The looming collapse of ISIS in Yemen

The looming collapse of ISIS in Yemen

After the speech of Al-Adnani in which he threatened the Mujahid groups and organizations, the ISIS jurist Abu Muhammad Al-Kinani published a Fatwa making Takfir on Al-Qaedah in Yemen, claiming that is was obligatory to fight against them. Keep in mind that Abu Muhammad Al-Kinani was recently a Hajoori (Abu Yahya Al-Hajoori) member of the Madkhali sect in Yemen (extreme Murjiah sect led by Rabee ibn Haadi Al-Madkhali). He went from one extreme to another extreme, from Murjiee Madkhali to Haroori Khajiri. This is yet another proof that many leading figures in ISIS do not have a history in Jihad or the Jihadi Manhaj, nevertheless they are preferred above known and experienced Mujahid leaders and scholars, simply because they gave Bayah to ISIS. And like always they first begin with a smear campaign in their media, and when they have spread enough hate in the hearts of their followers, they publicly publish their Takfir on their opponent. We saw this routinely in Iraq, in Shaam, in Yemen, in Afghanistan, in Lybia, in Somalia, etc.

But by the permission of Allah many members left ISIS in Yemen because of this Fatwa. They were angered and could not understand why he called for war against Al-Qaedah while they are the ones repelling the transgression of the attacking Shia Houthis, they could not understand why they should change the war against the Houthis to a war against Al-Qaedah. So many defected and a number of them returned to Al-Qaedah. This was a hard slap for the Ghulaat, because those who left ISIS were important leading figures. But instead of admitted the defections by these leading figures they decided to lie as usual and claimed that they were actually expelled. So one of their provinces in Yemen published a statement, a province which is nothing more than a small cell living in territory protected by Al-Qaedah, yes, the same Al-Qaedah one which they make Takfir. In this statement ISIS declared that these 15 individuals were expelled because they were creating turmoil in the ranks. And they called upon ISIS members to boycott them and not to deal with them what ever the reasons may be.

After that another crucial incident occurred. After a military operation by ISIS in Hadramout failed, they came across two men of the Al-Awlaki tribe from Shabwah. They were honeybee keepers who were collecting honey, and they owned two new cars. ISIS was lured by the two good looking cars so they stopped them and asked for their ID’s. Then they killed them because they were carrying a military ID, they filmed the execution and placed pictures of it on their social media channels in an attempt to claim an empty media victory, with the accusation that they were apostate soldiers. These men were known, they were Haydarah Hashim Salih Hadeej and Ahmad Muhammad Muqallam Hadeej, they previously fought against the Houthis in Shabwah. The one who lives in Yemen knows the reality and differentiates between the one who owns a military ID and a military soldiers. Not everyone who carries a military ID is a soldier, many Yemenis have a military ID on them while they are not in the military. Shaykh Anwar Al-Awlaki for example would also carry this ID, with the rank of major, without him being in the military for not even a day. Abu Ahmad Al-Saeedi who was himself in the ranks of ISIS in Yemen would also carry this ID. But when you join the ranks of ISIS you of course become infallible..

This subject concerning the military ID of Yemenis maybe difficult to understand for someone who lives outside of Yemen, but the Yemenis understand this, they only have this ID to collect a paycheck, among other reasons. The situation in Yemen is different from many other countries. When the Muhajireen come to Yemen they are surprised about the many military ID’s carried by the Mujahideen. But the scholars explain to them that they have nothing to do with the military. The two men killed by ISIS are known by the tribes members and the Mujahideen, they are not military personal. ISIS nevertheless killed them with the accusation that they are from the military and they took their cars. These two men were honeybee keepers who came from Shabwah to Hadramout to collect and sell honey. Their tribe knew that they were not in the military so they demanded retribution and they requested the case to be resolved in a Sharia court.

The ironic thing is that Abu Musab Al-Azdi, the man from ISIS who stood behind them in the video production, was actually a real soldier previously. Today he kills Muslims with the accusation that they are soldiers while they are the furthest away from it. But Allah delays, He doesn’t forget. Allah will support the oppressed and He will punish the oppressor even if takes a while. And what oppression is greater than spilling the blood of innocent Muslims. Allah did not waste the blood of the innocent, their blood was the biggest proof for the deviance of ISIS, and it cleaned the Jihadi ranks from extremism. The innocent blood of these two men will cause the downfall of ISIS in Yemen inshaAllah. As tensions were rising between the Al-Awlaki tribe and the members of ISIS in Yemen, and mass defections occurred in the ranks of ISIS in Yemen after this incident and these tensions in just a matter of days.

