A death warrant signed with the blood of scholars


A death warrant signed with the blood of scholars


Saudi Arabia has executed 47 prisoners, 43 of them were Sunni Muslims, among them a number of scholars, students and Mujahideen. Most notably Shaykh Faris Aal Shuweil Zahrani who has a master’s degree in Islamic law, Shaykh Hamd ibn Abdullah Al-Hamidee who spent most of his life studying at the feet of senior scholars, and Shaykh Abdul Aziz At-Tuwailee known for his broad and detailed knowledge, the Saudi regime has tried persuading him in to rejecting his teachings on national television, instead he requested a debate with the scholars to prove his arguments, but they rejected and tortured him severely until he became demented, and they executed him despite his medical condition. May Allah accept them all. The Mujahideen have tried to free them with prisoner swaps. They wanted to spend anything they owned to free them. AQAP for example wanted to exchange the prisoner Abdullah Al-Khalidi, the Saudi consul in Aden, for Muslim prisoners in Saudi Arabia, but the regime clearly does not care about its own officials as they refused numerous times.    

While the Mujahideen have successfully swapped prisoners before, unlike the foolish extremists who only use prisoners for their gory saw-like propaganda. The Taliban for example successfully exchanged the American soldier Bowe Bergdahl, after holding him captive for five years, for five high ranking Taliban members who were imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. Jabhat Nusra was also able to free 29 prisoners (including 4 children) from the Lebanese authorities, including other conditions set by Jabhat Nusra, in exchange for the release of 16 Lebanese soldiers held captive by Jabhat Nusra for over a year.

Shaykh Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri said praisingly in a recent speech: “I thank my Mujahid brothers everywhere who strive to free Muslim male and female prisoners, and here I especially want to mention my noble brothers, the lions of Islam in the stronghold of Syria, the guards over Jerusalem, in the brave and pride Jabhat Nusra, who strove to free the male and female prisoners in the hands of the Lebanese government. May Allah reward you in the best way in this world and the Hereafter. They have healed the hearts of the believers and delighted their eyes. I ask Allah that He places these deeds on the scale of good deeds on the Day of Judgment. My noble brothers this blessed deal was a victory from Allah, you freed the male and female prisoners, and you supported the migrants (in Arsal) with aid, medicine and medical assistance. You proved that you are the protectors of your Ummah. And that you are eager to help the suffering and free them from oppression. And that you are the protectors of their honors. So may Allah reward you in the best way. My noble brothers in the pride and lofty Jabhat Nusra, you presented a noble example for the Mujahideen everywhere, so stay on this blessed path, and strive for more good deeds of obedience and refrain from sins and disobedience.” (Source: Shaam – A trust on your necks)

Some years ago the brothers from Al-Qaidah launched a campaign against the occupying Crusaders in Saudi Arabia. Among the members were scholars, students, veteran Mujahideen from Afghanistan and elsewhere. By the grace of Allah the Crusaders tasted bitter days in those years. They attacked their interests in the region, especially US interests, like the Riyadh Compound bombings in 2003, and the Yanbu and Khobar attack in 2004. The Saudi regime was enraged and stood up in defense of their Western masters, waging a ruthless witch-hunt against the Mujahid brothers. They mobilized their whole army in breaking down this cell, and their government scholars did not busy themselves with anything else. A large amount of these brothers were killed, others were imprisoned, while the rest reorganized in a more successful and sufficient Jihadi front in Yemen, now known as AQAP.      

While the brothers continued their campaign in Yemen the scholars and students and Mujahideen who stayed behind in Saudi Arabia suffered all kinds of oppression and torture in the Saudi prisons, until a number of them were eventually executed. Their only crime was that they confronted and attacked the occupying Crusaders in the region. While the Prophet (saws) said: “No Muslim should be killed in equal retaliation (Qisas) for killing a disbeliever.” Rather he should pay blood money. And this is in the case of a peaceful disbeliever with whom there is a truce, so what about a tyrannical occupying enemy who is waging war against the Muslim Ummah!

