# A word of truth – Part 2 – Upsetting Takfir on Muslims in Yemen

# A word of truth – Part 2 – Upsetting Takfir on Muslims in Yemen

By: Abu AbduRazzaaq
One of the returnees from ISIS in Yemen to Al-Qaedah.

How much did my heart hate this word, I would rather be killed by someone instead of being accused of making Takfir on Muslims. This was in the days I was with Al-Qaedah, but after I joined ISIS I became surprised by the large amount of Takfir. Listen to the story, I talked to one of the youths while I was in one of the shelters of Takfir. And he said to me I do not make Takfir on anyone except the one Allah and His messenger declared as disbelievers. I asked him to apply this on the reality, and asked him what the ruling was about Al-Islah (Islamist party)? He said they are disbelievers. I asked him what about Al-Hirak (southern movement)? He said they are disbelievers. And I asked what about the tribes? He said they are Mushrikeen. I asked him what about the employees who work in governmental organs? He said they are disbelievers even if they are sewage workers. And everyone who votes in the elections, and the parties and the originations are disbelievers. I said to him laughing, the Salafis remain? He said to me the Salafis who see Abd Rabb Mansour as a Muslim are disbelievers. I said to him fine, and what about Al-Qaedah? He said if Al-Qaedah does not make Takfir on all the people then they are disbelievers, because the one who does not make Takfir on a disbelievers is (also) a disbeliever.

I said to myself, to Allah is our complaint, how cheap is the religion to these people, and how easy is speaking about (the religion of) Allah to these people. While Allah says concerning the issues which are (merely) Halal and Haram: “And do not claim falsely by your tongues; This is lawful, and this is forbidden.” (An-Nahl:116) So how can you tell a lie about Allah in issues of Imaan and Kufr? You make Takfir on whomever you wish, and place out of the Mercy of Allah whomever you wish, and after that spill the blood of whomever you wish, and take female captives from whomever you wish, and take property as war-spoils from whomever you wish. How foolheartedly are you towards the religion of Allah and how far away are you from it.

The Prophet (saws) said: “The one who says the people are destroyed, then he is the one who destroyed them.” (Saheeh) So how about someone who between a day and night proclaims that the people are disbelievers. A year ago all these people were Muslims but today they became disbelievers to us, then we claim that the organizations (Al-Qaedah) have changed. By Allah I have witnessed heartbreaking and upsetting things, everyone is making Takfir on everyone, and nobody stayed in the folds of Islam except the ones in their shelters and who gave Bayah to them. And they made the Bayah, the Islam for them. The strange thing is that they make Takfir on a certain person or group, but if they give their Bayah they prostrate thanking Allah, shout out Takbir and welcome him without asking him to wash (Ghusl) for the Shahadah and the Islam. Just because he gave Bayah he became Muslim. It is as if they are saying to him that he entered Islam from the door he left it, and that the Bayah now took the position of the Shahadah of Tawheed (the statement of monotheism). If he gives Bayah he is a Muslim, and if he doesn’t give Bayah he is a Kaafir, and if he gave Bayah and after that left, he becomes an apostate.

The amazing thing I saw from them is that they make Takfir on the small sins more than the major sins, and no one ever objected to this. Rather every-time someone increased in Takfir they considered him a person of doctrine (Aqeedah) with a clear methodology (Manhaj) and someone who is on the methodology of the Prophet (saws). Takfir transformed from an issue which was feared by the scholars, from which Al-Qurtubi and the four Imams and the rightly guided Khulafaa would flee, to a discussion conducted in gatherings, and to a methodology which every member of ISIS adopted.

I did not hear anyone advise his brother with the words of the Prophet (saws): “Whoever says to his brother ‘O disbeliever’, it will certainly be true for one of them.” (Saheeh) And I heard no one remind the other that speaking ill (Al-Gheebah) belongs to the major sins, and that slandering (Al-Buhtaan) is worse than speaking ill, or that Takfir is even much worse. Rather the opposite happened, we did know anything except “Kufaar, Kufaar, Murtadeen, Sahawaat.” If all of them were disbelievers and apostates, then how could we claim that we have established a Caliphate on earth, while all of its subjects are disbelievers and apostates?

