Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi – Repelling the aggression of the Islamic State from a far


At the moment the group known as the (Islamic) State is approaching towards Sawran and Azzaz (in N-Aleppo), and after that they are a couple of kilometers away from other territories, so do those who don’t reside in Sawran, but a couple of towns away, are considered to be of those who are repelling the attacking enemy, in order to fight in Sawran before the group known as the State approaches them in their territories? Or do they wait until they reach them, and then fight?


All praises are due to Allah and peace and blessings upon the Messenger of Allah. Respected brother, we have talked about the legitimacy of repelling the attacking enemy even if he would be a Muslim, and even if he does not belong to the extremist (Ghulaat). So how about those from whom it is known that they are quick in making Takfir (excommunicating) on those who oppose them, and show carelessness about (spilling) the blood of Muslims using vague justifications and suspicions? I do not see why I should repeat this I do not have anything new about this.

If they are almost certain in the territories, who are away from the territories which are being attacked today, that they will also be attacked undoubtedly, and that the Ghulaat will not spare them from Takfir, fighting and oppression if they reach them, and they are watching them fighting against the territories one after the other heading towards them; than it is not obliged for them to wait until they reach them, when they almost for a certainty know that they are going to attack them if they reach them. Rather they should help their Muslim brothers to repel them, who are oppressed today, and they are not of those who ally with the apostates against the Muslims. This is what I have (about the subject), and this is nothing new.

And I stress that the group known as the State are slanderous people who lied about me and said about me that I gave a Fatwa (verdict) to fight against them, and to attack them first without repelling their attacks, and published this falsely in a publication which they called ‘And those who pardon people’. They published this at the time when I was jailed the last time (in Jordan), because I made Takfir on those who assist the Crusader coalition against any party from amongst the Muslims, even if it would be against the Ghulaat. And Allah is their Reckoner. I did not disobey Allah against them like they disobeyed Him against me. Allah says the truth and guides to the straight path.

Arabic orginal:

سؤال موجه إلى الشيخ أبي محمد المقدسي

الآن تنظيم الدولة يتقدم نحو صوران واعزاز ، وبعدها بعدة كيلو مترات هناك مناطق
فهل يدخل هؤلاء الذين هم ليسوا في صوران بل بعدها بعدة بلدات في حكم دفع الصائل فيقاتلون في صوران قبل أن يصلهم تنظيم الدولة في مناطقهم ؟!
أم ينتظرنه حتى يصل ثم يدفعون ؟


الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

أخي الفاضل لقد تكلمت في أن دفع الصائل مشروع حتى لو كان الصائل مسلما وإن لم يكن من الغلاة ،فكيف إذا عرف منه التسارع في تكفير المخالف والاستهتار بدماء المسلمين بالشبهة والظنة ، فلا أرى داعي لتكرار ذلك فليس عندي فيه جديد فإذا كان يغلب على ظن المناطق البعيدة عن المناطق المعتدى عليها اليوم أنهم معتدى عليهم لا محالة وأن الغلاة لا يوفرونهم من التكفير والقتل والعدوان لو وصلوا إليهم وهم يرونهم يقاتلون المناطق منطقة منطقة متجهين إليهم ؛ فلا يجب عليهم الإنتظار حتى يصلوهم مع غلبة الظن أنهم صائلون عليهم لو وصلوهم بل لهم أن يدفعوهم مع إخوانهم المسلمين المعتدى عليهم اليوم وليس مع من يتحالف مع المرتدين ويظاهرهم على المسلمين

هذا ما عندي ولا جديد فيه ، أؤكده مع أن جماعة الدولة قوم بهت قد كذبوا علي وادعوا أني أفتيت بقتلهم وقتالهم ابتداء دون دفع الصائل وأصدروا بذلك إصدارا كاذبا سموه (والعافين عن الناس ) نشروه أثناء سجنتي الأخيرة لأجل بياني الذي كفرت به من ظاهر التحالف الصليبي على أي طائفة من المسلمين ولو كانوا غلاة

والله حسيبهم ولن أعصي الله فيهم كما عصوه فيّ

والله يقول الحق وهو يهدي السبيل

أجابه : أبو محمد المقدسي

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