The Muslim hearts bled heavily from the execution of these truthful scholars, students and Mujahid youths in Saudi Arabia. They were killed because they refused oppression against their Ummah, they did not accept humiliation in their religion, they did not accept the suffering situation of the hurting Ummah. They were killed because they are strangers in this time of turmoil, they were strangers between their own people. But they did not come with a new religion, rather they were like the Companions in the time of Mekkah, in a time when they were weak and oppressed.

These students and Mujahid youths and scholars sacrificed their lives for their religion, for raising the word of Allah on earth, and for the rule of the Sharia of our Lord. They sold their lives cheap for the revival of our Ummah, so that the Ummah will once again stand ahead all nations, instead of behind all nations, first instead of last. They spent their lives waging Jihad and gaining knowledge.They left the blessings of this world, they left their wives, their children, their homes, their relatives, and their belongings, for what? For the rule of Allah, and the removal of oppression, in defense of this Ummah. They were killed because of this! They were killed because they wanted to expel the Crusaders from the Arabian Peninsula, like the Prophet (saws) ordered, who said: “Expel the polytheists from the Arabian Peninsula.”

They are a crown above our heads, they stood up in our defense, they were our pride. We would not accept these executions on the sinners among our Ummah, let alone the pride of this Ummah. If they lived in another nation they would be honored, they would be carried on their heads and shoulders, they would be praised for their bravery and for defending their nation, not executed. This crime must not pass easily, revenge is a must. The Saudi regime must understand that the blood of our Muslim brothers, let alone the finest among them, is not cheap.

And the best revenge is attacking the Western masters of the puppet Saudi regime. Moreover, attacking them is a Jihadi priority, as cutting off the protection from their masters will make the downfall of the Saudi regime efficient and inevitable. Like many others these truthful scholars, students and Mujahideen were arrested at the request of the US. And they were executed at the request of the US. These executions are very suspicious when we look at the timing and the number, they were executed in the largest mass-execution in decades in Saudi history. They did not pose a direct threat to the regime, rather they posed a threat for Western interests in the region, so their execution was without a doubt ordered by the US. Therefore striking US interests in the region is the best revenge.

Like Shaykh Ayman Al Zawahiri said recently: “I say to the Mujahideen, the best revenge is attacking the Crusader-Zionist coalition, follow their interests in every way possible. As for what hurts Aal Saud the most is that their masters are attacked and they therefore search a new servant besides them.” (Source: Aal Saud – The murderers of Mujahideen)

We give the glad tidings of the promise by the Prophet (saws) in a Hadeeth Qudsi, in which Allah says “Whoever takes an ally of mine as an enemy, I declare war against him.” The determination of the Mujahideen to confront the Saudi regime has only increased since these executions. Mujahideen worldwide have promised that their blood will not be spilled without revenge. The executed brothers will receive what they were promised by Allah, likewise the hypocrites of Aal Saud will get what they were promised by Allah. And let these ignorant enemies of Allah know that by executing them they have only written their names in history. Look at the martyred scholars before them like Shaykh Abdullah Azzam and Sayyid Qutb, may Allah have mercy upon them all. Their blood was a guiding light for the Muslims and a blazing fire for the enemies of Allah. The blood of these executed scholars and Mujahid brothers will likewise be a light for the Muslims and a fire for the enemies inshaAllah.

The Saudi regime is engaged in a difficult conflict in Yemen and Syria, and many other internal and external issues and problems, but despite this they opened a new door for conflict which will pose a big security threat for them, from more than one angle and from more than one front. The Saudi regime has suffered much in the past in their confrontation with Al-Qaedah which wasn’t even directly attacking the Saudi regime but only Western interests in the region. The Saudi regime is not even able to resolve their conflict with the Shia in Qatif. But nevertheless they are seeking a new confrontation.

This is from their repeated political stupidity. We saw this political stupidity before when they wanted to depose Saddam Hussein, which directly empowered the Shia and opened the door for the Rawafid of Iran in the region, who pose a much greater threat for the Saudi regime. While they are complaining about the Rawafid-expansion in the region, they empower and help the Rawafid with their participation in the coalition in Syria and Iraq. If this is not political stupidity then what is it..?      

