Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani – Realities which must be mentioned.

Realities which must be mentioned.

By: Shaykh Al-Mujahid Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani.

The one who claims that he is fighting the Nusairy regime and its allies, his claim is empty if he is not convinced that ISIS is part of this criminal alliance, moreover they are the ones who execute the schemes of the west on the ground, it did not present anything for the Shaami Jihad. And the leaders of the Shaami Jihad do not see that ISIS is a more dangerous enemy against the Muslims, and do not prepare against it what they did prepare against the Nusairy regime, at this moment.

Words are meaningless as long as the leaders live isolated from the facts of reality and the danger of ISIS, and there will come a day when they will regret this neglect and delaying. What happened of victories in Idlib will turn in to setbacks for the Shaami Jihad if the groups keep this policy with ISIS.

They will taste what East-Syria tasted, no, even worse than that. The groups in North-Syria still live in the euphoria of liberation, and their similitude with ISIS present, is that of the bridegroom who is happy with his wedding night while his body is being eaten away by cancer and he does not realize it. And perhaps my advice, by someone who experienced ISIS and lived with them, is ignored.

By Allah in Idlib and the coast and Aleppo there are pockets, cells, and eyes who help them to turn the marriage in to a funeral. And these are not just threats; the one who is able to snatch away a woman from her husband and marry her (of) in her waiting period is capable of doing everything with the Mujahideen. And do not forget that many recruits in Islamist groups have similar thoughts as them (ISIS), and there are those who have contact (with them) from all the factions. And the battlefield of Shaam unlike other battlefields is known for the many treacheries, and the reason for it is ISIS.

They gave verdict for treachery to those who catch up with them, and they lured young people, they contributed thereby in making treachery and breaking oaths a religion, and they used lustful desires for those who chase them, and suspicions for those who believe in them. But the groups in the North live in their honeymoon and do not think about what is coming, and my words are directed to all the factions in Shaam not especially just the North. All the factions did not take the legal stance and everyone is looking at his brother besides him waiting for proof. I am exhausted while others besides me are asleep. No one must depend on the other in the North, arrange your ranks, and if not oh leaders of the groups then no one is waiting for you except for three: Those who follow the Khawarij, or the Crusaders, or your passport in your pocket racing towards the borders.

Forgive me for this frankness but my religion is dearer to me than wasting it with courtesies and praises and patching. In Iraqi dialect they say “A word of truth is depressing” but the truth is dearer to my heart than everything, and I say it in all frankness; the issue of extremist thinking is widespread in some individuals, not just limited to Islamist groups.

An example of this, is that there are those who work with FSA but they make Takfir on them. And they are still with them in the faction and rely upon verdicts of ISIS which make their wealth and Takfir on them Halal. In the Syrian dialect they say “He is hidden inside them” and was Al-Makhool from Jabhat Nusra or Ahraar Shaam (ISIS leader from FSA)? ISIS infiltrated all the factions in Shaam ideologically and security-wise. And who denies this is arrogant and escapes from the truth. It (ISIS) does not distinguish between the Jihadi groups and FSA, everyone is Kaafir according to them.

So no group must not depend on another group, ISIS did not leave any faction or it has infiltrated it, until it reached what it wished of corruption. But infiltration has degrees and types, ideologically and security-wise, and it has levels. Whether be it on the level of a soldier or leadership, or its legal or media joints. And the ideological infiltration is found the majority of times in the soldier and not the leaders. As for the leaders it is security-wise, they gave secret Bayah and ISIS lets him cause corruption inside the faction, he desert them (when asked), and covers for them, and copies (and spreads) their thinking, and this happens in the jurists and the media, the dangerous joints, or the leaders.

Original Arabic: حقائق يجب أن تذكر

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