I felt that we were in a struggle with this great religion and it was as if this great religion tried to push us out of it. The Prophet (saws) spoke the truth: “This religion is easy. No one becomes harsh in the religion without it overwhelming him.” (Saheeh) And I felt that this religion was destructive but it was nothing more than the destruction of these exaggerators. By the Lord of the Ka’bah I felt that Islam due to these understandings was narrow and hard, while Allah the Almighty says: “And he did not impose upon you any hardship in the religion.” (Al-Hajj:78)

And I felt that Islam was a walk on the edge of the abyss, and that any shock or wind breeze or any inattention or any mistake would immediately drop you in the abyss. As if it was a religion of hardship not ease, and narrow not spacious. And I felt that entering this religion was very difficult, and even more difficult was staying in it. And you must enter it from its most narrow path, but the most easy door to it is through giving Bayah to ISIS. As for leaving the religion, it is facilitated and easy, and something which happens without you realizing it. And you do not realize that you are a disbeliever or an apostate, except when you are invited to give Bayah to ISIS, and you choose to refuse.

By Allah when I witnessed this situation, and I was drowning in the midsts of this deviation, I remembered the statement of Shaykh Al-Islaam ibn Taymiyah: “The Khawarij make Takfir on the people of the community (Jamaa’ah), likewise the Mu’tazillah make Takfir on those who oppose them, likewise the Rawafid, and the ones who do not make Takfir label people as corrupt (Fusaaq). This goes for the majority of the people of desire (Al-Hawaa), they label an opinion as an innovation, and make Takfir on those who oppose them in it. But Ahl Sunnah follow the truth from their Lord with which the Prophet (saws) came, and do not make Takfir on those who oppose them in their opinions, rather they are the most knowledgeable about the truth and the most merciful with the creation.”

The truth I perceived from them is that Takfir is not longer a legal ruling, but it has turned into a tool of threatening. They threaten everyone with a piercing shot, or a sharp knife, or an improvised explosive, or Takfir and Tafsiq on their opponents from the Jihadists groups. What is this for religion, and what is this for Dawah, and what is the logic of this reasoning? Unfortunately we claimed to be a State, rather a Caliphate, and did not respect the minds of people or the legal terms.

As for Al-Qaedah, who we blame for all our failures, rather we even make Takfir on them, they did respect the minds of people and sticked to the legal terms, and did not play with them. We did not hear them make Takfir on those who do make Takfir on them, and use it like a weapon. They honor the names (terms) which Allah learned to Adam, and know that these names are majestic to Allah the Almighty, because rules are built upon them. So they do not make Takfir on whomever they wish, and do not judge about whomever they wish, by whatever they wish. Rather they always avoid injustice in their verdicts on people, and they fear Allah concerning their abilities. By Allah they remind me of the position of Shaykh Al-Islaam ibn Taymiyah when some of his opponents made takfir on him. He said: “Those who oppose me, if they exceed the boundaries of Allah by making Takfir and Tafsiq on me, or an ignorant emotional slander, then I will not exceed the boundaries of Allah concerning it. Rather I control what I am saying and doing, and weigh it with the balance of justice, and make him a believer by the Book which was revealed by Allah, and make it a guidance for people in their differences of opinions.”

The Takfir I saw and experienced would make a newborn gray, and would amaze a normal person let alone a softhearted person. And killing Ahl Sunnah in mosques with the excuse of targeting the Shia in Sanaa is not built on the Fatwa of At-Tatarus (targeting enemies while they are mixed with Muslims). No, rather it is built on the Fatwa that they are disbelievers or apostates, because they are from political parties like Al-Islah, or from Al-Mutammar (peoples congress), or they are Houthis, or from the Southern Movement, or from any other party or organization, and if they are not from any of these then they certainly voted some day in their lives. And the evidence for what I am saying: You will not find that our companions started investigations about the deaths of Sunnis, in order for them to pay blood-money. Rather they do not even admit that they were in mosques, and were praying, and that there were Muslims among the dead. Rather they said the targets were Huseiniyaat and temples.

The amazing thing is that after these calamities someone came to us from Iraq itself or Shaam, saying to us, and I quote “Your doctrine (Aqeedah) is not solid.” I said to myself no one remained for us to make Takfir on. Only we remain, to make Takfir on each-other. And more amazing than all of this is that we become angry on those who say that we make Takfir on Muslims, and we always say we do not make Takfir except on those who Allah made Takfir. Meaning: Al-Islah, Al-Hirak, the tribes, the Salafis who do not make Takfir on Abd Rab Mansour, and those who vote, or work in governmental organs, and Al-Qaedah if they do not make Takfir on all of them.

Arabic: كلمة حق ( 2 ) تكفير المسلمين

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