The continuous refusal of ISIS to resolve issues in Sharia courts proofed to many and especially the Muwahideen that ISIS doesn’t really want the Sharia of Allah. This is not the first time they refused this. They have refused Sharia courts more than once in different cases and different countries. This is nothing new. The Sharia is merely a slogan used for propaganda. Every time they are invited to resolve an issue in a Sharia court they run away like donkeys run for the whip. So is there anyone left who doubts about their false claim concerning the Sharia? After they were called to resolve the issue by the Al-Awlaki tribe they rather published a video of the execution kicking them in to their graves.

Contrary to leaders of Al-Qaedah who have accepted to resolve issues in independent Sharia courts. Shaykh Abu Baseer Al-Wuhayhsi, may Allah accept him, for example accepted the court request from an ISIS member in Yemen, the man wanted to resolve an issue and wanted to appoint Shaykh Abdul Majeed Al-Raymi as a judge. Shaykh Abu Baseer accepted him as a judge despite the fact that Abdul Majeed Al-Raymi pledged allegiance to ISIS and despite his strong criticism towards Al-Qaedah.

Around a week after the incident with the Al-Awlaki tribe an internal statement was spread amongst the ranks of ISIS, signed by 70 members of ISIS, among them soldiers, leaders and jurists. In it they stated that they refused to further operate under the current ISIS governor in the coast of Hadramout in Yemen named Muhammad Najdi. They also counted a couple of violations to which they objected. This statement was leaked on the Internet. But the objections they cited were actually just a drip of water in the ocean if we were to compare them with the numerous criminal incidents in Iraq and Syria.

This conflict in the ranks of ISIS in Yemen is not unique, a similar internal conflict occurred in the ranks of ISIS in Afghanistan. The ISIS deputy Muslim Dost disowned the ISIS governor Hafiz Saeed Khan and declared his innocent from him. Muslim Dost accused him of spreading oppression and ignorance, Hafiz Saeed Khan ignored Islamic-teachings and degraded the Afghan people, he even kidnapped and killed innocent civilians, and took un-lawful taxes from them, all according to the ISIS deputy Muslim Dost. We witness what the brothers experienced in Shaam on nearly every front to which ISIS has spread. Many didn’t believe that ISIS refused to resolve the conflicts in Shaam in a Sharia court, now we are seeing the same scenario happen in Yemen and other fronts. The corruption and oppression of the leaders of ISIS in Shaam has spread to nearly every front where ISIS has spread its branches.

Among the objections which were raised by the 70 members was that the ISIS governor Muhammad Najdi repeatedly refused to resolve the death of the two Al-Awlaqi tribes members in a Sharia court. Their family members wanted proof for their “apostasy” in a Sharia court. Fearing backlash ISIS jurists also tried to convince the governor of Hadramout to listen to their request and resolve the issues in a Sharia court. But he refused and ignored their advise continuously.

Four days after the leaked statement signed by the 70 members of ISIS, Abu Ubaydah Abdul Haleem, one of the unknown Shura members of ISIS, replied to their collectively signed statement of suspension. In this response he rejected their suspension and called them forcefully to listen to their governor in Hadramout even if he had made mistakes. He warned them for splitting the ranks, and that they would he expelled from the Caliphate if they didn’t listen and obey. But this response caused for a backlash as another number of 31 members also decided to sign the statement and likewise suspended their activities under the current governor in Hadramout. And another 24 members followed soon after a couple of days.

ISIS does not understand any language except the language or military and war, so their response that they should listen and obey, instead of researching the objections, was predictable. They do not understand Islamic objections and resolving matters with the Islamic Sharia, they rule with the law of the jungle like their governor Abu Ayman Al-Iraqi once said in Shaam. While the objections made in this statement are just the tip of the iceberg, what is kept out in this statement in terms of Takfir and deviance is much worse, but they only were capable of mentioning these issues. And if the members who signed the statement were to live in Iraq or Shaam, instead of Yemen, they would have been used as propaganda in one of their bloody Hollywood-like productions, and accused of rebellion or espionage and breaking the ranks.

