Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani – The Russian Intervention: The Last Arrow.

The Russian Intervention – The Last Arrow.

Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. May peace and prayers be upon Muhammad, the best of Messengers, and upon his family and his pure and noble companions. To proceed:

After the overwhelming victories accomplished at the hands of the Mujahidin throughout the Levant, that which left the Syrian Regime on its last legs, as its defense forces collapsed and all of its attempted advances ended in failure. The Syrian Army became a militia just like those militias it had turned to for support – an unorderly and disarranged force, unable to achieve anything except defeat. The victories of the Mujahidin reached the heartland of the Nusayri Regime. It became clear to Iran and to Hezbollah that all of the support that they had given to the Regime had resulted in failure and disappointment, as the Regime’s downfall began to loom on the horizon. Thus, the Regime turned to an alternative plan, sketching the borders of its new state, that which would stretch from south Damascus to north Lattakia. However, the strikes of the Mujahidin have left the Regime without options, neither this new plan nor any other.

The concentrated strikes and well-executed operations of the Mujahidin threatened the pillars of the new state that the Regime wished to establish.

Their territory in Lattakia is now endangered as is their territory in Damascus.

Delegation after delegation hastened to Tehran to rescue the remnants of the Regime.

The Russian interests met here, as they hoped that this might allow them to pressure the European nations into bargaining with them over Ukraine.

The Russians found no card better to play to pressure the West than Syria, hoping to find a solution to the issue of Ukraine that would end in their favor.

It is clear that the Russians have a stubborn desire to regain an eminent role in the international community, after losing such a role more than thirty years ago, especially after the decline of the international role of America.

However, the Russians forgot that the reason for the decline of the role of America was due to the victories that Allah had bestowed upon the Mujahidin in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Subsequently, the Russian invasion began, announcing to the masses that the reason for their intervention is to save Bashar al-Assad from falling, while using the heading of combating ISIS as a mask to achieving their objectives, just as those who preceded them. However, the Russians know for a fact that ISIS does not threaten the existence of the Syrian Regime. The areas that ISIS controls are not in proximity to the heartland of the Regime. Thus, it came as no surprise when the Russians began by bombing the factions of Jaish al-Fatih and those factions present on the frontlines with the Regime, and bombing the secure, liberated towns, killing women and children, repeating the actions of the criminal Syrian Regime. Thus began the Russian invasion, which, in spite of the grief this caused us, came as glad tidings for us. The Russian intervention is a declaration of the failure of the Iranian intervention, along with their allies from Hezbollah et al, and a declaration of the collapse of the Syrian Regime, which has now reached the final moments of its existence. In addition, the Russian intervention came to announce an eastern crusade, after the failure of the western crusade in the Levant, and after the failure of all their politics and plans. After their attempted convolution and subjugation of the Levantine jihad with their outworn political solutions, those which would end with the Levant being under the control of the West.

We Ask… Does the Russian government really believe that the Syrian Army and Bashar al-Assad can be rescued with a few planes and cannons? Is this really what the Syrian Regime lacks in order to secure its survival? Undoubtedly, there are many goals behind the Russian intervention that have not yet been uncovered, but time will reveal to us what we are unaware of today. What we know with certainty is that the norm (Sunnah) with such imperious invaders is like a plant that does not survive except on its own soil. Here they are, the Eastern Crusaders. They have come to say to every Muslim in the world, in the east and the west, “we have come to eradicate your roots and to repeat the blackest years of history of one thousand years”. They have allied with those who carry the most enmity towards the Muslims and Ahlus-Sunnah – the Shiites of Iran, Iraq and Lebanon and the Nusayris of Syria.

The Shiites hope to repeat their black history of supporting the disbelievers in subjugating Ahlus-Sunnah, just as their predecessor Ibn al-‘Alqami when he enabled the Tatars to enter Baghdad, who then preceded to kill almost one million Muslims, like the Shiite leaders in Iran who allowed the Americans to enter Afghanistan in order to debase Ahus-Sunnah. Everyone knows how Iran and her followers supported the Shia in Iraq, how they supported the Americans in occupying Iraq until the Americans handed Iraq to Iran on a golden plate.

Today, the Shiites of Iran, Lebanon and Iraq have allied with the Nusayris in opening the Muslim Levant to an eastern crusader invasion by the Russian Federation. They boast of that as they dance and clap. Then they claim that they are only fighting in defense. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) spoke the truth when he said, “If you feel no shame, do whatever you like”. Verily, the war in the Levant will make the Russians forget the terrors that they met in Afghanistan.

