Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani – Mullah Bradley stood up for a great task, in service of the West.

Mullah Bradley stood up for a great task, in service of the West.

By: Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani

The success of hitting the hornets nest and stirring it up to disturb the revolution in Iraq and Syria was achieved by giving up Mosul to ISIS. With the agreement of the Maliki government and the Syrian government. These events were coordinated between the Syrian Baath and the Baath leaders in the criminal group ISIS. And this was a rescue to the ISIS gang, which was almost collapsing in front of the Mujahideen Shura Council in the Eastern area; so that ISIS would receive the Eastern area and that there would be a complete agreement; the first of them being the elimination of the Syrian revolution; and dissolving all the revolutionary formations in order to show to the world that there is no revolution in Shaam. At the same time dragging everyone who shares the Jihadi ideology in the West, in to the cremation oven of the criminal ISIS; so that they would get rid of them in this war.

Especially Russia who fears the Jihadi presents in the Caucasus and Chechnya, and the representative of Russia was Umar As-Shishani. But now the dirty game became very clear, the actualities and the events have proven this, until the cancer of ISIS has spread to Libya, Yemen and the rest of the Jihadi battlefields. And on the other hand Mullah Bradley appeared in Khorasan, where he is fulfilling two important missions, the most important of them is being an official alternative to the American forces who withdrew after it was certain of the existence of a malicious alternative. And on the other hand it is necessary for us to know that the presence of ISIS there, is a revenge against the Mujahideen and the people who brought down the Soviet Union; an ally of the criminal Baath.

The Islamic Emirate of the Taliban must deal with ISIS on the basis of what we have said earlier; that they are an alternate to America and tool of revenge for the collapsed Soviet Union. Russia and America and the West succeeded in promoting ISIS and it is a powerful tool, it is another phenomenon of their criminal campaign, the so-called war on terror, which is war on Islam. But some gullible ones believe that ISIS is fighting infidelity, this is from stupidity, and there will come day in which they will say what we say. Like the hesitation of not calling them Khawarij two years ago, and today they are saying that they are Khawarij. The leadership of ISIS exceeded the phase of the Khawarij and infiltration, and entered the phase of fabrication; which is, working on a method which distorts the reputation of Islam and Jihad.

The enemies of Allah have benefited from the experience in Algeria, and they have developed it on a global level, its generalization is complete and they have succeeded in creating the criminal ISIS. But the Mujahideen have not learned from this experience in Algeria. They have not learned the lesson from it, because of blind methodology, and false piety, and abstaining from public rejection, and praise of recommendations for unknown people, and the praise for people of falsehood without them knowing, and flattering at the expense of the religion and Jihad and the blood of Muslims.

I say to them that this will not end with ISIS, the battlefields will keep suffering from these froglike behavior. By that I mean repetition, repeating the same mistakes, because if a frog would jump out of a 100 floor building, he would be prepared to jump again after that, because he will have forgotten his mistake. This is what we mean by the repetitive behavior of a frog.

When will be smart, when will we learn, when will we wake up from repeating the same mistakes? Until when will the battlefield stay hostage by failed experiences? Until when will the Jihad remain hostage by the whims of the ignorant? When will the youth of the Ummah know that they are caught in the traps of the West? Which they made and emerged, by the claim of adherence to Jihad, and ISIS is a treacherous example of this. When will we learn from the lessons, when will we wake up?? Every time a tyrant want to stay longer in power, or ruin the revolution of the people and the Jihad of the Muslims, they let a paralyzing gang emerge like in Algeria; which was an example of success for the Kufaar.

Its generalization on the battlefields is completed in a successful way through ISIS, that’s why they are supported by Hafter in Libya, and we have mentioned their role in Afghanistan. And the rope is still on the tractor, like a famous Iraqi saying goes. For every battlefield there is a Zouabri (deviant leader of the GIA in Algeria) and we wait for what appears after his call. Do we learn from these lessons, and leave the praises of recommendation, and the flattering at the expense of the religion? When will the Jahmiyah (postponing sect) of the Jihadi groups learn, when will the Jahmiyah of the Jihadi groups wake up and realize that they are the cause of this corruption? How much did they praise, glorify, justify, defend, and kneel weakly for them? We speak harshly and bitterly, because we know the flaw but we are still repeating it.

And then an anonymous individual (Husayn ibn Mahmoud) comes and exaggerates and speaks as if he is Shaykh Usama, may Allah have mercy on him. Enough with the flattering! We must admit the mistakes, and not flatter at the expense of the religion and the blood of Sunnis. No one is sacred, and no human being is infallible, and admitting guilt is a virtue. This, and all Praise is due to Allah, and blessing be upon the Prophet Muhammad and his family and all of his companions.

Original Arabic: قام الملا برادلي بمهام كبيرة خدمة للغرب

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