ISIS rejected their objections and statement because it does not want to open this door, many other soldiers in other countries besides Yemen are displeased with many corrupt policies of ISIS. If ISIS would listen to these members in Yemen, others will also certainly follow elsewhere. That’s why they do not accept advises, they do not accept correcting mistakes, they do not tolerate those who reject evil and order virtue. Many senior scholars who advised them before were attacked and discredited for the same reason. Now we see them discredit the members who signed this statement and suspended their activities in Yemen. Abu Al-Baraa Al-Ansari, the ex-drugs dealer turned Twitter scholar for ISIS supporters in Yemen, who yet again changed his pen-name after being exposing once again, already started discrediting these members. He accused them of being spies for Al-Qaedah, and that they have a deviant methodology, and that they are failures, etc.

This is the same policy we see in the tyrant governments when someone stands up, speaks out and tries to reform the mistakes, corruption and evils which are present in the country and community ruled by these tyrannical governments. This is not the policy of a Caliphate on the prophetic methodology. How could they claim to be a Caliphate on the prophetic methodology after this response? Umar ibn Khattab replaced Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas because of a complaint made by the people of Iraq, while they were wrong! Umar ibn Khattab said that he would nevertheless replace him with another leader in the hope that the people of Iraq would reform. He replaced a righteous leader simply because he wanted to reform the people, so how about a corrupt leader who refuses the Sharia of Allah?!

The first objection they made in their signed statement was about the expelled soldiers of ISIS in Yemen; after they complained about the mistakes of a military official who was responsible for pushing a number of ISIS soldiers to unnecessary deaths in a failed and weak operation. After their complaints they were expelled with the excuse that ISIS did not need them anymore. While expelling them is as if they handed them over to the enemy because they were wanted by the security services of the government. Again: Is this the way the Prophet (saws) would treat his companions who made certain (legitimate Sharia) objections? Is this the prophetic methodology with Muslims who want to correct certain mistakes, or is this the methodology of the tyrants with people who want to reform and correct mistakes?

These expelled members were right about their complaints, since the failed operation in Hadramout lacked the minimum means and requirements for determining the outcome of the battle. As their military official did not plan any retreat, the soldiers did not have any cover, they did not have any guides who knew the area, they did not have any medical team, nor medical tools, and the battle plan was changed hours before the operation, instead of storming one barrack it became two barracks, but ISIS claimed even three barracks in their media, the soldiers were also prevented from carrying the necessary weapons by the military official, and many other mistakes were made.

This caused the unnecessary death of tens of ISIS soldiers on the road, nearly half of the hundred participating soldiers died in this battle, and their corpses weren’t even counted until the local Muslims of that area buried them. Despite these major tactical mistakes there wasn’t any action taken against the military official who was responsible for this operation. Rather ISIS even lied about it and claimed it as a huge victory in their media propaganda.

This failed operation in Hadramout, which ultimately caused the suspension of these members, also led to the death of up to 50 soldiers, while 8 were taken prisoners by the regime. The prisoners were filmed by the regime while they stood on the heads of the wounded and killed. The military official responsible does clearly not know anything about military tactics. How could they execute an operation in an area which is totally unknown to them without a guide? They did not have any cover, the soldiers weren’t even allowed to carry necessary weapons. These are military- and tactical basics. But the amazing this is that the ones, who demanded that the responsible military official should be blamed and questioned, were themselves expelled..! And the ironic thing is that by expelling these members they are actually acknowledging that they are merely a group and not a Caliphate. Because you can not expel a member of the Caliphate, you can however expel members of a group or organization.

Ansar Sharia in Yemen (AQAP) also published a statement on 20 November 2015 rejecting the accusation that they were behind this careless attack in Shibam Hadhramout, which had wounded tens of civilians and destroyed more than 70 civilian homes in the process, displacing many civilians from their homes, and also damaging a nearby Mosque. Despite the fact that AQAP rejected responsibility for this attack and despite the fact that ISIS claimed responsibility for it, the Yemeni media initially chose to accuse AQAP of carrying out the attack, purposely misquoting their direct denial. Ansar Sharia explained in this statement that it is not their policy to carry out such careless attacks which has a large chance of harming Muslim civilians. They also criticized the so-called Caliphate of ISIS in Yemen for dealing carelessly with the blood of Muslims and their homes and Mosques, asking them “Do you want to gain victory over the blood of Muslim children and women?” Some analysts even suspected that ISIS purposely wanted to distort the reputation of Al-Qaedah in this region because they have a large and popular support base in this area.

