Shaykh Abu Hassan Al-Kuwaiti – ISIS and their media lies.

ISIS and their media lies.

Shaykh Abu Hassan Al-Kuwaiti

To know the level of the Dawah of ISIS and their media lies, we note that they constantly try to fake the Twitter account of Shayk Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani after he stops using Twitter during times when he is injured. They take the opportunity to falsify the Twitter account of Shaykh Abu Mariyah (and many other Mujahid leaders and scholars) and try to deceive and mislead people and lie about Shaykh Abu Mariyah.

And this is one of the methods of secret intelligence services in the tyrant countries in changing the realities and falsifying them, and lying about the truthful people and distorting their image. They have tried numerous times to lie and distort the reputation of Shaykh Abu Mariyah, by attributing false statements and actions to him, until Allah The Highest showed the lies of ISIS and people knew their reality.

They are now trying to show that Shaykh Abu Mariyah is slandering the Amir Shaykh Al-Joulani! Trough fake ID’s and before that they spread these false statement on other accounts. And they also want to sow strife in the ranks of Jabhat An-Nusra by raising false topics about Shaykh Abu Mariyah and that he left An-Nusra!

And we note that all these campaigns came after the success of the Dawah of Shaykh Abu Mariyah in exposing the deviance and extremism and the myth of ISIS, and the acceptance of people to it even outside Syria. Their latest lie and deceit is that Shaykh Abu Mariyah gave Bayah (swore allegiance) to the leader of Jasyh Al-Islam Zahran Aloush! Trying to cause Fitnah and division by these provocations.

The relationship of Shaykh Abu Mariyah with all the other leaders of the Mujahid groups in Shaam is bigger than the issue of Bayah, it is the brotherhood of Islam and Jihad. And all the people of Shaam and their noble ones and leaders of the groups hold to this exchange of his, and they look at him as a reforming leader in Shaam and they have great love for him in their hearts. And Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani holds Shaykh Al-Joulani dear as a companion and leader of the group, and he holds on to covenants and is a man of loyalty.

And he always says I am no Baghdadi nor Adnani who back-stabs and betrays, and who doesn’t respects and safeguard companionship. But this doesn’t mean he has to stop telling the truth and stop rejecting falsehood, even if it came out of his own group, rather the Shaykh acts according to the Book of Allah and the Sunnah, even if its contradicts the literature of the groups.

Furthermore, if it is in the benefit of Islam and the Muslims to leave a group, or its deviance is proven, then it is to be leaven like it is the case with ISIS in the past (Shaykh Abu Mariyah left them). And Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani remains and will remain a legitimate Amir (leader) in the hearts of the Mujahideen and the soldiers of Islam from the individuals of Jabhat An-Nusra.

Original Arabic: داعش وكذب إعلامها

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