ISIS and their hidden Takfir on Sh. Usama bin Laden

ISIS and their hidden Takfir on Sh. Usama bin Laden

It is a strange and saddening time we are seeing in the Jihadi movement, we were used to see the behavior of blind Hizbiyah in despicable sects like the Madkhalis: If you were completely with them, you will be praised despite your many faults and deviances, and if you weren’t completely with them, you will be attacked and slandered, even if you were the most pious and righteous of men. Imagine! How strange and saddening is it that a man like Abu Bakr Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram who is known for his bloodthirsty deviance and extremism in Takfir (1), is praised by ISIS and they consider him a righteous Mujahid and a scholar from Ahl Sunnah. While a noble Mujahid leader like Sh. Ayman Zawahiri is slandered and disrespected by ISIS, or a Mujahid like Mullah Akhtar Mansour is called a Taghut, a Pakistani agent, a Dajjal (2), etc. Or that scholars like Sh. Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi and Sh. Abu Qatadah Al-Filistini are slandered in the most despicable way. While praising Abu Bakr Shekau? Who could imagine such things? It reminds of the Hadith of the Prophet (saws): “There will be years of confusion. People will believe the liar, and disbelieve the one who tells the truth. People will distrust the one who is trustworthy, and trust the one who is treacherous.” (Ahmad)

How come? The reason is simple, because Abu Bakr Shekau gave Bayah to ISIS and the others did not. Were they to give Bayah to ISIS, they would also become righteous Mujahideen and scholars, even if they were deviant like Abu Bakr Shekau. All your previous and future sins will be forgiven with a simple Bayah. Imagine! They consider a deviant group like Boko Haram a righteous Mujahid group, while other groups who did not gave Bayah to ISIS are deviant apostates, despite the fact that they were known to be righteous Mujahideen by ISIS itself, before they declared their Caliphate, like Al-Shabaab, Ansar Sharia (In both Yemen and Libya), Taliban, Jabhat Nusra, Al-Murabitoun, Majlis Shura Derna, etc. etc. The world has turned upside down SubhanAllah, and it is amazing how people are blindly following this clear deviance. Like Sh. Abudullah Al-Muhaysini said: “I am surprised at the supporters of ISIS who help them. By Allah, I was wondering how followers of the Messiah could follow the Dajjal although Kaafir is clearly written between his two eyes. And now I am surprised at how people could follow Al-Baghdadi while they see how he kills Muslims and makes Takfir on them without any right.” (3)

ISIS has used different tactics in misleading people to this unimaginable level of blind support, one of their tactics is abusing the love and respect Muslims have for Sh. Usama bin Laden (r.a) and the love they have Mullah Umar (r.a) and other deceased Mujahid leaders and scholars. So they deceive the Muslims in general and their followers that Al-Qaedah has changed after Sh. Usama, and that the Taliban changed after Mullah Umar. They try to mislead the unexperienced youth who or are not known with the history of the global Jihad movement; many of them came in to contact with the Jihadi movement after the Arab revolutions. They try to convince them that Al-Qaedah and the Taliban have changed, and what is happening today did not happen before in the days of Sh. Usama bin Laden and Mullah Umar. These are clear lies if we were to look closer look at the history of the Jihadi movement.

And when these historical facts will be exposed time and again to the Muslims in general and their followers, ISIS will eventually be pushed to recognize that Al-Qaedah and the Taliban were deviant from all along, and they will probably use the excuse that they didn’t come to know these historical facts until now. This was their gradual approach from the get go, like we have been seeing in many cases. They knew for example that if they were to make Takfir on all the Jihadi groups, they are now labeling as apostates one after the other, then no one would have followed, joined and supported them in the beginning. But when the time was ripe, after their fanbase was established and they collected enough Bayaat, and when they were pressured to explain their dubious position concerning the other Jihadi groups, they came out with this hidden Takfir gradually. Likewise they will eventually be pressured to show their hidden positions gradually concerning the names of scholars and leaders they are misusing at the moment, claiming that they share the same Manhaj, like Sh. Usama bin Laden, Mullah Umar, Abu Musab Zarqawi, Abu Yayha Al-Libi, Atiyatullah Libi, etc.

