The rampant eruption – Mass Takfir by Abu Maysrah Al-Shaami

The rampant eruption – Mass Takfir by Abu Maysrah Al-Shaami

Everyone by now has heard or read the recent article filled with excessive Takfir written by the well known ISIS jurist and spokesperson Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami. Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami does not only make Takfir on the Muslim Brotherhood in general, he makes Takfir on the organization in its entirety and all the individuals of this organization, which has more than 100 millions members in the world. Of course this goes for all other Islamic parties who participate in the democratic parliaments, and this goes for all the millions of members of the Muslim Brotherhood who have passed away since its establishment by Hassan Al-Bannah (may Allah have mercy upon him). But he doesn’t stop there, he continues and attacks the leaders of As-Salifiyah Al-Jihadiyah calling them the “Idols of As-Salifayah Al-Jihadiyah.” He begins with making Takfir on Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri, while calling him a fool, he then makes Takfir on Mullah Akhtar Mansour, while calling him a Dajjaal and an agent of the Pakistani secret services, he then makes Takfir on the Taliban, while calling them a nationalistic movement who refuse the Sharia of Allah. He continues and makes Takfir on Shaykh Abu Musab Suri (may Allah hasten his release). But he doesn’t stop there, there is more. He finishes with making Takfir on all the Muslims who vote on democratic parties; 40 millions Muslims vote in Egypt alone, let alone the rest of the dozens of Muslim countries! SubhanAllah, anyone still doubt the fact that ISIS are Khawarij after reading all of this mass-Takfir?

But what about the Muslims who do not make Takfir on the Muslims who vote? Are they apostates too, because they refrain from making Takfir on a Kaafir? Or are they excused due to ignorance? And if they are excused due to ignorance, then why not excuse the voters themselves? Most of the general Muslims do not understand the reality of democracy and legislation. He does not go in to that, he does however excuse his own Caliphate, claiming that they did know the reality of Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri previously, fearing that the bolder extremists in their ranks will eventually make Takfir on ISIS because they did not make Takfir on Shaykh Ayman and the Taliban before. They even praised them, even though the positions on which they now make Takfir are old. Which could create a paradox, as one could make Takfir on ISIS, because ISIS refrained from making Takfir on themselves, while they knew about the so-called Kufr of Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri and the Taliban. And even if they did not know, then they can not be excused for their ignorance. So this article actually gave the extremists a basis for making Takfir on ISIS itself. This is the ridiculous inconsistent idiocy of chain Takfir.

Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi responded on this and said: “The son that was raised on harming his relatives and neighbors; when he grows up he will also oppose his parents. Remember who you killed when they will make Takfir on you because you refrained from Takfir on the one who is excused. Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami claimed that Zawahiri helps every apostate group against Islam and Muslims, he even calls for his death and prays that Allah will destroy him at the hands of his brothers in the province of Khorasan. This is the caller of extremism: Leave the treacherous Afghan government, the NATO army, the enemies of Islam, and the Idol worshippers, and instead of inciting his followers against them, he incites them to kill the wise one (Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri).”

He contradicts himself as he excuses ISIS for its ignorance about the reality of Shayk Ayman Zawahiri and the Taliban, but he does not excuse the voters for their ignorance. Furthermore he makes Takfir on Shaykh Abu Musab Suri because he excused the Muslim Brotherhood and the voters due to their ignorance about the reality of democracy. He claims that ISIS must be excused because they did not the reality of Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri “because they were too busy waging Jihaad.” While all the points he mentioned to proof his so-called Kufr were also mentioned years ago by Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani in his speeches “This is not our methodology” and “Apologies oh Amir of Al-Qaedah”, and he did not make Takfir on Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri at that time. So he knew about these positions, but he did not make Takfir on the Shaykh because of them.

