This is how I gave Bayah to it and this is why I left it – Part 2.

This is how I gave Bayah to it .. And this is why I left it.

Written by:حسام الأموي


Part 2: The relationship between ISIS and Al-Qaedah

In the first episode of this series I talked about the media’s role in changing people’s convictions, and how ISIS uses it in its advantage, and lured everyone, and attracted media foundations and websites and supporters who worked on Jihadi projects. And they were able to pull them to their rank, in order to be active in defending their ideology and project, without specifying the Sharia positions concerning it. And how many of its supporters would not believe anything except what they say and would not read anything except what is related to them. Even though media success is the aim of a group or organization, but the problem is that this success has turned into falsifying realities, or toppling other Jihadi groups, or discrediting scholars and icons of Jihad. Especially after it took control of people’s hearts and they started to believe everything it says and publishes.

I will not conceal secrets my beloved brothers, after I published the first episode from this series I faced a relentless campaign in which they uttered the worse statements, and this is usually apparent in the supporters of ISIS. And I would become saddened when I was in their ranks from what they used to utter against their opponents. So how about now, since I have a become and enemy in their sight? Some of them even reached to level of threats!

Some of them wrote articles and they tried to prove that I did not pledge allegiance to ISIS. Sometimes they would say that I pledged allegiance to an expelled jurist, and another time they would say I did not pledge allegiance at all. And when I asked them to swear and invoke the curse of Allah on the one who’s is lying (Mubahalah), between me and them, concerning the claim that I did not pledge allegiance to ISIS, they fled and did not want to swear, and every day I would repeat the request to him but he would not respond. So the aim was spreading lies and fabrications, and this is known about them.

Some of them would even search in the past and the closets of history, perhaps that they would find something which could help them in bringing down their opponent. And if we were to search in the past of their leaders we would find that they used to exchange security and intelligence files between them and the Americans in the era of Saddam Hussein and the Baath party.

But this is not our religion, we do not treat people on the basis of their past, but treat them on the basis of they have said and acknowledged after they entered the field of jihad, and after they threw ignorance (Jaahiliyah) behind their backs. As for these people, if Umar ibn Khattab would be alive today and disagreed with them in a matter, they would discredit him because he used to worship idols made out of dates!

They think that this will restrain us, but they do not know that this only increases our determination and eagerness. We are not snitching nor are we fishing for mistakes, but we are recording the experience we have lived. And we list facts which we did not hear nor did most of their supporters, because the hearing and sight was seized by them in this stage of enthusiasm. They were the ears we heard with, and the eyes we saw with. And Allah is the One Whose help is sought.

I devoted this episode to talk about the reality of the relationship between ISIS and Al-Qaedah, and the events of Shaam, and how I would see them and judge about it. Because I think that if everyone was keen to listen to all parties impartially, without the presence of tempers and emotions, they would find the truth. And the most important thing in the events of Shaam is the reality of the relationship between ISIS and Al-Qaedah, because everything that happened after that is a result of this relationship.

We were used to hear that there wasn’t any obedience from ISIS to Al-Qaedah, and thus no pledge of allegiance to Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri from Al-Baghdadi. For a long time they have published ‘How could a state pledge allegiance to a group?’ And they cut bits from the words of Shaykh Abu Hamzah Al-Muhajir and the words of Shaykh Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi, may Allah have mercy upon them. But on the current Jihadi field you would of course discover some clarity in their words, especially if you did not yet read the letters of Shaykh Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir to the central leadership in Khorasan, and if you did not hear the other party and his arguments, at least if ISIS left a chance for people to listen to others. But the one who knows the literature of the Jihadi groups, and that there was a policy behind the screens which that period of time dictated, agreed upon by both parties, will not be subjected to the wishes of ISIS with ease. Especially if the witness reports in this matter have reached a undeniably high number.

When I talk about this matter I consider it to be at the center of the events in Shaam. Through it we will know who broke the stick of obedience, and if Jabhat Nusra really betrayed and broke their covenant, and broke the ranks and disobeyed the orders of its leader, or did the opposite happen!