Every sensible regime standing in the position of Aal Saud at the moment would not be so stupid to open up a new front and expose itself to a new security threat. But their servitude to their Western masters and their animosity towards the Mujahideen made them blind. They could not have chosen a worse timing. Indeed, they deliberately killed 4 Shia Rawafid, and especially Nimr Al-Nimr, to counter the public outrage and backlash for killing 43 Sunni scholars, students and Mujahideen. This will however only fool the naive and careless masses, but the Mujahideen who are seeking revenge are the furthest away from being naive and careless.

The Saudi regime is trying to convince the naive public that they are waging a war against the Rawafid. Despite the fact that 43 of the 47 executed prisoners were Sunni Muslims, including scholars, students and veteran Mujahideen, we do not hear about them in the media, rather all media attention was focused on the Rafidi Nimr Al-Nimr. They also try to confuse the Muslims by attacking the Zaydi Shiites in Yemen for their own personal interests, after supporting the ousted Zaydi president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Salih for two decades, while they are also helping and empowering the more extreme Shia branch of the Rawafid in Iraq and even Syria. The Saudi regime in addition also granted 1 billion dollar for aid in August 2014 to the Lebanese army, which is heavily influenced by the Shia Rawafid of Hezbollah. And while Russian airplanes were indiscriminately bombing the innocent Muslim civilians in Syria, the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir visited Russia and shamelessly stated that Saudi Arabia should cooperate more with Russia to fight against terrorism.  

However the tyrant Saudi regime has signed its own death warrant with the blood of scholars. The execution of the scholar of Tafsir Saeed ibn Jubayr caused the death and downfall of Al-Hajjaaj, and Al-Waathiq became ill and died after he executed the grand scholar Imam Ahmad ibn Nasir Al-Khuza’ee. They were executed because they told the truth in the face of tyrants. Likewise are these scholars, who were executed for telling the truth in the face of the Saudi tyrant. Their blood will inshaAllah be a cause for the downfall of the Saudi regime. The blasphemous Saudi writer Turki Al-Hamad who recently insulted the religion of Islam is roaming freely in the streets of Riyad, while the Saudi regime is killing the scholars who defend the religion of Allah. Likewise the poet Hamsa Kashgari who insulted the Prophet (saws). He was set free in the so-called country of Tawheed, while the scholars of Tawheed are imprisoned and executed.

The Saudis resemble the disbelievers who killed Prophets and righteous people. Allah said about them: “Those who disbelieve in the Signs of Allah and kill the Prophets without right and kill those who order justice among the people; give them tidings of a painful punishment. They are the ones whose deeds have become worthless in this world and the Hereafter, and for them there will be no helpers.” (Aal-Imraan, 21/22)

Anwar Saadat, Mubarak, Ali Abdullah Saalih, Ali Zain Al-Abideen, Al-Qadhafi, all of them used the same policy against the Mujahideen. Now look at where they ended, in the trash bin of history, while the Mujahideen have developed into a worldwide Jihadi movement to be reckoned with. There is no sensible nation on earth which kills its own wise men. This proves that these tyrannical governments are not part of this nation. Rather they are the puppets of the enemies of this nation, that is why they kill our scholars. They killed them at the opening of the new Christian year of 2016, as if they wanted to please their Crusader masters with a sacrifice and a new year’s present.

However, these criminal mass executions did not surprise anyone who has known the rotten corruption and treachery of this regime. This is not the first time they have mass murdered scholars, students of knowledge and Mujahideen. They for example executed 68 students of knowledge and preachers after the events of 1979 in Mekkah. And their historic crimes in the Battle of Sabilla against the Bedouin Ikhwan before that are still written in the black pages of their criminal history. They have conducted multiple assaults against students of knowledge and scholars in the past, like the Al-Rass raids in 2005 killing 15 students and scholars and arresting 7 others, among them the recently executed Shaykh Hamd ibn Abdullah Al-Hamidee, may Allah accept him.

Aal Saud previously changed its Islamic curriculum and started a campaign arresting many scholars and students of knowledge, all according to the orders of their masters in the West. Many were prevented from preaching. Others were even prevented from charity work. Aid workers were arrested without any charges, simply because the US accused them of supporting terrorism. The Saudi regime organized large conferences preaching against terrorism according to the understanding and interpretation of Uncle Sam. They made many compromises with the West and the Zionists at the cost of Muslim lands and lives. They allowed military airbases for US drones to bomb the Muslims in Yemen, after they provided airbases for the heavy bombardments on Iraqi civilians in 2003. They did everything to please the US, merely plundering the resources of the Ummah was not enough.

