Mujahideen Shura council of Derna – A final warning to the ghulaat (extremists) of takfeer

All praise is due to Allah, who dashed the truth upon the falsehood, which it then destroys and caused to vanish, and peace and blessings upon the prophet who was sent as a discipline for the one who strays away and diverts, as to what follows…

One of the foolish speakers climbed the Minbar of the Fatimat Zahra Mosque last Friday in Dernah and he took it upon himself to bark against the Mujahideen that are busy with protecting the frontlines by the grace of Allah. And he, may Allah afflict him with what he deserves, claimed that they (ISIS) are the only ones working to preserve and establish the Huduud of Allah while all other groups are working only to protect the tawagheet. And he did not leave in his praising for his group and his contempt for the Mujahideen nothing except that he spoke by the words of the Jews (when they said): “We are the children of Allah and his beloved” and this is their wish in every front of Jihad.

And so we emulated and followed in guidance the year of the Sahabah, may Allah be pleased with them, in their correspondence with the people of innovation and desires – and so we referred the words of this speaker to their highest member in which he distanced himself from those words and said that this speaker does not represent them.

So how is it that he claims an entire Wilayah (governorate) on the general Muslims but he can’t even judge upon his own speaker who preaches in the Minbar to the Muslims? And if it wasn’t for the fact that that their highest member showed disownment from the words of their preacher, then the matter between them and us would have surely been different.

And let this deviant and rogue preacher know that his claim of establishing the rule of Allah is a bogus and false claim, rather he resembles more closely what has become the extermination of certain Islamic banners by the Arab tyrants – because what is closer to this than a claim of an Islamic Caliphate without Shura (consultation) with the Muslims.

Umar ibn Al A Khttab said: “Whoever gives pledge of allegiance to a man without Shura, then do not give pledge of allegiance to him.”

And in a narration: “And do not support him nor the one he gave the pledge of allegiance to, lest they should be killed.” [Bukhari]

And the evidence for the invalidity of your so called Caliphate is widely mentioned in the books of the Scholars of this Ummah, in fact your so called Caliphate is not mentioned in front of the scholars of this Ummah from the whole world, except that they all ruled it to be an invalid and false claim.

Where is the rule of Allah in your protection of shrines in your so called Caliphate? And what is the ruling of the one who tolerates and follows this? Where is the rule of Allah upon your preacher in your so called Caliphate who uttered about the Prophet (pbuh) words of outright Kufr (disbelief) where he claimed that if the prophet (pbuh) lived to day he would have followed your Imam? And where is your judgment upon him? And where is your request from him that he repents? Or is it because you have become specialized in requesting ‘repentances’ from the Mujahideen and teachers only?

Why is it that your Shuyukh never shout and call except in their takfeer of the Mujahideen, of those who disagreed with you, and takfeer of those who made Ijtihaad and showed them the permissibility of protecting and granting a covenant of security to a man where there is hope he might accept Islam, and if one is fearing for (what will happen to) the Muslims by his killing?

Where is the rule of Allah in those who leave the prayers and those drug users who you have accepted in your ranks, under the claim of multiplying your evil? Where is the rule of Allah in the bombings of Al-Qubbah that was claimed under your governorate of Wilayat Barqah where there was no outcome except installments of car bombs in roads utilized by the Muslims and killing s of tens of innocent Muslims?

Where is the rule of Allah in the blood of Muslims, among them the family of Al-Hariri Al-Mansouri whose house you leveled with no right? –including two Muslim women who stood up to defend their home from your attack, and they died in the hospital as a result of the wounds. And you killed them under the claim of them being Taifah Mumta’inah (a group or a party that abstains or refuses a legislated order or command). So where is your religion, rather where is your sense of honor, or rather your sense of manhood, when you kill two women in this way by what you call a Taifah Mumta’inah?

If the one who uttered this claim (that they were a Taifah Mumta’inah ) had been a little child, then it would have been reasonable, but the issue is that its seems to have come from heavily armed men –the ground of the earth is more worthy for you than its back.

Indeed the rule of Allah, O’ you foolish and astray diverter, we have given ourselves to uphold it, we removed the rule of the tawagheet and we brought security to the fearful and we fed the hungry, and we spent in the frontlines – and if it wasn’t for Allah’s grace and his assistance towards us in achieving this, you would have never had a foothold in the city!

Indeed the rule of Allah, O’ you foolish and astray diverters, which you spoke about in the Minbar of Dernah, your own leader was unable to speak about the same rule of Allah on a Minbar among other Minbars (in the city of Martubah) – this small city on the borders of Dernah in a time where he claimed for himself a Wilayah, Wilayat Barqah which covers one third of eastern Libya – so what a deception and what a lie you are feeding the Ummah?