But what’s sure is that this Caliphate does not care one bit about the blood of Muslims and even its own soldiers. How is this suppose to be the prophetic methodology? How can a major military operation be executed with 10 media personal while there is not one medic? It is clear that ISIS cares primarily about their media propaganda, while even the blood of its own men have little value. Their obsession with Hollywood-like media productions has made them blind for Islamic values. Since they were and are only concerned about a media victory. You could even say that the puffed-up Hollywood-like media productions resemble the disbelievers in their boastfulness and desire for glory. Allah said about the polytheists of Quraysh when they left Mecca to wage war under the leadership of Abu Jahl: “And do not be like those who marched from their homes full of self-conceit and a desire to be seen and praised by men.” (8:47)

It has become known that ISIS prefers to kill hostages in a spectacular fashion instead of exchanging them with Muslim prisoners. We also saw this in Yemen when they published a series of Saw-like propaganda movies in which they beheaded 9 Houthi prisoners, while blowing 6 up with explosives on a boat at water, 4 others were blown up by explosives tied around their neck, and another 6 were blown up with a rocket launcher. We have seen similar videos from other ISIS governates, like the video from Iraq. In it 3 men accused of espionage were blown up in car with a rocket launcher, 7 were blown up with an explosives necklace, and for the crème de la crème they put 5 other men in a cage and drowned them in a pool. The underwater camera showed the men screaming and struggling to escape, after that the cage was raised and the men were seen foaming from the mouth as they died.

Everything of course filmed in HD 1080P. They are obsessed with such propaganda while there are ISIS members, soldiers and sympathizers who are jailed in the prisons of the tyrants and the Houthis in Yemen, like Shaykh Abdul Majeed Al-Raymi. They jailed him because he joined and supported ISIS. So not only doesn’t ISIS bother to release him and other members, or soldiers and sympathizers of their own, let alone the general Muslims, they also make their situation harsher by such bloody and brutal videos which fuel more hatred and anger in the hearts of the tyrants and Houthis against Ahl Sunnah in general, and ISIS members in specific. As if their prison situation wasn’t harsh enough. Is making these innovated videos more beloved to them then freeing their own men and even women? It was Jabhat Nusra, the so-called Sahawaat and Murtadeen, who exchanged the ex-wife of the Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Saja al-Dulaimi, for Lebanese soldiers held captive by Jabhat Nusra. But ISIS was more concerned with executing prisoners and making these innovated videos than rescuing Ahl Sunnah from the prisons of the tyrants and the Houthis.

The most amazing fact about the series of executions videos published by ISIS in Yemen, is the fact they did not even catch these Houthi prisoners themselves. ISIS bought them from the Southern Movement, which they consider to be apostates by the way. And why did they buy them? Their only objective was creating a bloody propaganda video without any other benefit for the Islamic Ummah except feeding their own reputation of hardhearted stubborn stupidity and unreasonability. Is this suppose to be the reputation of an Islamic Khilafah on the methodology of the Prophet (saws)?

The members who signed the statement and suspended their activities under the present governor instead of defecting completely, did so because of two possible reasons. The first one, and this is the most optimistic reason, is that they thought that ISIS was really concerned about the Sharia of Allah and that they were also concerned about cleaning their ranks from deviant leaders. They thought that the general leadership of ISIS would listen to their Islamic complaints and objections, and they hoped that the general leadership of ISIS would resolve these serious mistakes.

The second reason could be that they didn’t want to defect completely because the spokesperson of ISIS Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani promised a bullet in the head for everyone who dared to split the ranks of ISIS. So instead of defecting they only chose to suspend their activities, fearing the knifes and bullets ISIS promised the likes of them. It has already been reported that ISIS raided one of the homes in Yemen which was used by some defectors, but they luckily moved before ISIS raided the house. We will see how this develops further, but the nearby collapse of ISIS in Yemen seems to loom over their heads. And Allah knows best.

– Collected from different witness reports by the Mujahid brothers in Yemen.

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