When the revolutions started in the Arab countries their ugly face was exposed even further. They protected and sheltered Ali Zain Al-Abideen, and prevented his trial and did not want to hand him over for justice in Tunisia. They also sheltered and protected Ali Abdullah Salih in Yemen, but in his case the sorcery turned against the sorcerer, as he eventually turned against them. After that they spent millions of dollars to foil the revolution in Egypt, and they supported the oppression of the bloody and corrupt regime of Al-Sisi against the weak Muslims in Egypt. After that they had a major role in the new coalition in Iraq and Syria, which was heavily praised by the West. Indeed the history of Aal Saud is black, their war against Islam is not hidden for anyone. And the recent Riyadh conference, set up to corrupt the Jihad in Syria, is just another link in the long chain of their treachery, similar to the Uqair convention of 1922 and the many treacherous agreements after that by this corrupt cancerous regime.  

Some of the Mujahid brothers who were executed, like Fikri Ali bin Yahya Faqih, handed themselves over to the regime after they were promised amnesty. They were executed despite the promise of amnesty! This is the low treacherous level of this corrupt regime. So it is truly amazing that some Muslims are still putting their hopes in this rotten regime. It is a shame that the Shia Rawafid all stood up to defend one of their symbols, Nimr Al-Nimr, inside and outside Saudi Arabia. Despite the fact that he was critical to Shia policies in the region, and despite the fact that he distanced himself from the government of Iran. While Sunnis were quite when 43 of their finest men were executed.  

Indeed different parties tried to misuse this opportunity for the benefit of their own personal political agenda. Especially the Shia Rawafid who massively rejected the execution of Nirm Al-Nimr. They tried to misuse this opportunity like they did with the Mina stampede in 2015. Likewise the Khawarij of ISIS who rejected the execution of these Mujahideen and scholars from Al-Qaedah, while they themselves make Takfir on the scholars and Mujahideen of Al-Qaedah, and even killed a number of scholars and Mujahideen from Al-Qaedah. It is a shame for Ahl Sunnah to stay quite while we let vultures and hypocrites misuse their deaths for their own political gains and personal feuds.  

These executions exposed the government scholars once again who praised the regime for these executions and labeled it slanderously as a legal Sharia judgment. It was not enough that they stayed quite about this injustice, no, they stood up and tried to convince the Muslims that these executions were just. But even this was not enough, after these executions they also congratulated the Saudi regime!  The Saudi government scholar, Ali Al-Maaliki, even said that the Saudi leader has the Sharia right to kill one third of the Saudi people in order to save the other third. This, while the Shia scholars all united their word and rejected the execution of one of their men.

These executions showed that the government scholars will accept and condone any crime by their Saudi masters, no matter how grave, like we have seen many times before. They follow the regime where ever it goes and they do not fear the consequences of their crimes, without any shame nor any religious consideration or even human principles. They have drenched their pens in the blood of innocent Muslims. While most of them know the reality, and if they do not know, then they are utterly blind. Many of them lack basic knowledge about the actualities of the Ummah, since the information they receive from the Saudi regime is censored and altered. The Imam of Al-Haram for example even made a Dua for Al-Fouah, not realizing that this is an Assad regime stronghold of the Rawafid.

The Muslims must know that they cannot rely on these incompetent government scholars in these times of turmoil, they will not aid the Ummah against oppression. How many disasters have passed over this Ummah the last couple of decades while we did not see any support of these government scholars, rather they back stabbed the Ummah time and again. Scholars and Mujahideen were killed with the verdicts of these foolish government scholars who have become play toys in the hands of the Crusader West. Look at the difference: the scholars who were executed sold their world for the Hereafter, while these government scholars sell their religion for this world.

The Prophet (saws) said: “The best Jihad is a word of Justice in front of an oppressive ruler.” And he (saws) said: “The master of martyrs is Hamza ibn Abdul Mattalib, and a man who stands in front of an oppressive ruler and enjoins good and forbids evil and is killed for it.” May Allah accept them among the best of martyrs.


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