They were still hoping for the Bayah of the Mujahideen in Yemen and Somalia, so they were forced to hold back somewhat, but now that these last hopes of expanding their Caliphate disappeared, with their refusal to give bayah to ISIS, they have begun to show more of their true colors (4). Their jurist Abu Muhammad Al-Kinani in Yemen finally came out with their Takfir and declaration of war towards the AQAP for example. Therefore it would not surprise anyone if they finally showed their true positions towards Sh. Usama bin Laden, Mullah Umar and other deceased Mujahid scholars and leaders.

They already did this concerning the Mashayikh who are still alive, like Sh. Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, Sh. Abu Qatadah Al-Filistini, Sh. Ayman Zawahiri, Sh. Haarith Nadhari, etc. They have called them foolish, senile, donkeys and even sissy pimps (5). They were quicker in denouncing them because they were alive and could refute and respond to the deviances of ISIS, while the deceased scholars and leaders do not pose this threat, so they are still able to misuse their names. If they were alive they would have accused them with the same slanders and apostasy. They have already tried to slander Sh. Usama bin Laden and accused him of Irjaa in one of their magazine issues called Dabiq (6), but after sizing up the public acceptance they came to realize that the time was clearly not ripe, because they were confronted with a fierce backlash, so they quickly retreated from this statement and claimed that people misunderstood what was meant. They also slandered Mullah Umar but when they conveniently found out that he was Martyred, they changed their narrative to the more accepted narrative that the Taliban changed after his death (7).

Thats why you see them dig up old controversial issues which already have been discussed extensively by Sh. Abu Musab Suri, Sh. Yusuf Al-Uyayri, Sh. Atiyatullah Al-Libi and many others, more than 17 years ago. So you see them pay their condolences to Mullah Umar while they slander his follower Mullah Akhtar Mansour, and call him a Taghut because of issues which were already present in the days of Mullah Umar. They claim for example that the Taliban has opened a political office in Qatar, while they ignore the fact that the Taliban opened three embassies in Saudi-Arabia, the Arabic Emirates and Qatar, in the time of Mullah Umar and Sh. Usama. Another accusation is that the Taliban requested entrance to the UN, which again is nothing new, this happened more than 17 years ago under the leadership of Mullah Umar. When he made this request he clearly stated that this will not be done except under the condition that the Taliban does not have to and will not follow any rule that contradicts the Sharia. And their motive in doing so was because of humanitarian reasons for the suffering Afghan people.

They dig up old accusations, which are already refuted, and dress them with new garments to spread division and confusion. For example: they also accuse the Taliban of currently being Pakistani agents, knowing that this exact same accusation made some Arab Mujahideen refrain from fighting with the Taliban in the Afghan war; because they accused the Taliban of receiving aid from the Pakistani government. And Sh. Abu Musab Suri refuted this accusation in detail.

They also said that the Taliban changed because they congratulated apostate Arab countries, while Sh. Abu Musab Suri talked about the fact that Mullah Umar would also send messages of gratitude to the Saudi king Fahd ibn AbulAziz and many other Arab governments. Another accusation is that the Taliban shows friendly politics towards neighboring “Islamic” countries, while the Taliban published a statement 18 years ago in which they considered 52 “Islamic” countries as close friends who should work together with the Taliban. All of this happened while Al-Qaedah made Takfir on these governments.

The examples of accusations they are raising from the dead are too many to count. And it would not be a problem if you disagreed with this, many Mujahid leaders and scholars disagreed with certain Sharia politics by the Taliban and advised them about it, and the Taliban changed their positions after that. But the problem lies in the fact that ISIS deceives people by claiming that the Taliban has changed after Mullah Umar, under Mullah Akhtar Mansour. Because they fear backlash and are to weak and cowardice to admit that they also accuse Mullah Umar of apostasy.

