This is how I gave Bayah to it and this is why I left it – Part 1.

This is how I gave Bayah to it .. And this is why I left it

Written by: حسام الأموي


The title may puzzle many but it is a reality which I experienced myself in detail. And here I am today trying to share its details perhaps it will end extremism in someone or nudge the mind of another to reactive his mind and think carefully about the issue; removed far away from media influence and the creation of thoughts from any which party. Especially since there are those who take advantage of this medium to spread their project without any legal or moral consideration. And unfortunately they have exceeded the expected limits and took advantage of the thirstiness which the Ummah is suffering from, including their members. Especially those who know the path (by means of Jihad) to re-install the stolen truth, far away from partisan races and politics.

And the reality is that I was one of those who was fooled by their flashy slogans and the thirst they quenched, I drank from it like others did. And with the passing of days and the acceleration of events I discovered the saltiness of this water and the change of its smell and taste, while fresh water can and does not change this quick. First honoring their position and thanking the scholars in Jihad, while they dismiss them the next day if they differ with them in a certain opinion.

Between the cheer from shock, and the firm grasp on illusion, and the one who surrendered himself to the media to let it formulate his conviction how it pleases. I wanted to record these words and there is no doubt that the one who is interested in the truth will follow it wherever it may go. And he will withdraw from ideas which he adopted as the truth and he will withdraw from supporting a deviant misguided group. And even if it accomplishes some achievements then this will not make up for their deviant methodology and the distance from their claims in reality.

And we will address the topic in divisions, beginning with my support and pledge (Bayah), and ending with the reasons for leaving it. I will start with the most important knot upon which ISIS relies heavily, this is the door many minds entered through, and with this they take control and infect the hearts of the Muslims.

The Media Publications:

ISIS has excelled in this field and it preceded a lot of other media institutions and productions, and it became an unprecedented media phenomenon. They knew what  people wanted and they met their desires, after that they control the strings of his thoughts and decisions. The individual who loves the slaughter of infidels gets what he likes, and the individual who loves courage and marches gets these battles completely professionally produced, and the individual who loves to see the West get challenged and threatened is also provided with this, and the individual who was dreaming about control and empowerment and wavering flags is shown the areas which they control and some services and functions. And they show all the positive features even if they were little, while they hide all the negative featured even if they were abounded. Until it published photo albums like the images of the lemon industry in the province of Raqqah, so that the observer imagines that the province is in a state of safety, and this does not diminish except that he is shown the fruits and flowers of the province, while he does not know about the clashes on its outskirts.

They are also active in promotion on social media and attracted the hearts of many. Until they achieved the greatest thing, and this the trust between them and the individuals. Taking full space in their minds and hearts, and from there their thinking. Until the individual does not watch anything except that what they broadcast and issue, and he does not believe anything except what they say, and everything that comes from them is the truth. While that which comes from others is nothing more than a lie and distortion. You will not see their followers watch any thing other than the publications of ISIS, or read an article which does not talk about ISIS, or watch the respond of any other group against a misunderstanding raised by ISIS, or follow a person on Twitter which doesn’t support ISIS.

That is why ISIS has been able to strike deeply and with confidence in gaining the trust of followers for anything they say or anything they do. They were able to topple everyone they wanted, even if he was a scholar or Mujahid who spend his live traveling between mountains and still is.

Therefore I say that if ISIS wanted to topple Shaykh Usama bin Laden, may Allah accept him, they will succeed in doing so. Because they found people who would believe them, especially since they were successful towards their followers in toppling his successor and Mujahid companion Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri with mere suspicions and mis-interpretations of his words.

And they have judged about the Taliban with apostasy with a suspicion which was already present 17 years ago under the reign of Shaykh Usama and Mullah Umar. And many believed them. This proofs their media success in forming people’s convictions and regarding it as the only source of truth. And I remember that when someone would send me a publication or article or response previously, I would ignore it and without watching or reading the publication I would issue the judgment that they were lying and that they wanted to topple and distort the Caliphate.

So they built institutions publishing articles and institutions concerned with publishing who didn’t have any concern other than that which supports their project, they will spread it and promote it even if it were a great lie, a slander and a fraud. And I stumbled upon one of their articles by Al-Battar Media Institute filled with lies which would even make the supporters of the tyrants too shy to share it. And every day the shock increases, and I would try to find a justification for this amount of lies and the bad manners of their supporters who write for them. until I would ask myself ‘How could this be the Methodology of the Prophet?’

What I want to explain is that their media portrayed a version of the Caliphate of Umar ibn AbdulAziz in the minds of some, but if he were to step down to the reality he would witness the government of Al-Hajaaj ibn Yusuf. And he would be amazed by their ability to falsify the facts and manufacture illusions. Therefore when I reached the ground it was a shock which made me re-think the matter, removed far away from the influence of their media.

And I do not want someone to say that I deny all their achievements and the courage of its individuals and their implementation of the Sharia in some areas which they control. I do not deny this. But this does not allow them to make Takfir on all the groups and fight the Mujahideen, and ridicule and topple the icons of Jihad and its scholars, and their transgression, and their carelessness in spilling blood and chopping off heads, and tearing groups up apart, and attack them systematically in an attempt to topple Al-Qaedah. All of this created a question mark and made me re-think and take an appropriate decision. That’s why I left it. Not a scholar remained who set foot on the Jihadi battlefield nor a Mujahid group. You were either with ISIS or against it. And this reminds me of the rotten doctrine of Bush, and not the doctrine of Umar, and it is unbecoming for the one who raises the slogan ‘Upon the Prophetic Methodology’.

During my research I remembered a judge in ISI, Shaykh Sulayman Al-Utaybi, who complained to the leadership of Khurasan about the fraud of Al-Furqan Media Foundation. They would show video footage of old operations claiming that they were new. I said to myself, SubhanAllah if he was alive among us today what would he say about the Hollywood-like movies?

What would he say the day their channels published pictures of Martyrs and how they talked about them targeting a convoy of the Rawafid and how the operation was a success. When all of a sudden we were surprised after that when the Iraqi state television broadcasts an interview with the martyrs and that the operation was not executed at all?

What would he say when their channels published that one of their Martyrs set off his explosives belt in a Shia shrine in Sanaa, killing dozens of Houthis, while the explosion was in a Mosque and the killed were Sunnis!? And when the people of knowledge advise them, and proofed that it was a mosque, they became arrogant and said that the advise is merely a cry over the deaths of the Rawafid.

What would he say if he was present today and would witness that Martyrdom operations do not longer have any rules nor conditions? And that is has become nothing more than a mere explosion, even if was against a meaningless wall, as it happened in an operation against a hotel in Adan. And the examples are many for the one who probes and searches, and Allah is the One Who’s help is sought.

Then I stopped at another message in the documents of Abbottabad, in which Shaykh Usama warned about the distortion in the media and the cutting of sections. Like it happened in Al-Furqan Media Foundation concerning an audio clip of Shaykh Zarqawi, as they were published twice in two different versions and two different shots.

But was this enough to leave them? And what about their claim that their state is wronged in Shaam and the desertion of Jabhat Nusra, and the subsequent announcement of the Caliphate? And what is wrong with them being successful in their media, is war not deception? All of this will be discussed in the next episode of this series InshaAllah.

Original: هكذا بايعتها…وعلى هذا تركتها

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