# A word of truth – Part 1- The imaginary Caliphate in Yemen

# A word of truth – Part 1- The imaginary Caliphate in Yemen

By: Abu AbduRazzaaq
One of the returnees from ISIS in Yemen to Al-Qaedah.

I will say the truth after I came in touch with falsehood and knew about it, like it was said to Umar about a man who did not know anything about evil. Umar replied “He is more likely to fall into it”.

In every post I will address an issue from what I saw and heard, and I’m not going to reveal a secret, but I will explain things which are known by all, and I call upon my brothers to read it with religion and sincerity, and look at what I’m saying, is it true or false? If it is true then there is no option but returning back to the Truth, and Allah the Almighty said “And remind them, for verily such a reminder benefits the Believers.” (Ad-Dhariyaat:55)

Unfortunately we have learned lying, deceiving, spying, Takfir, hatred, extremism, and matters with are, by Allah, destructive. Our brotherhood ended with the Sharia of Allah being used as an excuse and we made Takfir on people with the same excuse, our hearts were narrowed with hate for Al-Qaedah and we did not have any worry except them, and only listened to charges, incitements and Takfir against them. What narrowed my heart was the level of hate we use to have for Al-Qaedah, “Al-Qaedah did this and they did that, and Al-Qaedah will do such and such..” And from the things which we were brainwashed with was that Al-Qaedah had reached Tamqeen (establishment) in Al-Mukallah but they did not rule with the Sharia, and the response was always present in my heart but I could not proclaim it.

If Al-Qaedah did not rule with the Sharia in Al-Mukallah then first of all they weren’t the ones who declared a Caliphate and claimed they had reached establishment (Tamkeen), rather we were the ones who declared a Caliphate, on the Methodology of the Prophet mind you. So how can we declare a Caliphate in Yemen while the whole of Yemen isn’t in our hands, rather it is the hands of Abd Rab Mansour, the Houthis, Al-Islah (Yemeni Islamist party), Al-Qaedah, the tribes and Al-Hirak (Southern Movement).

So, if Al-Qaedah did not rule with the Sharia in Al-Mukallah then first of all they did not declare a Caliphate or claimed complete establishment (Tamkeen), rather they said explicitly they were merely a (guerrilla) group who implement what they are capable of from the Sharia, and that they were still on the path of Dawah and Jihad, and that they did not yet reach the fruit of Dawah and Jihad; and the one who rushes to a matter before its due time will be deprived from it. (1)

As for us, we declared the Caliphate and accused those who did not give their Bayah, rather we, unfortunately, called them corrupt, innovators, and we even made Takfir on those who did not give Bayah to us. The amazing thing is that we and many of us are making Takfir on Al-Qaedah in our gatherings and in secret while we are residing in their territory. Furthermore, by Allah the Almighty some of us even sent people to them asking for aid in front of my eyes, and Al-Qaedah in return did not hold back anything. And I always questioned myself “How could we say Al-Qaedah did not implement the Sharia in Al-Mukallah while we are living in this territory?” This would mean that we are residing in the lands of disbelieve (Dar Al-Kufr), so how could we stay there? The reality is, if we would leave Hadramout, then where would we go to implement the Sharia? Because every territory has its owners who rule it.

So where is the Caliphate and where is the Methodology of the Prophet and were is the authority and where is the power to protect it, and where is the land of the believers (Dar Al-Mumineen)? I fear that we mocked the verses of Allah like one of the brothers said, without us realizing it. When Allah called David a Caliph, He connected it with ruling among people. He said: “O David! We did indeed made you a Caliph (representative) on earth: So judge between people with justice.” (Saad:26) So where is the land we have in control, rather even the capital (Sanaa) itself is in the hands of the Rawafid who oppress Ahl Sunnah fiercely. So where is the Caliphate, and the soldiers of the Caliphate, and where are the rights of the people, and where did we lift oppression, and protected the authority of the Islamic State we declared in Yemen? Rather the people in Sanaa do not know anything about that what we named the Caliphate or the Caliph, they even attribute the suicide-bombings on Shia Mosques to Al-Qaedah.

And I want to ask the Caliphate or their governor in Yemen, despite the fact that nobody knows him, I want to ask him: How large is the number of civilians under your care? And how many are the poor? And what are their needs? And who are the oppressed who need someone to defend them against it? And to where and who should the people of Sanaa go to be delivered from their oppression? And likewise the people of Adan, Hadramout, Al-Baydhaa, Shabwah, Al-Hadeedah, Umran, Sa’d, Al-Jawf, and Ma’rib? Where are the governors, where are the judges, where are the soldiers, and where is the treasury (Bayt Al-Maal) of the Muslims? Did you help the oppressed? And did you take the poor by the hand? Is the capital of the Islamic State, Sanaa, ruled by the Sharia of Allah or is it ruled the Sharia of Khomeini? If it is ruled with the Sharia of Khomeini and the constitution of France, then why are you lying and saying to the people that this is the authority of Allah on earth, while it is feeble and weak; a name without any meaning. Allah said: “And who could be more wicked than he who attributes lying inventions to Allah?” (Al-Anaam:21)

When I question myself these things I suffer badly, and say this is not only a lie but this is a lie and a lack of shame. The Prophet (saws) says: “If you do not feel any shame then do as you wish.” (Saheeh) And lastly, if this is the Methodology of the Prophet according to us, then we have wronged the Prophet (saws) in the worst way, and falsely showed that this is his Methodology, while this is a lie about the Methodology of the Prophet (saws), who said “Whoever tells lies about me, let him take his place in Hellfire.” (Saheeh) Oh Allah I declare my innocence from this lie, and this playing around with your verses (Ayaat).


1.) While they repelled the tyrants from Al-Mukallah, and performed the duty of repelling and expelling the transgressing enemy, and safe-secured the people, and this is one of the major goals the of the Sharia. And they rule amongst people with the Sharia of Allah, some of it by judgment and some of it by reconciliation, and reconciliation is one of the biggest doors of the Sharia. And a couple of days of ago they destroyed a polytheistic shrine after they explained it to the people and they understood it. And so on.


Arabic:  كلمة حق – الحلقة الأولى

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