The new Russian invasion is the last arrow in the quiver of the enemies of the Muslims and the enemies of the Levant, God willing, and the signs of their failure are now looming after their fault-ridden entry. Until now, their attacks have been no different to those of the Regime, neither in their selection of targets and neither in their poor accuracy, and God willing, they will be broken on the doorsteps of the Levant, and it is Allah who grants success.

Oh Muslims throughout the beloved Levant! Verily, we are not astonished by the latest Russian crusader invasion. Rather, those who continue to cling to the west and the regional nations and their suggestions astonish us. Those who waste time playing with them, causing the cause of the Levant to be lost in the same manner that the cause of Palestine has been lost, sharing with the international community in their crimes against the people of the Levant, whether they realize it or not. Thus, they change the situation from being about toppling the disbelieving, oppressive, corrupt Regime and replacing it with the justice of Islam and the Sharia’ah of the Most Merciful (Allah) and establishing ash-Shura throughout the lands and more from the nobilities which thousands of Mujahidin and hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians have died in the path of. Half of the towns and cities of Ahlus-Sunnah have been destroyed, those who were expelled were expelled and those refugees who fled, fled. They shorthand this great cause by entering into a labyrinth of political solutions, with the international emissary coming to crossbreed some of the weaklings and politicians with the Syrian Regime, to extract from them some kind of solution to crush the military force of Ahlus-Sunnah. This solution only secures the interests of the west, that which calms the Jews and which protects their security, leaving Ahlus-Sunnah in a state of weakness. To complete the deception, they are granting some politicians temporary honorary positions here and there, the price being the land, blood and sanctities of Ahlus-Sunnah in the Levant.

It has become clear to all those of understanding that the success of the Mujahidin in their battle until now was not accomplished except by the Mujahidin depending on themselves after depending on Allah. This battlefield bears witness through all of the victories achieved here. The formula for victory is very simple. The Truth (Allah) said, in his highest majesty, “If you support Allah, Allah will support you and make your feet firm” (Surat Muhammad). This is the only way to achieve victory. As for those who beg from the west and the regional nations, they will bring nothing but an increase in shame and humiliation. Those nations only respect those who are steadfast and those men who are harsh against them. Allah the Exalted said, “And do not incline to the wrongdoers, lest you be touched by the fire…” (Surat Hud) Too much begging deprives a man of his religion, his shame, his honor and his dignity, stripping him of his pride, and what life is there for a man if he is stripped of his pride?!

There is a saying: Do not strive unto he who sees you as insignificant so that you become even less in his sight. Make your own honor equivalent to his pride, because self-respect is equivalent to the high rank of kings. The truth has only one path, while falsehood has many paths.

Oh, you who strive behind the West and the surrounding nations, look what happened to the cause of Palestine! Look at the state of those who carry the name of that noble cause falsely such as Mahmoud ‘Abbas… servile, humiliated, subjugated, panting behind a mirage. A joke, a rag they hoist up on the flag post and clap for sarcastically. Meanwhile, the Muslims are annihilated, the earth is pillaged and al-Masjid al-Aqsa is violated… is this then the fate you hope for the people of the Levant?

Without doubt, a small number garrisoned on the gates of al-Aqsa possessing only a few stones (to throw) are realizing more good for this Islamic Nation than thousands of politicians and international conferences. Whoever wants to help the Levant and wants glory for the Levant and its people must cut their ties with the western and regional nations, for truly, whoever distances himself from the causes of tribulations (fitna) revives himself in such and frees himself (of its restrictions and humiliation). Verily, money and authority will all pass away whereas faith in and fear of Allah remain. Rather than a person’s deeds (on earth) leading them to Allah’s Paradise, the situation changes and becomes so that they use the religion to attain ‘Paradise’ on earth. I wish to alert every one of that, so that they will no longer be shocked or deluded, and so that they will not be directed away from this noble cause due to a dirty means. I wish, in the position of a pitying adviser and out of fear for the people that they realize the reality of this matter, although I fear it may now be after the fact. I do not say this to underestimate or belittle the efforts of anyone, but rather as an advice and out of compassion for the blood and souls (of the Muslims) so they are not lost, (dying for the sake of) other than Allah. Look to who you are befriending and by who, after Allah, you seek shelter. Choose for yourselves a companionship that will not be contaminated by deception and alongside whom you do not fear a tragic ending and bitter desertion. The Muslims were not defeated before due to the strength of their enemies, rather they were defeated firstly due to their own mistakes and by their disunity.

