Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani – North Syria: The dilemma and the solution

North Syria – The dilemma and the solution

By Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani


The Jihad in Shaam and their revolution will not last standing until they treat ISIS and their supporters like they treat the criminal regime and its supporters, there must be a real separation since ISIS even exceeded the stage of Khawarij, considering their actions and statements. By Allah oh people of Shaam if you will not eliminate this rogue group, you will loose everything, take this from me. Leave what Shaykh so-and-so said and what the theorist so-and-so said, when you went out to defeat the tyrant (Bashar) you did not wait for Fatawa from anyone, look at your brothers in Derna, they cut their roots. Do not wait for a Fatwa about the dogs of Mullah Bradley (Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi), start toughening up (literary; crucifying) and start fighting, and you will see how cells will come out and announce their repentance, use only toughness and assignations, and leave flattering.

The wicked thought (of ISIS extremism) is widespread in Syria, and its treatment is the chop of amputation, do not show “devoutness” (with them) they are a group which even exceeded the principles of the Khawarij, stick to the sword of Abu Hassan (Ali ibn Abi Talib who fought the Khawarij) and you will see great goodness. By Allah the Jihad will not last standing in Shaam and other than Shaam, except through cutting the root of ISIS, and it is necessary to establish and independent formation, reserved full-time for ISIS, specialized in fighting and killing them.

Do not follow the disputing groups and factions, don’t care about the blame of the blamers for the sake of Allah. Because the groups failed to cleanse themselves from extremists and their thoughts, so how will they cleanse the earth of Shaam? It is necessary that there be a formation who dedicates itself to Allah and is in service of the people of Shaam, removed far away from affiliations and the diseases of factions and groups. This formation fights only against ISIS, they are required in their dwellings, because there is no solution except the annihilation of Aad, and everything besides this solution is nothing but illusion and rosy dreams.

I say this and I am responsible for my words, the thought of ISIS in the North is widespread, it even reached FSA (Free Syrian Army) today, there are still those who carry this wicked thought. And it is present in the ranks of groups, from individuals and from those who are considered jurists, and this wicked thought needs to be exposed and its misunderstandings and perversions need to be refuted. There cannot be a clear separation in the North until these misunderstandings concerning Takfir are refuted, which still are present among those who are doubtful about it; and he is present in the middle of the Islamic groups, and spreads these thoughts.

Furthermore, the problem is that some who refute the misunderstandings of the extremists, are accused of deviation so that people will not listen to these refutations; which undermine all those wicked misunderstandings. How is it possible that some still share the statements of ISIS, extremisms is even widespread amongst the ranks of FSA, so what do you think about Jihadi groups. You find that some jurist do not refute properly because of certain reasons, this could be either a result of ignorance, or he carries the same thought. Or he has knowledge but he fears that the ignorant will slander him or wage a defaming campaign against him, so he is not able to do so.

And concerning the groups in the North, everyday we hear of a new operation room being formed against the regime, which reminds us of a bald woman showing of the hair of her neighbor (Arabic proverb, meaning they are proud about something which benefits others). How could Aleppo be liberated while ISIS is behind you?! Thats why it is necessary to establish a new independent formation with ISIS being its task, and it must not make the same mistakes of other groups; everyone is looking at the other; and they only wage Jihad against ISIS with pictures and showing off convoys and imaginaries. They forget that Jihad is a sincere worship, mirror images and fabrications are not allowed in it. The army in the North must be independent, it must not follow a faction, and must work to cleanse Shaam from ISIS.

Oh Allah be Witness I have conveyed, oh Allah I have showed the disease and I have showed the cures. And I ask Allah the Almighty to present those who listen to me and answers our call and our advise from our Mujahid brothers.


Original Arabic: ‏الشمال السوري المعضلة والحل

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