Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani – Do we treat the pious like the immoral?

Do we treat the pious like the immoral?
By Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani

I wanted to point out an important issue, and it is a response to some who ask me to treat the Mujahideen of Shaam like we treated the dogs of Hellfire. I say, relying on Allah: before anything else, we have been patient with dogs of Hellfire, and I was the first one who defended them, and everyone knows I was the first who refused to fight them. But after their crimes became clear to me I distances myself from  them and fought them. They ask from me to treat the Mujahideen of Jaysh Al-Islam and their leaders the same way we treat the Khawarij, they want us to treat our brothers like we treat the criminals of the Qaramitah (Khawarij sect). I will talk about this and this is my clarification.

How can I treat my brothers this way, and if they published some mistakes, then everyone of us makes mistakes. Everyone has mistakes, but the unfair and partisans want us to treat the pious like the immoral (Al-Fujaar)? When we used to contact ISIS to solve the problems between us and them they were saying you are apostates. So how can I treat my brothers from Ahraar As-Shaam like I treat the dogs of ISIS?

This is what Zahran Aloush did, when I entered the territory of Bi’r Qassab he sent his representatives, and said: “All our money in the south from West-Ghouta to Daraa is at your disposal and every leader of ours you find in the area listens to you, for you are our brothers, and any work you conduct in Ghouta, our weapons and our soldiers are at your disposal, and the disposal of those who are with you.” And this (incident) has witnesses who are still alive.

He also said, and I quote: “Do not go to Daraa, here is Al-Qalamoon and Afrin, every base and equipment of Jaysh Al-Islam and military camp, you will receive it because Ghouta is in need of you and we are your soldiers”. This is what he said on behalf of Shaykh Zahran Aloush. But we entered Daraa anyway, the brothers were coming from a battle, we thought that entering Daraa and leaving it was easy so we entered. Those who want to witness to this are free to do so.

We treat Shaykh Zahran Aloush and the brotherhood in Jaysh Al-Islam with one scale. A couple of days ago a dispute between Jabhat Nusra and Jaysh Al-Islam occurred, a jurist from us talked to me from Al-Ghouta. And he mentioned all the reasons for the disagreement to me, and I know about it from several sources.

I corresponded in proximately 16 voice messages on Telegram, or even more, with Shaykh Abu Abdurahmaan Ka’kah. And it was in the Iraqi dialect (Al-Jubooriyah), it was an advise, and an admonishment,  and harsh words, but the brothers in Jaysh Al-Islam accepted it from me, because they know me and my love for them and my concern for the pain of Syria.

I expected the response from my brothers in Jaysh Al-Islam, and their response came in words and deeds. When their response reached me I said thanks are due to Allah who made my brothers think good of me. The position of Shaykh Zahran Aloush came, that he would restrain those who accuse the Mujahideen that they are the ones who want to fight their brothers, the response came from the noble, son of the noble, Shaykh Zahran Aloush, seeking to abandon the dispute.

Althought I admonished Shaykh Zahran about his comments through Shaykh Abu Annas Al-Kanaakri, but the brothers in Jaysh Al-Islam accept from those who want to advise them, but they do not accept the advise of those who want to defame them, this is the nature of the human soul. By Allah if my messages were to other than my brothers in Jaysh Al-Islam, from those who are blinded by partisanship, they would appear on television, and compose lengthly messages about us.

But the brothers in Jaysh Al-Islam know that what I sent them, is similar to the messages I send to the brothers from the command of Jabhat Nusra. This is our conduct with those who we love, I know that they have no misconceptions about me. This is likewise my conduct with my brothers from the command of Ahraar Shaam. It is true, I am from Jabhat Nusra, but I advise them all for the sake of Allah.

And I treat them all the same, and sometimes it is possible to be harsh against my brothers in Jabhat Nusra because I am from the same group, and perhaps I lighten towards the brothers in Ahraar Shaam and Jaysh Al-Islam, according to the positions. And I advise all of them in secret, and I maintain with this the worship towards Allah, because the religion is advise. And sometimes I raise my voice against my Shaykh and my beloved Abu Anas Saraqib (from Ahraar Shaam), but he knows my love for them.

So I wrote this out of fairness, Allah guided my brothers from Jabhat Nusra and Jaysh Al-Islam in Al-Ghouta to their noble stances to bury the strife (Fitnah), may Allah reward them. And I testify in front of Allah about the keenness of the brother Abu Asim Al-Ansari, the leader in Al-Ghouta, and the jurist brothers and leaders from Jabhat Nusra in Al-Ghouta, they were involved in it. Likewise our brothers in Ahraar Shaam and Faylaq Rahmaan, and all the Mujahideen and righteous reformers in West-Ghouta. And I ask Allah to bring our brothers together in Al-Ghouta, they are the crown above our heads.

This, and I ask Allah the Almighty to bless the leaders with insight and guide them to reunite each other, and to reject dispute, for the brothers in Zabadani are paying the price of disunity and fragmentation. And our imprisoned sisters are waiting for the victory of Allah and our victory.

Oh Allah deal with the Khawarij for they have prolonged the lifeline of the criminal regime. Oh Allah deal with the Nusayriyah and the Rawafid. Oh Allah unite the ranks and unite our word and give us victory over our enemies. Oh Allah we ask You to better our situation and to forgive us our sins. Oh Allah hasten Your victory and Your conquest for You are the Al-hearing Al-knowing. This, and all thanks are due to Allah the Lord of the worlds. Oh Allah send blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and his companions. Wa selamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh.

Original Arabic: ? أنعامل المتقين كالفجار

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