This should mean that Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani has also fallen in to Kufr according to their own standards. Al-Adnani even said that he will accept the Bayah of Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri if he came to Shaam, how could the Bayah of a disbeliever be accepted? Abu Maysrah Al-Shaami also blamed Abu Musab Suri for refraining from Takfir on voters. While Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani addressed the protesters in Egypt who voted on Mursi as Muslims and people of Ahl Sunnah in his speech “Pacifism is the religion of whom?”, how could he address them as Muslims if they are apostates according to Abu Maysrah Al-Shaami? And what about his previous leader Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi (May Allah have mercy on him) who did not make Takfir on the voters and considered their blood to be sacred according to his own statements?

It is known that the majority of the Muslims vote in democratic elections in the Muslim countries, and you judge over a people or society according to the majority. So the basis of the Ummah is Kufr according to ISIS, as the majority of the Ummah votes. And if ISIS in addition does not excuse the ones who do not make Takfir on the voters, then we are not left with one single Muslim on the world, except a small Takfiri sect. Takfir is not just a judgment without any practical implications, with Takfir on someone blood and wealth become legal war spoils and women can be taken as slaves. So this is the promise the Caliphate of ISIS has for the Ummah, instead of promising the Muslim Ummah liberation from tyrannical oppression and colonial occupation, ISIS makes Takfir on the Ummah and promises them wars of apostasy. Who needs enemies if we have Takfiri jurists like Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami? His judgment means that we will likely witness random attacks on Muslim public places. As the majority of the Muslims vote, so their basis is Kufr and their blood is legal. We saw another indication of this prelude when we heard that the blood of those who refuse to give Bayah to their Caliphate is legal. We are already witnessing ISIS cold bloodedly executing the Taliban Mujahideen in Afghanistan and labeling them as apostates. Why? Because they did not give their Bayah to ISIS.

Making Takfir on all the voters is not just his own personal opinion, as he claimed that this is the position of ISIS in general. The current ISIS leadership seems to agree because his articles are shared on ISIS media channels, like the magazine Dabiq, and we still haven’t heard of any ISIS leader rejecting his many deviances and published works. Rather his articles are the most shared, translated and published. So this is not just some individual with a personal opinion, he represents ISIS and is an official spokesperson, and his Arabic articles are read by thousands of readers. Many even suggest that he is the official media spokesperson Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani. But Allah knows best. Two years ago ISIS supporters and soldiers said that ISIS does not make Takfir on Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri. Well now ISIS officially makes Takfir on the whole Al-Qaedah leadership and all its branches and soldiers, so will they reject the deviances of ISIS?

Like Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi said in his response to the recent article of Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami: “If there were any sane people with authority and influence in ISIS they would not allow the likes of Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami to publish and talk, because his Takfir and perversion is like that of Al-Adnani; if it isn’t the same person.”

Abu Maysarah is known for his extremism and shameful articles, which often confirm previous articles written in Dabiq. He wrote an article titled “Inform the wives of the Sahawaat that they are divorced” making Takfir on the members of Jabhat Nusra and other Mujahid factions, and calling their wives fornicators if they did not divorce their husbands, confirming what Umm Sumayah said in the 10th issue of Dabiq. He also wrote an article titled “A response to the sissy pimp” defaming Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisis and Shaykh Abu Qatadah Al-Filistini calling them donkeys of knowledge.

He also made Takfir on the Taliban and called Mullah Akhtar Mansour a Taghut and a Dajjaal in his article titled “Oh youth in Somalia – The foolish sheep gave Bayah to the Tawagheet of the Taliban”. But when the Mujahid youth in Somalia ignored his nonsense and renewed their Bayah to Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri and Mullah Akhtar Mansor, he wrote an article attacking and defaming the Mujahid youth in Somalia, calling them deviant, and he called upon ISIS cells in Somalia to execute suicide operations against Al-Shabaab and its leaders, in his article titled “Surely this is the treachery of Al-Shabaab leaders.” He then wrote an article called “The Jews of Jihad – The Al-Qaedah of Zawahiri” filled with lies, defaming and slandering the Al-Qaedah leadership and Ansar Sharia in Libya. Now this article titled “The obliteration of symbols – Abu Musab As-Suri” confirming the slanders against the Shaykh in the recent edition of Dabiq.