These accusation are not new, they are old and known, so why did they praise the Taliban in the past? If they admit that they also criticize this apostasy, as they view it, under the rule of Mullah Umar, they would be exposed, because they didn’t object to this before. And if they indeed would admit this, than it will set a chain-effect in motion, because they would have to criticize every other Mujahid scholar and leader under the Taliban, even Abu Musab Zarqawi, because they knew about these issues and were still loyal to the Taliban. Furthermore, even ISIS itself had a Bayah to Al-Qaedah and the Taliban, despite these issues which were already present and known. So raising these issues now while they kept quite about them in the past, proofs that they are merely using these objections as a political excuse to enforce their Caliphate, motivating their naive soldiers with these deceitful accusations and trying to legalize the fight against any opponent. The difference between Sh. Usama and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is that Sh. Usama tried to correct certain mistakes, while Al-Baghdadi tries to capitalize on them, if they are present in the first place.

The problem is that ISIS and their supporters will do anything to defame their opponents, even if they jeopardize the Jihad of this Ummah with such accusations, lies, and fabrications. They published an audio fragment from Mullah Umar for example in which he payed his condolences to Mullah Dadullah and in which he warned against Mansour Dadullah. A close friend of Mullah Dadullah. After Mullah Dadullah got Martyred, Mullah Umar warned against Mansur Dadullah and expelled him because of certain deviances. But ISIS supporters fabricated the translation and misused the word “Mansour.” They claimed he was warning his followers about Mullah Akhtar Mansour, and translated as such. Seeking to create division in the ranks of the Afghan Mujahideen with such lies and fabrications, not caring about the consequences this would have for the oppressed Ummah. The ironic and sad thing about this stupidity is that Mansour Dadullah, the person who Mullah Umar really was warning about, joined ISIS in Afghanistan and gave Bayah to them!

Please do not forget to read the footnotes:

1.) Abu Bakr Shekau makes Takfir on groups which Ahl Sunnah merely classified as innovators like the Mu’tazillah and Qadariyah for example.

2.) Abu Maysrah Shami for example, the jurist of ISIS, called the Taliban a Taghut and Mullah Akhtar Mansour a Dajjal in one of the official sources and publications of ISIS (see fourth footnote).

3.) From the interview with Sh. Abudullah Al-Muhaysini “The Islamic State and I” conducted by ICCS (Islamic Central Counsel Switzerland).

4.) ISIS tried to win over Al-Shabaab in a last desperate appeal in an article published recently in their magazine Dabiq titled “Oh Al-Shabab of Somalia: The silly dotard gave allegiance to the Taghut of Taliban!” by Abu Maysarah Shami. By ‘silly dotard’ they meant Sh. Ayman Zawahiri.

5.) Abu Maysarah Shami called Sh. Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi and Sh. Abu Qatadah Al-Filistini sissy pimps and donkeys in his Arabic article “A response to the sissy pimp.” But their supporters did not have the guts to translate this article in English, like they did not have the guts to translate the similar article before that titled “Inform the wives of the Sahawaat that they are divorced.” Because they clearly fear a backlash from their English speaking audience and supporters, it is to bad that we do not have the space to cover the deviant filth written in these articles. But there is a two part summary available (See link: Abu Maysarah Shami and Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani also called Sh. Ayman Zawahri a foolish senile old man out of touch with reality. These are some examples of how disrespectfull ISIS behaves towards Mujahid scholars and leaders who are still alive, while they claim to follow the Mujahid leaders and scholars who passed away. Who would believe such a claim?

6.) Slanders about Sh. Usama bin Laden were published in the article “Al-Qa’idah of Waziristan a testimony from within.” by Abu Jarir ash-Shamali.

7.) Slanders about Mullah Umar were published in the article “The Qa’idah of Adh-Dhawahiri, Al-Hariri, and An-Nadhari, and the absent Yemeni wisdom.” by again Abu Maysarah Al-Shami.


Taken from: شبه طالبان هل هي قديمة.. ولماذا اثارتها الدولة الإسلامية الآن

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