Verily, the battle today has entered a new phase, and it shall be the final phase, God willing. It is obligatory upon all to prepare for this phase so that the blood of the Muslims will not be spilt in vain. All of the Mujahidin should rally to all of the frontlines, to rattle the Mujahidin in Hurran in al-Qunaitrah and Dara’, and the brave fighters in Ghouttah, the East, South and West… in Homs and Hama and Lattakia and Aleppo. All should begin a huge battle against the most sensitive areas held by the Regime. It is essential that we escalate the battle and target the Nusayri villages in Lattakia. I call upon all the fighting factions to gather the largest number of missiles possible and to pelt the Nusayri villages with hundreds of missiles daily, just as those scoundrels do to the towns and cities of Ahlus-Sunnah. We will let them taste something of the sufferings of our people, and if they cease transgressing against our towns and cities, we will refrain and we will not transgress… for who responds (to aggression) with equivalent (aggression) has not transgressed.

Until when must the rights of the Muslims remain unfulfilled and their blood be spilt because of a megalomaniac? One nation declares the ruler (Bashar) should remain, while another says the ruler should be removed, while yet a third says he should remain for a period and then be removed… let the ruler be killed! The poison lies in the head of the snake!

I offer a reward of €3 million to whoever kills Bashar al-Assad and relieves us of him, even if they be from his people or family… we will provide security for him and his family and deliver him to wherever he wishes, and I am guarantor of that, God willing. Likewise, I offer a reward of €2 million to whoever kills Hassan Nasrullah, even if they be from his people or family… we will provide security for him and his family and deliver him to wherever he wishes, and I am guarantor of that, God willing.

Likewise, I call the heroic Mujahidin of the Caucasus to assist the people of the Levant as much as you are able to by deterring the Russians from fighting. If the Russian army kills the civilians of the Levant then kill their civilians, and if they kill our soldiers then kill their soldiers… as they treat us we will treat them and we will not transgress, and Allah will help you and raise your positions.

Likewise, I call upon all across the Levant to stop all kinds of infighting between all the fighting factions and to postpone any differences until after the end of the western and Russian crusader campaign in the Levant. I say this, asking forgiveness from Allah, according to my knowledge of the piety of the Mujahidin and the condition of the Muslims. We do not complain of weakness and we do not fear poverty.

“Verily, in that is a reminder for he who has a heart, or hears while he is heedful” (Surat Qaf)

Likewise, I call upon all the Muslims and upon all the peoples of the region specifically to understand the real size of this danger, that which threatens the land and the people. This Crusader-Shiite alliance in the Levant, if successful, will threaten the nations and the peoples and they will then transgress against the entire region. Ahlus-Sunnah today face a real threat, afflicting their religion, their blood, their sanctities and their holy places. The greed (of those enemies) does not end with the Levant, they have their eyes set on violating Mecca and Medina and Jerusalem and elsewhere from amongst the Muslim homelands. Their goal is to humiliate the Muslims and to insult their predecessors. Verily, the animosity of those Shiites towards Ahlus-Sunnah fills their faces and they declare it openly night and day. If Allah crushes them on the footsteps of the Levant that would be glory for the entire Islamic Nation and the beginning of a new glorious stage. Victory in Damascus is victory for al-Aqsa and the rest of the Muslim lands, God Willing.

It is mandatory on those able to fight to fight, from among the youth and men and to rush to support their lands and their families, and for the wealthy to stretch forth their hands to the Mujahidin and support them financially. As it is mandatory also for the scholars, authors, journalists and media workers and those with experience across all fields to offer all their energy to help the Mujahidin throughout the Levant, and to not let their oppressive, tyrannical governments interfere with them in doing so. He who squanders the cause of Palestine will only squander its equivalent. We, God willing, will hold ourselves responsible for repelling the Crusader-Shiite invasion with our blood and our souls, and it is Allah who grants success.

Oh soldiers of Islam! Verily, what Allah has opened for you and what will follow of openings, God willing, is only the result of a long labor and exhausting efforts. Over one hundred years the strength of the Mujahidin grew and increased. The men of steel were polished and the wicked became distinguished from the good. No sword was drawn in the path of Allah, no bullet was fired and no rocket thrown and no Muhajir emigrated except that those Mujahidin were longing for these efforts to bring them closer to the Levant. Those that were killed were killed, after advising one another and pledging (to continue their jihad) until the affair was handed down to you after them. Allah decreed to open for you from the Levant what he opened, and honored you with picking the fruits of these one hundred years of jihad and martyrdom. The Levant has not ceased to occupy the minds of the Muslims, generation after generation, not blinking except that they are dreaming of the Levant. Verily, by Allah the Levant is a heavy trust on your necks and the necks of those after you.

