Shaykh Abu Hassan Al-Kuwaiti – “My father what does sexual Jihad mean?”

“My father what does sexual Jihad mean?”

By: Shaykh Abu Hassan Al-Kuwaiti

My son Hassan sent me message and asked me a question which I did not expect and he surprised me with it, so I decided to write an answer and publish it as a response to what he asked because of its seriousness, and I feared the spread of ideas in future generations, which are plotted by the enemies of Islam against us.

The answer:

My son, in order for you to know the meaning of a sexual Jihad. And who is behind it? And why it is spread? And what is its goal? And are there people who aid the spreading of this slander and distortion?

First, the real meaning of Jihad: To do what you can and put your energy in supporting the religion of Allah the Almighty. And this work must be purely for Allah. This Jihad must have a sincere intention and correct actions, and the intention is a condition for the soundness of the outwardly action. Like the Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) said: “A deed is according to its intention.” And the correct action is through the Sunnah of Muhammad and what is prescribed by the order of Allah and His permission. A person could leave his house with a good intention for Jihad for the Sake of Allah, but his actions are void or Haram. There are Ahadeeth about this like “The one who occupies to much space or cuts of roads or harms a believer has no Jihad” and also “Fighting is of two kinds: The one who seeks Allah’s favor, obeys the leader, gives the property he values, treats his associates gently and avoids doing mischief, will have the reward for all the time whether he is asleep or awake; but the one who fights boasting, for the sake of display and to gain a reputation, who disobeys the leader and does mischief on the earth does not return with reward.”

Here you will learn and be aware that the Mujahid and the one who left for Jihad is not infallible, and not everyone who raises the banner of Jihad or calls to Jihad is necessarily on the truth nor is his Jihad automatically correct. Allah said “But Allah accepts from the righteous.” And the Prophet said “The one who commits and action which we did not order, it will be refused.” Because the reality and judging over it is done by the Book of Allah and the Sunnah, and not by slogans and claims. The one who engages in a Jihad, like it is described legitimately (by the Sharia), then he is indeed considered in Jihad.

Secondly: Know that Islam and Muslims have enemies, led by the devil and his party from the infidels and hypocrites, who are fighting Islam and Muslims day and night by all means and methods and ways in order for us to leave Islam! One of the greatest methods of these enemies is the war of terminologies and concepts, and the most dangerous means they have is the media, and this is a kind of magic (Sihr), like the Prophet said “Some speech is like magic.”

The enemies use their terminology to influence the ideas of Muslims, and they corrupt them through the media, like the satellite channels, the broadcasts, the newspapers, opinion makers, social media channels, etc.. And these enemies could use people from our own citizens, their outwardly appearance is Islam and righteousness, they memorize knowledge but they do not act according to it. Furthermore, their outwardly appearance differs from their inwardly state. So the enemies spread mischief through them, corrupting the religion of the Muslims. Like the Prophet said “The thing I fear for my Ummah is a hypocrite with a learned tongue.”

One example of the war of terminologies is “The war on terror”. You will find the enemies calling for defending their rights, and refusing submission, and defending themselves against oppression, and so forth, against Muslims “Terror”. They spread this in the media through a person who looks religious outwardly, to fight the Mujahideen in the name of war on terror. And in the reality you will find that the whole world is silent about the terror of the enemies against Muslims, and their killing, and violating their honor, and offending the Islamic sanctuaries, like their desecration of the Quran and their slanders against the Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam), and their assault on Muslim lands and their countries. Then after all this real terrorism they come and accuse the ones who defend their sanctities and right with terrorism.

Thirdly: The term “Sexual Jihad” is divided into two words. Jihad, and this is what we have explained before. Then comes sex (Nikah), and this consist of marriage and wanting women. And they mean by it that the Jihad of these Muslims or Mujahideen is only for women and satisfying their desires! And the earth is almost ready to split because of the severity of these words, this is a great crime and a great injustice. And the goal of this is distorting the Jihad and the reputation of the Mujahideen who carry the responsibility of defending Islam and the Muslims and protecting their honor from violation by the Nusayris and the Rawafid and the Americans and others.

This term was spread by the enemies of Islam against the Mujahideen to tarnish their image and slander the Muslims, while we know that these enemies are criminals who assaulted Muslim women and killed men and orphaned children. Then they come and slander those who refuse this and defend against their evil, saying that they do not defend Islam and Muslims but that they want to satisfy their desires for women! And this is one of the methods of the enemies in the war of terminologies and distorting concepts and spreading them through their sorcery media.

Fourthly: The fields of Jihad are not free from innovators and hypocrites and corrupt people, there are those who follow their desires and his intention is a woman he wants to marry, and these are not Mujahideen but rather they are people of mischief, and they are not those who defend Islam and Muslims, but rather they follow their desires and misunderstandings. Like it is the case with ISIS for example. Who incite and send of their youth against the weak-minded women to leave their families and homes and disobey their parents (Wali) to join the ranks of ISIS, then they marry them without a Wali and order them to travel without a (male) Mahram, and they drag them out of their obedience to their Wali like their parents and those who have guardianship over them.

ISIS is an innovated group deviant from the Islam, and the people of knowledge said about them that they are Khawarij dogs of hellfire, and others said they are deviant extremists. And ISIS also caused the violation of the honor of Muslim women because of their love for their lusts, they took Yazidi women as slaves in Iraq so the reaction of the Yazidis was taking Sunni women as slaves in Iraq. Hence we learn that the enemies of the Muslims found someone who help them in defaming and distorting the Jihad, through people who are deviant innovators who in reality are not Mujahideen, but they claim Jihad and raise its slogans while they are enemies of it, like the Kufaar are enemies of the Muslims.

Do not be deceived by what the enemies of Islam are propagating about the Mujahideen for the Sake of Allah, and do not be fooled by their media, and do not consider ISIS as Mujahideen, they are deviant innovators and enemies to the Muslims as well. As for the Mujahideen, they left for the Sake of Allah to defend Islam and Muslims and protect the honors and repel corruption, and they are many thanks to Allah, in more than one country.

And I relate to you what the historians said about the Khawarij and their following of their desires. The murderer of the Caliph Ali Ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him, was the criminal Aburahmaan ibn Muljim, may Allah give him what he deserves. What motivated him to do this was the incitement of a beautiful women of wealth, named Qattam, and she was from the Khawarij, she incited him to kill the companion Ali Ibn Abi Talib. And this was suppose to be her dowry if he wanted to attain her and be in her share. The Khawarij in the past and in modern days follow their desires and want to satisfy them, and they do not care about the consequences and the evil results.

And know my son, may Allah bless you, that Jihad is an obligation that will last until the last hour, and its people are from the best of mankind, like it was revealed in the texts. And they are from the victorious party, and the position of Jihad and the Mujahideen is very great, even the Prophet said that he wished to fight and be killed for the Sake of Allah, and then fight again and be killed, and he repeated this three times. And you know my son that your father left you and he left your mother and your brothers and he left his house and his land only for Jihad for the Sake of Allah the Almighty, in support for the oppressed, and the likes of me are many, on every front from the Jihadi fields. And I respect your question about what confused you and your search for an answer for it, and this is a praiseworthy trait. Baraka Allahu feek.

Original Arabic: أبي ماذا يعني جهاد النكاح ؟

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