and the distant, he taught us every good and warned us from every evil. And we convey it and we do not fear the accusation of anyone in front of Allah. Jihad is our path and every mistakes we make comes from ignorance or is unintentionally, we repent towards Allah from it. What pushed me to these remarks (Tweets) is what we endured of systematic campaigns waged on us.

Some who support Al-Qaedah and some who belong to Al-Qaedah only by name do not follow it intellectually, even not organizationally. And we continue to deal and act by the biography of the Messenger of Allah, and that which we know of from our leaders and scholars, may Allah accept them and protect those who remained from them. And we are familiar with all their commandments. And I posted a message from Shaykh Dr. Az-Zawahiri some time ago. In it he advised how to deal with the movement of Hamas, and before that the guidelines of Shaykh Atiyatullah and his answers on Al-Hisbah Forums, visited by the sons and supporters of the organization, who adhere to the moral behavior of the Messenger of Allah (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) and the moral behavior of their leaders.

Ponder the writings of Atiyatullah and Shaykh Azzam Al-Amreki and Shaykh Ayman, then you will know that they work for their Ummah and not for their group. Follow their heritage and their methodology, do not be deceived by the false slogans. And we ask from all Muslims not to debate us by the judgment of a certain theorist over a certain group, he should be asked about what he wrote, I shouldn’t be asked about it. We respond by rejecting and denying publicly concerning every accusation attached to us. But sometimes we remain silent because such mistakes are present, when ISIS made them in the time they were still under Al-Qaedah. Or it is made by someone who claims to adhere to Al-Qaedah as one of its branches.

The fact is that I cannot confirm infallibility for no one, but I confirm that we are in need of the Muslims, and we are a part of them, and it is necessary to work for them, and not for ourselves. I ask Allah to enable us to achieve victory for the weak, and to repel the enemies of the Ummah. I likewise want to declare my innocence from every oppression against the rights of Ahl Sunnah. Whether it came from our group or from any other faction on the field, and all our concern lies in repelling the transgressing enemy against our people in Shaam. Whether it is from the Nusairiyah or the Khawarij or the PKK or others.

And working to spread the religion of Allah, and call to Allah, and seek to apply the law (Sharia) of Allah on the path of the Sunnah and not innovation; not upon the religion of the Khawarij and not upon the religion of the innovators. And we call upon uniting the ranks and uniting upon the Sunnah and uniting the word of all the Mujahideen in Shaam, to rescue the Syrian oppressed people and aiding the oppressed before anything else. And we ask Allah the Almighty to protect the people of Shaam from every plot of the tyrants and every plot of the extremists, and we ask Allah for victory to the Mujahideen and Muslims in every place. And all praises are due to Allah.

Original Arabic (PDF): القاعدة والمتمسحون


  • Assalamu alikum.O my brother this has confused to be honest,i respect abu mariya and i am against extremism of dawlah,but u have to reply Is AQ filled with soofis? What does he mean by it? Yes AQ is allied with maturdis but i always thought it is an alliance and not that AQ is itself maturdi ,and soofis i didn’t even imagined it .can u explain what he meant and Is AQ really such as he explained? May allah reward u akhi.i am waiting for the reply.

    • Wa alaykum selaam akhi, AQ is not so much an organization but a movement (Tayaar), it seeks to unite the whole Ummah in a common defensive struggle against the oppressing and assailing enemies, this is our first priority before anything else, and the Ummah consist of many different types of people of course, some better than others, so you will find a variety of Muslims under AQ. This has been the case in the whole of history of Islamic armies, it was not an elitist and exclusive group, but an army of the Ummah, from every background. AQ is trying to revive this, even if they fight without giving their alliance to AQ, that is not the goal, the goal is that they pick up the weapons against the enemies of the Ummah, whether they be pious Muslims or sinners. Hope this answers your question. Barak Allahu feek.

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