We were used to hear and view that Jabhat Nusra was sent by ISIS to support the people of Syria, and I found out that this was a fact which wasn’t denied by anyone, not even by Al-Qaedah itself. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi sent Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani, about whom Al-Adnaani later said “He is an ignorant boy”. He forgot that Al-Baghdadi was the one who sent him. But what I discovered after that, is that the leadership of Al-Qaedah in Khorasan agreed with sending Jabhat Nusra. And all of them agreed to keep the matter a secret, without showing that Jabhat Nusra was part of Al-Qaedah or ISIS. This was a policy or benefit appropriate for that certain time.

ISIS said to its followers and supporters that ISIS did not belong to Al-Qaedah, after that their official spokesperson came out with the speech “Apologies leader of Al-Qaedah.” Our emotions were at a level where we forgot our own minds and neglected our logic in everything he said. We only heard words which proofed his claim that ISIS did not belong to Al-Qaedah. I am amazed at my situation then and my situation today. The anesthetic effect has ended. I now find amazing contradictions in his speech. Furthermore, I now read it as proof for their obedience to Al-Qaedah, and not the other way around.

Al-Adnaani said that ISIS did not belong to Al-Qaedah because Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri did never instruct them and they did not receive any orders from Al-Qaedah leadership. Then, in the same context, contradicting himself, he says “When you ordered us to refrain from attacking Iran, we obeyed while we were able to turn Iran into a pool of blood.” More than a year and half has passed since then, and he still didn’t turn Iran into a pool nor a hole of blood. So this was only a method of mobilizing the tempers of supporters and followers.

After that Al-Adnani literary acknowledges in the same speech that the witness report of Dr. Ayman Zawahiri was entirely true, and he adds to this that their relationship was that of a soldier between his leader. But in an attempt to escape from embarrassment in front of his followers something happened which we did not yet hear in the history, and because we did not have any knowledge and only followed our emotions, we believed that there was such a thing in the books of jurisprudence (Fiqh) called a pledge of allegiance out of mere respect and honor (which does not obligate obedience according to Al-Adnaani). And Allah is the One Whose help is sought.

The reference of many supporters for prove in regards to the pledge of allegiance is either taken from the words of Al-Adnaani or the Tweets of (the unknown) Turjman Al-Asawirti who uses excerpts from the words of Shaykh Abu Hamza Al-Muhajir and Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi. I did not hear, and many like me, of the countless witness reports which have reached the number of undeniability, which acknowledge the pledge of Al-Baghdadi to Shaykh Zawahiri. Because the media of ISIS has dominated the hearts until it has settled with what they say.

As for me, in the beginning I would say that I did not have any problem with who really gave a pledge of allegiance or didn’t. The important thing is that the Caliphate has been established, and the entire world is waging war against it, and it has a real project on the ground. I was like all other supporters who were also thirsty for the Caliphate. I was obsessed with their shiny slogans like the conquering of Rome and imposing Jizyah and the golden Dinar. And I rejected everyone who spoke about the media and the reality. And I did not hear nor witness them killing the Mujahideen and that their project was stained with the blood of the pure and innocent. And that extremism would increase every day from an individual level to their state doctrine. The slogans of Al-Adnaani deceived me in his speech “May Allah be with you oh oppressed state” and I believed it. I did not hear about the killing of Abu Muhammad Faatih and his wife and his children. Nor about the abduction and killing of Shaykh Abu Sa’d Al-Hadrami. Nor the killing of Shaykh Khalid Suri. And many others.

Then I realized that everything that happened in Shaam in terms of turmoil comes down to the issue of the pledge of allegiance, in order for us to know who evaded and broke off. Allah is Witness that I could not accept that Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri possibly lied in his testimony, concerning the documents and the letters of Al-Baghdadi which he cited. While supporters of ISIS were easily saying that the Shaykh was lying, and that he is adding words, claiming that he is a mere human and not infallible.