The attack against Shaykh Abu Musab Suri clearly originates from his outspoken statements against the extremist Takfiris he encountered in the Algerian civil war in the early nineties. Which indicates that ISIS shares the same extremism of the Takfiris from the GIA in Algeria. We have never heard ISIS criticize the extremism in the Algerian war, but they do criticize Shaykh Abu Musab who opposed the extremism in Algeria that cost many Muslim lives. His statements about the extremism he encountered in Algeria are also applicable on the extremism of ISIS. Which explains the reason why ISIS started a campaign to defame the Shaykh, may Allah hasten his release. That’s why Abu Maysarah belittles and ridicules his Jihaad experiences throughout Syria, Afghanistan and Algeria; in a weak attempt to defame his works and his long history of Jihaad.

The manners with which ISIS addresses the scholars of Jihaad are much like the manners of the extremist Takfiris from the GIA in Algeria. When Shaykh Abu Qatadah Al-Filistini and Shaykh Abu Musab Suri rejected the deviances of the GIA in 1996 they responded with the book “The cutting sword in answer to those who backstabbed the Mujahideen and live among the disbelievers” in which they attacked the scholars and the general people of Algeria. Not soon after this publication the massacres started, hundreds of men, women and children were killed in the most brutal way. They especially targeted Islamist strongholds. Attacks were authorized against anyone that did not join- or defected from the GIA. Throats were cut, pregnant women were sliced open, children were hacked to pieces and smashed against walls, limbs were hacked off one by one, and young women were kidnapped and taken as sex slaves. The actions and statements kept getting bolder and bolder. It will not surprise anyone if ISIS ends up taking this exact same path of extremism and bloody violence against the general Muslims. Their increasing boldness does not predict anything good.

But what led Abu Maysrah ultimately to puke all of this nonsense out on paper? It is noteworthy that this article came a couple of days after Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri published an audio message titled “The loyal Amir.” In it he exposed the lies of ISIS concerning many subject, this angered Abu Maysarah without a doubt. This audio message seemed to work like Ruyqah on a possessed person until his Takfiri Jinn began to speak with anguish. Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri proofed without a doubt that ISIS had a binding Bayah to Al-Qaedah and that they disobeyed Al-Qaedah and became a rouge group. Many audio fragments were used from Shaykh Usama bin Laden, Shaykh Ayitatullah Al-Libi, Shaykh Abu Yahya Libi, and many other fragments which ISIS tried to keep a secret. As they proof that Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri did not deviate and still shares the same methodology, it becomes rather clear that ISIS deviated and changed their methodology.

Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri proofed without a doubt that ISIS does not share the same methodology as Shaykh Usama bin Laden. But what angered Abu Maysarah the most was the fact that Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri concealed letters from Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani dating from 2011 and 2012 in which they addressed Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri as their leader, these letters proof that ISIS had a binding Bayah to Al-Qaedah and the Taliban. He also quoted scholars who showed their support to the Taliban like Shaykh Sulaiman Naasir ibn Ulwaan, Shaykh Hamood bin Uqla Al-Shuaybi and Shaykh Naasir ibn Hamad Al-Fahd. He showed how the Islamic Emirates in Afghanistan was a true Emirate in action and words, it trained Mujahideen from different parts of the world, who set up multiple training camps in Afghanistan, without asking them for Bayah in return. These blessed training camps influenced the Mujahid fronts that are built today all over the world, including Iraq and Shaam. All of this made Abu Maysrah Al-Shaami so angry to the extend that he openly came out with the Takfir they kept hidden for years. This makes one concerned about the future; what will be next?

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