Dr. Tariq Abdelhaleem – Is it permissible for a Sunni to give an oath of allegiance to ISIS?

Is it permissible for a Sunni Muslim to give an oath of allegiance to the Haroriyah?
By: Dr. Tariq Abdelhaleem

The Haroriyah thought, is an affliction, which has afflicted Muslims three times, in recent decades. The first in the Shukri Mustafa’ group, in Egypt during the seventies. Secondly, Zouabri’ group in Algeria during the eighties and nineties. Finally the Ibrahim Awad’ group in Iraq and Syria, a group that is aiming to kill Al-Mujahedeen altogether, like Shia, and infidel Nusayris, and the secular Al-Mutazndqheen.

There are many flags, fronts and banners fighting amongst each other in Syria. The saddest and the most deceitful in all of those fronts are Al-Haroriyah. They, like the Nusayriah and Rafidah, believe that their version of Islam is the purest and most truthful, and all others, who do not agree and join them, are astray. However, this most insidious way, as they declare in front of the common ignorant and junior folk, who follow them, that they are on the curriculum of prophecy, and others are infidel people. That is why they ask people to repent from Kufr, not from sins, and give them purification- and utterance certificates! These are the exact methods and thoughts of Haroriyah. In addition, those who do not see them as such need to look hard into their basic knowledge.

Scenes are tangled, overlapping, mixed and cluttered. The question that confronts the Sunni Muslim Commoner, who may not know the facts, beliefs and details, of Haroroyah, is with whom should I fight? Under what banner should I stand? Are they all the same, if they are just fighting Shiites and Nusayris, or seculars? This question is confronting individuals, as it confronts groups, battalions and independent factions in Syria and Iraq.

I would like to refer to what I have explained and what other Shaykhs, like Shaykh Al-Sibai, Shaykh Abu Qatada, and Shaykh al-Maqdisi, and other flags of the Sunni nation have explained as well, our position on the ISIS gang. We have called for abandonment of that gang, and called upon their followers to join the Sunni fronts, and renounce the rogue group, which have murdered and made Takfeer on many of the Muslim Mujahedeen, after they made Istihlal (made halal) of their blood and money.

We have written articles and research about the invalidation of the forged Khilafah of Ibn Awad and, hence, the invalidity of the oath of allegiance. Nevertheless, does fighting under his flag or with his group forbidden, in ANY CIRCUMESTANCES, whether an individual or group?

The answer is YES, it is forbidden, under ANY CIRCUMESTANCES, whether for an individual or group, to fight under the ISIS flag. Only in one exceptional case, that is if, and only if, there are no Sunni Jihad flag is in the arena, that is fighting Shiites, Nusayriah and secular groups, or to avoid being killed by the group. This exception here is in the sense that to avoid the greater of two evils. But, we have to note that is only for individuals. Groups, who can stand on their own against Bashar forces, cannot use this as an excuse.

But, if any Sunni banner, under which no Bidaa nor major sins or heresy exist, allegiance to that rouge gang of Haroryah is revoked and no more valid. That is even if the Sunnai group is weaker or less in numbers! It is obvious that giving the Sunni group the allegiance will lead to strengthen them with time.

The basic principle is to weaken the innovation, and the victory of the Sunnah, but not to attempt just a “victory” under any flag. We have seen many of the Haroriyah false victories took place on the ground, were not, in fact, a real fighting, took place. It was nothing but an operation of “give and take” or “trading positions” with the system. Some other cases there was no fight at all! Only the withdrawal of the coward miserable soldiers of Bashar, fleeing the confrontation scenes.

We must emphasize the importance of understanding that all factions and battalions must have a goal to gratify the word of Allah and the approach of the Sunnah of His Messenger, and not to shed any human blood without righteous and just reason in accordance with Sharia. It was reported by Al-Salaf that “actions are not accepted unless they are pure for the sake of Allah swt, and correct on the Sunnah of His Messenger”. If an action is not pure but is correct, then it is hypocrisy. If an action is not correct but is pure, then it is Bidaa. The factions who claim that they gratify the words of Allah, while they are on the doctrine of Seculars, Haruriyyah, Shi’ite or Irja’ah , are not to be followed by Muslims, as they contradict the aims and goals of Our Sharia.

Battalions, factions, and individuals, should not give any oath of allegiance to Ibrahim Ibn Awad and his gang. In fact, it is haram to do so, not even permissible. They can work alone, or unify other Sunni groups, which are available for them, not with heretical, or Bidaa groups. They will never succeed or attain victory, if they go down the road of joining those who make imaginary victories and false propaganda that only benefit those who are planning to divide Iraq and Syria, as well as destroy the whole Ummah.

Dr Tariq Abdelhaleem
د طارق عبد الحليم
7 4 أغسط 2014 – شعبان 1435

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