The spy Humam Al-Hamid, his relationship with ISIS and how he reached Al-Qaedah.

The story of the spy Humam Al-Hamid and his relationship with ISIS and how he reached Al-Qaedah.

A first hand witness report of events.


السياسي المتقاعد (@ALseaase)


Praise be to Allah who stopped the filth. A senior spy was arrested after many warnings about him in the past, I warned about him from the first day he put his foot in Yemen. Oh Allah many good and blessed thanks belongs to you for giving the brothers the success to arrest him.


As for the warning about the so-called Humam Al-Hamid; I gave it personally to those in need of it a year ago, after that I gave the warning again when the brother Muhannad Ghallab was martyred (by a drone airstrike).


The spy was able to con the Mujahideen by showing piety and concern for the blood of the Mujahideen. This gave the brothers positive suspicions about him, that’s why they did not look at my warning a year ago. There is a lot of information I deem important to spread for the public. Perhaps Allah will make it a cause for exposing what remains of plots on the Mujahideen in Yemen.


The first time I came to know Humam Al-Hamid was through Muawiya Al-Qahtani. When he told me about the formation of Al-Battar Foundation and he informed me that it was a Jihadi foundation run by a virtuous brother. And he gave me the account of Humam Al-Hamid to communicate with him and help him in his work for this foundation and promote it on Twitter. This happened before the Fitna started between the Mujahideen.


I communicated with Humam Al-Hamid and there were no suspicions visible about him, he expressed strong desire in participating in some protests which were announced at that time. The situation continued like this until one day. He sent me a message, he was complaining about oppression and was making dua against those who wronged him and lied about him. I asked him about the issue, so he told me his story.


He told me that he was imprisoned in Saudi-Arabia and the prisoners accused him of being an agent for the intelligence services. And he swore intensely that he was innocent. He told me that because of this accusation he locked himself up in his house. Then he told that his comrades in prison came to know that he was the one in charge of Al-Battar Foundation, so they started warning against him. And were calling to expel him from the foundation because he was suspicious and an agent of the intelligence services.


I asked Muawiya Al-Qahtani (known by the pen-name Ibn Saadiqah) about the issue, so he told me he does not know anything about the subject. I told him about the story, so he told me that he would look in to it.


After almost two day Humam Al-Hamid sent me a message giving me the positive news that the problem was solved after Abu Bilal Al-Harbi praised him and told them that he was reliable. Warning: Abu Bilal Al-Harbi, is known as Abu Bilal Al-Ghaydani, Abu Bilal is the general jurist of ISIS in Yemen and he was the first one who started to split the ranks of Al-Qaedah (in Yemen).


Humam Al-Hamid returned to work in Al-Battar Foundation, but I began to deal cautiously with him, taking precautions, but I could not (yet) accuse him (of something). After a month the Fitnah started between the Mujahideen and the ranks started to split. Humam started to become a fanatic supporter of ISIS, and private polite discussions started between me and him.


He told me that he would migrate to Jihad with Abu Bilal Al-Harbi, I thought he would migrate to Syria, because of his fanaticism towards ISIS, but I was surprised when he migrated to somewhere else than Syria. I was amazed by his lack of migration to Syria. Which made my suspicions increase but I did not yet know where he would migrate.


When the Fitnah between the Mujahideen increased the differences between me and him also increased. Debates occured between me and him concerning matters of fundamentals in faith (Aqeedah), I discovered he had extremism in the issue of ‘excuse because of ignorance’. I asked him to review the matter in the books of Shaykh Al-Ulwaan, but he refused this and said “Al-Uwlaan is not infallible” and he praised his Shaykh Abu Bilal Al-Harbi, and he told me that he shared the opinion of his Shaykh Al-Harbi concerning this matter. At that moment the final split between us was nearing.


His news no longer continued to reach me, and we did no longer communicate between each other. Until I saw news on Twitter, saying that Humam Al-Hamid migrated to Jihad with his Shaykh Al-Harbi.



He news on Twitter did not mention to which region he migrated. But after almost two weeks a Mujahid from the Arabian Peninsula send me a message telling me that Humam Al-Hamid sent his greetings to me.


I was amazed by this news. I said are you sure that it is Humam Al-Hamid? He said: Yes, along with Abu Bilal Al Harbi. I told him: strange how could he migrate to you while he is a fanatic supporter of ISIS. The brother said: I do not know but the man sent his greetings to you and praised you and your efforts. So I told him directly I do not know him expect through Twitter and then I warned against him and Abu Bilal Al-Harbi.


And I said: Beware of them, because they are suspicious and the brothers had inquires about him in prison but Abu Bilal would praise him. And I told the brother that the two men were fanatic supporters of ISIS and that they have extremism and their migration to Yemen means that they are scheming against AQAP. And I gave the brother the secret account of Al-Harbi (@alkobaese) which Humam gave me in the past.