Indeed the rule of Allah, O’ you foolish and astray diverters, is to provide and seek to provide fuel for the Muslims, not to be the cause of its absence and loss due to your nonsense. And when the Mujahideen by the grace of Allah managed to provide fuel for the Muslims through wisdom and good behavior, you rushed to chase with your Hisbah cars (the self proclaimed “Police” car s of ISIS) behind the Fuel tanks, and then proceeded to take pictures for yourselves while lying to the Ummah by claiming that you ‘provided fuel by force from the Murtadeen’. And you then proceeded to go to the gasoline warehouse owners and distributed with force and unwillingly the fuel. And through all that, do not take the right of Allah through you splitting of the Muslims because you prefer yourselves over the Muslims.

As for your takfeer on the leaders of the Mujahideen who’s Jihad you have sabotaged and who’s city you have taken after they removed the rule of the Tawagheet in it. Indeed we have stated in our letter (exposing the doubts regarding Abu Slim Martyrs Brigade) and in the letter (a formal response to those who spread lies about the Shura Council of Mujahideen Dernah) that making takfeer of the Mujahideen after these two statements is inexcusable and the evidence has been established and the punishment of making takfeer on Muslims must be applied as what has been proven in Bukhari where Abu Hurairah may Allah be pleased with him narrated that the prophet (pbuh) said: “If a man says to a brother, O Kafir, then surely one of them is a disbeliever” and similarly in the hadith of Abdullah Ibn Umar may Allah be pleased with him –and from the hadith of Thabit Ibn Ad-dhahak where he narrated that the prophet (pbuh) said: “Cursing a believer is like killing him, and whoever accuses a believer ofdisbelief it is as if he killed him”.

And as also reported by Huthaifah ibn al-Yaman: “I fear about a man from you who will read the Qur’an so much that his face will become enlightened and he will come to personify Islam. This will continue until Allah desires. Then these things will be taken away from him when he will disregard them by putting them all behind his back and will attack his neighbor with the sword accusing him of Shirk. The Prophet was asked: which of the two will be deserving of such an accusation? The attacker or the attacked? The Prophet replied: the attacker (the one accusing the other of Shirk).”

And it was mentioned by Ibn Katheer in his tafseer of the verse where Allah says: “And recite to them, [O Muhammad], the news of him to whom we gave [knowledge of] Our signs, but he detached himself from them; so Satan pursued him, and he became of the deviators” and said about it that it is authentic.

And Bukhari mentioned in his ‘Book of killing Khawarij and atheists after establishing proof against them” and the verse where Allah says: “And Allah would not let a people stray after He has guided them until He makes clear to them what they should avoid”

And Ibn Umar said about Khawarij: “They are the worst of Allah’s creation, because they apply verses from the Qur’an that was revealed for kuffar upon Muslims”

And as mentioned by Ibn Al-Hajar in Fath Al-Bari in which he said: Imam Tabari (ra) has mentioned this hadith in the Musnad of Ali with the chain of Bakeer bin Abdullah in Tahdhib al Athaar, He asked Nafi’ that what was the opinion of Abdullah Ibn Umar (ra) regarding Haruriya (Khawarij), he replied that he (Ibn Umar) used to consider them worst creations of Allah because they applied the verses that were revealed for disbelievers upon believers.

Imam Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani said: This Hadith has an authentic chain. It is also proven from the Sahih Marfu hadith of Imam Muslim where he narrated from Abu Dhar (ra) in the descriptions of K hawarij, the hadith says : They are the worst of creation, and Imam Ahmed has also narrated a similar hadith from Anas bin Malik (ra) with a strong chain.

Imam al-Bazzar (rah) has narrated the hadith from Aisha (ra) who narrates from Prophet (saw) that he said: They will be the worst of my Ummah and they will be killed by the best of my Ummah Al-Tabarani also recorded through the same route, that the Prophet also added, “The Khawarij are the worst of creation, and the caliph that will fight them is the best of caliphs and the best of creation.

And in the hadith of Abi Saeed: “They are the worst of creatures” And in Sahih Muslim: “The most hateful among the creations is the one black man among them.”

And in al-tabarani: “They are the worst to have fallen under the sky and to be driven by the earth.”

And in the hadith of abi barzah regarding the khawarij: “The worst of the creation and creatures, and he said so 3 times.”

And in the hadith of Abu Hurairah: “They are the worst of creatures” and this is something that supports the saying of those who say they are disbelievers.”

And on this we call on the foolish and astray diverter to repent to Allah from his takfeer on the Mujahideen while he has the ability to do so, and let them not be deceived & tempted [to capitalize from] the fact that Mujahideen are busy putting efforts in to repelling the tyrants –for truly a formal response to the Bughaat is at least as important as a formal response to the Tughaat.

And we ask from Allah to receive either of the two great honors (ihdal husnayein).

Translation by: Al-Muwahideen Media

Arabic original:


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