“Oh you who believe! Do not betray Allah and the Messenger and do not betray your trusts while you know [the consequences]” (Surat al-Anfal)

You today are on the forefront of those carrying the trust of jihad and Allah has charged you with this. The price of this honor is sincerity in fighting and the jihad in the path of Allah and holding steadfast to its principles. Remember that this land was watered with the purest of blood until it was opened – the blood of the companions of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). It was then inherited by their successors; the best of a generation following the best of the previous generation… until it fell captive to the hands of the greedy invaders, before then falling to the Nusayris. Today your turn has arrived to restore to the Levant its glory and to its people their glory – the people of Islam, so do not be terrified by the number of enemies. It was said to Khalid bin Walid on the day of the Battle of Yarmouk, “Do you not see this army that has appeared in such great numbers?” to which Khalid replied, “What benefit to them are their large numbers if Allah is on our side and grants us victory!” Thus has Allah sent you the new crusaders with their provisions and their weapons.

“They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect his light although the disbelievers dislike it” (Surat As-Suff)

Know that those disbelievers, those against whom Allah has granted you victory in many locations, have gathered against you the masses of their lands so the one who looks to them will see them as (numerous as) ants. However, they are well prepared and heartless, but Allah is our master while they have no master.

Allah the Exalted said: “Those to whom the hypocrites said, “Indeed the people have gathered against you, so fear them.” However, it merely increased them in faith, and they said, “Sufficient for us is Allah, and he is the best disposer of affairs.” (Surat Aal-‘Imran)

We have become certain that the fighting is about to intensify, and you are the possessors of great might and harshness, and death (to kill or be killed) in the cause of Allah brings comfort to our eyes. We will not cease in our patience against them in this war until Allah judges between us, and he is the best of judges. Do not leave your enemy (after a battle), oh soldiers of Islam, until returning to them (with another attack), and open up numerous fronts against them to pressure them until they despair.

Be mindful of the time because the time has become your enemy even before you face your enemy, and differentiate between caution and fear. He who fears favors his own life over killing his enemy, and so for him it is more befitting to sit with those who stay behind. As for the strong man, he is the one who knows when to advance and when to withdraw. He knows his enemy as he knows himself, and half of war is knowing your enemy. If something is requested (of him), he prepares accordingly if he is able, and if not then according to the means available to him. Indeed, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) prepared a detachment with a branch of dates. The strong man is harsh against his enemies and gentle towards his companions. He does not draw his sword except to strike, he does not take revenge if he is victorious and he does not humiliate anyone to the best of his ability. He does not come at the time of greed (distribution of the booty) and he does not flee at the time of dread. He contributes his opinion, as a sword without opinion will kill its owner. The enemy has taken to careful consideration more than they have taken to the sword. The strong man never rests, because if he does then verily the enemy never rests. More important than all that is that he tears out the heart of his enemy and terrifies him. He is a wise adventurer who dives into the midst of hardships. He is not awed by towering problems… he sacrifices himself for his Islamic Nation. However, he is not merely a foolhardy adventurer sacrificing his Islamic Nation for his own selfish benefit. He does not let his strength delude him and he does not underestimate his enemy. He is a friend to his fellow soldiers and to his family whilst harsh against his enemies. He cannot be dragged into a war chosen by his enemies. Rather, he is the one who imposes the fight on his enemy in the location that befits him and not that which befits his enemy. If he is wounded or scarred, he becomes like a wolf – stronger and fiercer. He is jealous about the sanctities of the Muslims and their holy places and deeply affected by their blood (being spilt) and he seeks victory for the oppressed against the oppressor. He respects legal rights. A just ruling does not detract from his standing, and he is never too proud to accept the ruling of Allah.

Oh you Mujahidin! Verily, harshness and might are the fortress of mercy and pity, if each is designated its correct place. If the hearts of the Mujahidin become void of mercy then they would become violent and oppressive, and if mercy if separated from harshness they would become negligent and weak. Thus, harshness in the place of mercy is corruption, while mercy in the place of harshness is also corruption, and an example of this parting blade between harshness and lenience is the speech of Allah the Exalted: “Soft towards the believers and harsh against the disbelievers” (Surat al-Ma’ida)

Oh Allah, make us soft against the believers and harsh against the disbelievers!

Oh Allah, make us stronger and unite our ranks

Oh Allah! Revealer of the book, mover of the clouds, vanquisher of the confederates! Vanquish them and support us against them!

Our Lord! Forgive us our sins, our shortcomings and our transgressions, make our feet firm and give us victory over the disbelieving people!

May peace and prayers be upon our prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions, and all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Translated by: Abu Saeed Al-Halabi

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