Shaykh Abu Qatadah Al-Filstini – An explanation of the Hadeeth: “I would have killed them like the people of ‘Aad were killed.”

An explanation concerning the Hadeeth:
“I would have killed them like the people of ‘Aad were killed.”

By: Shaykh Abu Qatadah Al-Filistini

How should we understand the statement (about the Khawarij) of the Prophet (peace be upon him): “I would have killed them (the Khawarij) like the people of ‘Aad were killed (who were completely eradicated).” It is not because the beliefs of the Khawarij are worse than the beliefs of the Jews and the Christians, despite the fact that the Prophet said about them things which he did not say about others. He did not order to fight the Jews and Christians and eradicate them like he ordered fighting the Khawarij. Why so? That’s because the religion of the Khawarij concerning their opponents from among the Muslims is killing, nothing else, because of their disbelieve (according to them). The religion of the Khawarij is killing Muslims always, and this is not the religion of the Christians and Jews in all cases. In fact they accept Jizyah sometimes in certain situations, but the Khawarij see nothing else in you except the sword.

If this is someone’s situation, then the sword and eradication is the only solution with him. Because his evil is not repelled except by this. That’s why when someone says, and I am one of them, that you should fight them if they transgress against you (attack you). Than this means they should be killed like the people of ‘Aad were killed. Because their situation is always that of transgression, and they have no other situation besides that (of transgression and attacking). Even the sitting Khawarij, because their sitting consists of plotting for the moment they gain power. It is not for the people do disagree concerning it, because the result is the same. If I say that they should be fought because of their transgression, or said that they should be killed like the people of ‘Aad were killed, the meaning is the same. Because the Khawarij are always transgressing against you.

So whenever I am asked to unite people on one statement, in which people will not differ, it is, the necessity to defend against the extremists, the Khawarij (repel their aggression). I say: “Fight them according to this meaning.” Then someone who differs with me comes and says (in contradiction): “So then what about the statement, kill them like the people of ‘Aad were killed?” He thinks that this statement of the Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) means killing them because of their beliefs, not because of their situation of always killing (fighting) Muslims and plotting against them.

I summarize, but the problem lies in those who do not want to fight them until they fight him or fight against his group. It is said to him: “If you would think you would know that you were on the menu, Takfir not you is not a great thing (in their sight).” We said this once to them, and they said: “We disagree with you, we and them are on good terms, so do not cause mischief among us!” Did this situation still remain the same in any of the places where the Khawarij are found?

But today I say to the Mujahideen publicly: If you do not hasten to prepare to inherit the lands of the extremists, it will fall in the hands of the heretics which you know off, because their State in Shaam is vanishing. And if inheriting their lands does not motivate you, than be motivated by the honors which will be violated by the heretics if you will not enter their lands. These Khawarij extremists will not remain until they ditch it. This is their method and manner, and they have a record in this like you have seen. Oh Allah Allah your religion and your honor! Oh Allah did I convey? Oh Allah be witness!

Original Arabic (PDF): “لأقتلنَّهم قتلَ عاد”

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