I said to myself, a person does not have any precedence anymore, and is not considered sincere and trustworthy except from the nearby. While it is easy to discredit a man who spent his live traveling between mountains and valleys, who sacrificed his wife and son and brother, and stayed determined like a steady mountain. I said to my self these are years of deceit (1).

If Shaykh Zawahiri was lying according to the supporters of ISIS, than what about the witness reports, and did they hear them? They have reached the number of undeniability, or do we belie the whole world and believe one person? What about the witness report of Shaykh Abu Sulayman Al-Mujahir, who was accepted by ISIS as a mediator to resolve the dispute between them and Jabhat Nusra? Who swore by Allah that he heard Al-Baghdadi say “May Allah forbid, rather we have a real pledge of allegiance to Ayman Zawahiri.”

And if Shaykh Abu Sulayman Al-Muhajir was a liar, then what about the letter of Al-Baghdadi to Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri in which he said “Should we renew our pledge of allegiance openly or secretly like we did before?” This is proof that there was a pledge even if it was secretly and not openly in the media.

And there are many witness reports, so do we belie the entire world so that we can believe Al-Adnaani and his statements? And if there was enough time I would have collected all the documented witness reports, and there are many in regards to the proof of a pledge of allegiance to Al-Qaedah.

If the pledge of allegiance to Al-Qaedah is proven, and it is proven for me through the witness reports, then it is not fitting for someone to claim the position of a Caliph while he broke his oath, and even lied about it. He lets young people belie the witness report of Shaykh Zawahiri and discredit his reputation for the same reason, while he knows that Zawahiri is truthful in what he said. This is a disgrace for an ordinary person, let alone someone who claims that he is a Caliph on the Prophetic methodology. There is no might or strength except with Allah.

Al-Bayhaqi narrated in As-Sunnan with an authentic chain that Umar ibn Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, said: “Do not look at a someone’s prayer or fasting; rather look at his honesty when he speaks, and his trustworthiness when he is entrusted, and his piety when he is healthy.”

This person deceived the Ummah and denied a real pledge of allegiance. So now we must ask ourselves, who broke the covenant and denied the real pledge of allegiance and broke the stick of obedience? And with disobeying the instructions of his leader caused turmoil and infighting in Shaam, after the judgment of the general leader about the matter? Is it Jabhat Nusra and its leader Al-Joulani, who obeyed the leader of his leader? Or Al-Baghdadi who agreed on any results from the judgment of Shaykh Zawahiri, and after that he averted and broke off!

We were used to hear that ISIS did not lift and present the case to Shaykh Zawahiri so that he would judge about the matter. But what we learned later on was that Shaykh Abu AbdulAziz Al-Qatari, may Allah have mercy upon him, who was praised by Al-Adnaani in one of his speeches. And through the witness report of an ISIS jurist himself, Abu Bark Al-Qahtani. That everyone accepted the conflict to be lifted and presented to Shaykh Zawahiri, and Al-Baghdadi said according to their own jurist that if the judgment about the matter would be that ISIS should return to Iraq, that they would return.

And we were used to hear from ISIS that the letter in which Shaykh Zawahiri judged about the matter was only attributed to him, according to Al-Baghdadi and Al-Adnaani, and the one who pleases can look up their statements. When it was proven that the statement was from Shaykh Zawahiri, they said that he judged without listening to the other party. But what we knew later on was that Shaykh Zawahiri did not judge about the issue as an impartial judge but as a general leader of both groups, and that his order requires obedience and submission.

So there was a pledge of allegiance and they broke it, and there was a decisive order and they denied it. But what about the events of Shaam and the infighting, and what about the oppressed state? And were Jabhat Nusra and others indeed setting up checkpoints and preventing ISIS from fighting the Nusayriyah, until Al-Adnaani said in his speech “Leave between us and the Nusayriyah.” How did I view this while I was one of their followers, and how did we judge about the infighting between the factions and ISIS? We will talk about all of this in the next episode with the permission of Allah.

(1) The Prophet (saws): “There will be years of deceit. People will believe the  liar, and disbelieve the one who tells the truth. People will distrust the one who is trustworthy, and trust the one who is treacherous.” (Ahmad)

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