The brother promised me to send my warning to the leadership urgently, and I asked him to inform me about the developments. After a couple of days he informed me that he sent the warning to the leadership.


After a month or more a brother in the Arabian Peninsula told me that Humam Al-Hamid wanted me personally. So I contacted him and he told me that he had a media project against Al-Saud, and he gave me the account Husaam Foundation and he told me that he was assigned by the leadership to produce films which expose the injustice done by Al-Saud against the detainees and their persecution of women, so I thanked him and supported the media foundation.


So I contacted the brother (who I warned earlier) and asked him about the situation of Humam Al-Hamid and the developments about it. I made my amazement clear about the trust he gave him, so he told me that Humam sat with one of the scholars in the organization (AQAP) and he was influenced by him so he retreated from his (deviant) Manhaj and repented (from it). I informed the brother that it is very difficult for someone who follows the Manhaj of extremism to return to the truth. And I asked from him to take their precautions from him and not to expel him provided that he is not given high positions and not to trust him 100%.


The brothers were warned against Humam Al-Hamid but after the new developments in Yemen Humam Al-Hamid gained trust from the organization and the suspicions about him went away. The development was that Abu Bilal Al-Harbi split from Al-Qaedah and gave his Bayah to Al-Baghdadi, but Humam showed clear rejection towards the behavior of his Shaykh and broke from him because of this, and he declared his loyalty to the organization and rejection of extremism.


After this development the organization trusted Humam Al-Hamid and the doubts about him were removed. And because of his talents he had in producing and editing movies he was assigned to some media work for the organization, to be in support of Al-Malahim Foundation (main media foundation of AQAP).


After the leadership put trust in Humam Al-Hamid and gave him media files of the organization, he would ask from me to promote them, and he would remind me that these were directives from the organization. Since he was praised and was assigned media work it was not my right to question him anymore, and the Mujahideen are the ones who experience him, they know his situation better than me.


But after the recent bombings and killing of leaders the doubt returned again. But it did not reach the level of certainty only after the Martyrdom of Muhannad Ghallab, may Allah have mercy on him. Since Muhannad Ghallab was very close to Humam Al-Hamid, and there was personal contact between them. At that moment I sent an urgent message in which I accused Humam explicitly and I demanded the need to investigate him.


And the reason for my certainty about the issue is that I lured Humam Al-Hamid with the statement that I was happy about the fact that he was safe and how he survived the bombing while he was close to Muhannad Ghallab. He told me that he wanted to go outside (that day) with him but his wife did not let him leave the house.



After I got this information I passed it to the brother (from AQAP) promptly. In order to send it to the leadership as soon as possible before it is too late. Praise is due to Allah, the brothers did not hesitate to arrest and interrogation him. And today we heard the good news that he has been arrested and confessed to everything.


And what the brothers should pay attention to while they are investigating this spy is: how did the supporters of ISIS know that the accounts of ‘Faaris’ and ‘Ayman Mahmood’ and ‘Al-Husaam’ all belonged to Al-Hamid, while the brothers of AQAP did not mention them previously!


Which raises a number of conclusions: One of them being that Humam Al-Hamid had contact with the soldiers of ISIS in Yemen, and when they knew that he was arrested they shared all his accounts publicly! The leadership knows my warnings against Humam Al-Hamid very well. And the aim of these Tweets is to alert the security personal in the organization to collect more information from the spy.


Finally, some fools claim that I am the one who praised Humam Al-Hamid. While the reality is that Humam Al-Hamid came with the praise of recommendation of Abu Bilal Al-Harbi and some leaders of ISIS in Syria. And I warned against him!


As for me promoting his account on Twitter than this is normal, because I always promote all the accounts of the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant and Khorasan. And Humam Al-Hamid was one of the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula, before being exposed as a spy. And a praise of recommendation reached me from Muhannad Ghallab, may Allah have mercy on him. As for Husaam Foundation is belongs to the organization and is a support branch of Al-Malahim Foundation, and many members work in it, among them Humam Al-Hamid. And my praise of recommendation for those in charge of it, there is nothing wrong with that, because it belongs to the Mujahideen and dozens of Mujahideen work in it.


And if Al-Qaedah with its major leaders and security personal trusted Humam Al-Hamid and assumed a position in their official media, are you than surprised that I promoted his account? And this is a confirmation from the Mujahid (Jabal), a Mujahid in the Arabian Peninsula, regarding my warning for caution from Humam Al-Hamid, to the leadership.



And the question that rises: Was Humam Al-Hamid an agent of the Saudi government, or an agent of ISIS, or both! This is what will become clear after the investigations with the spy.


Original Arabic (PDF): قصة الجاسوس همام الحميد

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